Nanoparticles: from theory to application

Handbook of infrared spectroscopy of ultrathin films

Multilayer thin films: sequential assembly of nanocomposite materials

Encyclopedia of spectroscopy and spectrometry

Modern spectroscopy

Fourier transforms in spectroscopy

Femtosecond laser spectroscopy

Handbook of particle physics

Optical properties of photonic crystals

Analytical atomic spectrometry with flames and plasmas

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: an introduction to principles, applications, and experimental methods

A complete introduction to modern NMR spectroscopy

Analytical electrochemistry

Chemical bonding and molecular geometry: from Lewis to electron densities

Fundamentals of quantum chemistry: molecular spectroscopy and modern electronic structure computations

Structure elucidation by NMR in organic chemistry: a practical guide

Introduction to colloid and surface chemistry

Molecular biology problem solver: a laboratory guide

Bionanotechnology: lessons from nature

Vi IMproved, Vim

Protein-ligand interactions, structure and spectroscopy: a practical approach

Molecular mechanisms of programmed cell death

Oxygen transport to tissue XXI

Calcium: the molecular basis of calcium action in biology and medicine

Computational and evolutionary analysis of HIV molecular sequences


Artificial intelligence and integrated intelligent information systems: emerging technologies and applications

Biomolecular computation for bionanotechnology

Data mining VII: data, text, and web mining and their business applications

Environmental statistics: methods and applications

Cellulose and cellulose derivatives: molecular characterization & its applications

Environmental colloids and particles: behaviour, separation, and characterisation

Environmental sedimentology

Cliffsquickreview earth science

Styles of continental contraction

Environmental biology for engineers and scientists

The ethics of inheritable genetic modification: a dividing line?

Genes in conflict: the biology of selfish genetic elements

Integrated genomics: a discovery-based laboratory course

Bacterial ion channels and their eukaryotic homologs

Strategies for two-dimensional crystallization of proteins using lipid monolayers

Biomacromolecules: introduction to structure, function and informatics

Petroleum microbiology

Microbial hazard identification in fresh fruit and vegetables

Revenge of the microbes: how bacterial resistance is undermining the antibiotic miracle

Neural networks for applied sciences and engineering: from fundamentals to complex pattern recognition

Critical infrastructure protection in homeland security: defending a networked nation

Introduction to fuzzy systems

Essential forensic biology

The bacterial chromosome

Ecobiology of polluted waters

Essentials of stem cell biology

Protein targeting, transport & translocation

Structural biology of membrane proteins

Glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3) and its inhibitors: drug discovery and development

Archaea: evolution, physiology, and molecular biology

Environmental microbiology: principles and applications

Structural biology of bacterial pathogenesis

Evolution of microbial pathogens

Phages: their role in bacterial pathogenesis and biotechnology

Viruses and the evolution of life

A UML pattern language

Principles of applied statistics

A history of the Royal Society, with memoirs of the presidents

The philosophy of natural history

Atlas of immunology

Recent advances in algorithms and combinatorics

Control theory for linear systems

Principles of geochemistry

Geoecology of Antarctic ice-free coastal landscapes

Fire and Climatic Change in Temperate Ecosystems of the Western Americas

An Introduction to the Embryology of angiosperms

Methods in Plant tissue culture

Survival strategies of annual desert plants

Functions of bounded variation and free discontinuity problems

Seismic motion, lithospheric structures, earthquake and volcanic sources: the Keiiti Aki volume

Counting: the art of enumerative combinatorics

Nuclear physics: theory and experiment

Structures and energies of polycyclic hydrocarbons

Polymer science

Molecular modelling: principles and applications

Handbook of surface and colloid chemistry

The complete idiot's guide to vitamins and minerals

Annual reports on NMR spectroscopy

New techniques in solid-state NMR

Advanced ESR methods in polymer research

Biodiversity loss and conservation in fragmented forest landscapes: the forests of montane Mexico and temperate South America

Molecular and cellular biophysics

Human embryonic stem cells

Behavioral ecology of insect parasitoids: from theoretical approaches to field applications

The incredible shrinking bee: insects as models for microelectromechanical devices

Novel NMR and EPR techniques

Climate and hydrology in mountain areas

Tectonic geomorphology of mountains: a new approach to paleoseismology

Volcano deformation: geodetic monitoring techniques

Fundamentals of structural geology

Methods in molecular biophysics: structure, dynamics, function

Biodiversity under threat

Methods in helio- and asteroseismology

Advanced fluid mechanics

Insect conservation biology: proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society's 23nd symposium

Essentials of organic chemistry: for students of pharmacy, medicinal chemistry and biological chemistry

The Chemical physics of solid surfaces

Mathematical modeling of biological systems

Molecular and cellular biophysics

Estuarine ecohydrology

For love of insects

Insect Hormones: Vitamins and Hormones Advances in Research and Application

Principles of biomechanics & motion analysis

CCN proteins: a new family of cell growth and differentiation regulators

Vitamin D handbook: structures, synonyms, and properties

Drinking in context: patterns, interventions, and partnerships

Attachment devices of insect cuticle

The identities of membrane steroid receptors: ... and other proteins mediating nongenomic steroid action

Evolution of the insects

Genes IX

Applied statistics with SPSS

Electromagnetic Phenomena Related To Earthquakes and volcanoes

From embryology to evo-devo: a history of developmental evolution

The biology of streams and rivers

Ecohydrology: Darwinian expression of vegetation form and function

Bivalve Molluscs: Biology, Ecology and ulture

Chemistry for the life sciences

Basic 1H- and 13C-NMR spectroscopy

Fragmentation in semi-arid and arid landscapes: consequences for human and natural landscapes

Protein Evolution

Vitamins and minerals Demystified

Food, fermentation, and micro-organisms

Biophysical analysis of membrane proteins: investigating structure and function

Deep-water processes and facies models: implications for sandstone petroleum  reservoirs

Sturgeons and paddlefish of North America

Optimal solution of nonlinear equations

Internationalisation and globalisation in mathematics and science education

Biodiversity: new leads for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries

Multiplicity yours: cloning, stem cell research, and regenerative medicine

Charting the topic maps research and applications landscape :first International Workshop on Topic Maps Research and Applications, TMRA 2005, Leipzig, Germany, October 6-7, 2005: revised selected papers

Human embryology and developmental biology

Dictionary of modern biology

Fluxes of carbon, water, and energy of European forests

Biology of aging

DNA methylation and cancer

Developments in robust statistics: International Conference on Robust Statistics 2001

Mathematical logic: a course with exercises

Advanced statistics from an elementary point of view

The open sea: its natural history

Applied biophysics: a molecular approach for physical scientists

Seaweed invasions: a synthesis of ecological, economic, and legal imperatives

Protein structure prediction: concepts and applications

Leonid storm research

Practical thermocouple thermometry

Remote sensing and climate change: the role of earth observation

Flow cytometry for research scientists: principles and applications

Resorcinol: chemistry, technology, and applications

Gene cloning: principles and applications

Functional foods, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes

Handbook of food spoilage yeasts

Analysis of aircraft responses to atmospheric turbulence: proefschrift

Timely Research Perspectives in Carbohydrate chemistry

Molecular Marine Microbiology

Gene cloning and DNA analysis: An Introduction

Effective software project management

Molecular modeling in heavy hydrocarbon conversions

Seismic signatures and analysis of reflection data in anisotropic media

Microbiology of extreme soils

Multiscale analysis of complex time series: integration of chaos and random fractal theory, and beyond

Hydrodynamics of free surface flows: modelling with the finite element method

The geology of the Everglades and adjacent areas

The metabolism and molecular physiology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Yeast gene analysis

Principles of the magnetic methods in geophysics

World in transition

Forest diversity and function: temperate and boreal systems

Advances in applied microbiology

Artificial Intelligence: Critical concepts

Principles of distributed database systems

A beginner's guide to graph theory

Developing a social psychology of monkeys and apes

Agro's Dictionary of microbiology

Cutting edge chemistry

Linear functional analysis

Physical chemistry

Biological principles: a critical study

Analyzing chromosomes

Genetically engineered viruses: development and applications

Mathematics unlimited: 2001 and beyond

Neural and adaptive systems: fundamentals through simulations

Backup and restore practices for Sun Enterprise servers

Introduction to liquid state physics

Substorms-4: International Conference on Substorms-4, Lake Hamana, Japan, March 9-13, 1998

International Marine's weather predicting simplified: how to read weather charts and satellite images

complete chemistry

International handbook of earthquake and engineering seismology

Statistical genetics of quantitative traits: linkage, maps, and QTL

Forest ecosystems: analysis at multiple scales

Dictionary of biological psychology

e-Data: turning data into information with data warehousing

Fundamentals of quantum chemistry

Crystalline cellulose and cellulose derivatives: characterization and structures

MCTS self-paced training kit (exam 70-640): configuring Windows server 2008 active directory

Neural mechanisms of color vision: double-opponent cells in the visual cortex

Enzymes: a practical introduction to structure, mechanism, and data analysis

Delivering successful projects with TSP and Six Sigma: a practical guide to implementing Team Software Process

Numerical modeling of coupled phenomena in science and engineering: practical uses and examples

Nonlinear magnetization dynamics in nanosystems

Earthquakes and volcanoes

Physical biology of the cell

Chromosome nanoscience and technology

Marine products for healthcare: functional and bioactive nutraceutical compounds from the ocean

Type-2 fuzzy logic: theory and applications

Deep impact as a world observatory event: synergies in space, time, and wavelength: proceedings of the ESO/VUB conference held in Brussels, Belgium, 7-10 August 2006

The cosmic microwave background

Relativistic collisions of structured atomic particles

U-X-L encyclopedia of weather and natural disasters

Columns for gas chromatography: performance and selection

Physical chemistry of solid-gas interfaces: concepts and methodology for gas sensors development

Fundamentals of physical volcanology

Gastrointestinal system

Atmospheric science for environmental scientists

Natural products: essential resources for human survival

Handbook of functional dairy products

Geochemical sediments and landscapes

History of shock waves, explosions and impact: a chronological and biographical reference

Introduction to condensed matter physics

Quantum theory of high-energy ion-atom collisions

Selected Maerial from Biology

Fuzzy systems engineering: toward human-centric computing

Thermodynamics: fundamentals for applications

Unravelling the algae :the past, present, and future of algal systematics

Chemical thermodynamics at a glance

Introduction to linear algebra with applications

Advances in atomic, molecular, and optical physics

Introduction to modern thermodynamics

Sedimentary processes, environments, and basins: a tribute to Peter Friend

In silico: 3D animation and simulation of cell biology with Maya and MEL

Quantum gases in quasi-one-dimensional arrays

In search of the Riemann zeros: strings, fractal membranes and noncommutative spacetimes

The Yaws handbook of thermodynamic properties for hydrocarbons and chemicals: Heat capacities, enthalpies of formation, gibbs energies of formation, entropies,...

Fundamentals of gas dynamics

How the earthquake bird got its name and other tales of an unbalanced nature

Linear systems: optimal and robust control

Optical imaging techniques in cell biology

Supersymmetry and string theory: beyond the standard model

Modular forms and string duality

Numerical methods for engineers and scientists: an introduction with applications using MATLAB

Introduction to paleobiology and the fossil record

Continuum mechanics: elasticity, plasticity, viscoelasticity

Time and thermodynamics

Formation and applications of the sedimentary record in arc collision zones

Sedimentary provenance and petrogenesis: perspectives from petrography and geochemistry

Introduction to linear algebra with applications

String cosmology: modern string theory concepts from the big bang to cosmic structure

An introduction to echo analysis: scattering theory and wave propagation

Reference data on atomic physics and atomic processes

Handbook of quantum logic and quantum structures: quantum logic

Ultrasonic wave propagation in non homogeneous media

Charged semiconductor defects: structure, thermodynamics and diffusion

Evolution of silicon sensor technology in particle physics

Angle and spin resolved Auger emission: theory and applications to atoms and molecules

String theory demystified

Progress in sol-gel production

Rocks & fossils

Caldera volcanism: analysis, modelling and response

Microearthquake seismology and seismotectonics of South Asia

Stem cell culture

Botanical riches: stories of botanical exploration

Dietary fibre components and functions

Optimal transportation networks: Models and theory

Progress in low temperature physics: quantum turbulence

Thermodynamics and fluctuations far from equilibrium

Neural cell behaviour and fuzzy logic

Physics of asymmetric continuum: extreme and fracture processes: Earthquake rotation and soliton waves

Geometrical charged-particle optics

Modern compressible flow: with historical perspective

Computing with Maple

An introduction to turbulent reacting flows

Mathematical physics: Advanced topics

Exact solutions and invariant subspaces of nonlinear partial differential equations in mechanics and physics

Turbulent flow

Statistical mechanics

The Mathematical theory of finite element methods

Introduction to thermodynamics and heat transfer

iPhone SDK programming: developing mobile applications for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

HTML & XHTML: the complete reference

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of mechanical vibrations

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of Lagrangian dynamics: with a treatment of Euler's equations of motion, Hamilton's equations and Hamilton's principle

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of continuum mechanics

Schaum's outlines of differential equations

Principles and Methods in Plant molecular biology, Biochemistry and Genetics

Sex and longevity: sexuality, gender, reproduction, parenthood

Schaum's easy outlines of geometry: based on Schaum's outline of [theory and problems of] geometry

Astronomy demystified

Online journey through astronomy: brief course

A Dictionary of weather

Advanced Learner's Dictionary of chemistry

The conservation handbook: research, management, and policy

A parallel algorithm synthesis procedure for high-performance computer architectures

Vector and parallel processing--VECPAR 2000: 4th International Conference, Porto, Portugal, June 21-23, 2000: selected papers and invited talks

Instructor's Manual for Pagano and Gauvreau's: Principles of biostatistics

Flora of North America: north of Mexico

Anatomy and physiology

Block copolymers: synthetic strategies, physical properties, and applications

Petroleum geostatistics

A Handbook of Elementary rheology

نویسنده : محمد درخشان ; ساعت ٤:٥٩ ‎ب.ظ روز دوشنبه ۱۳۸٩/٩/٢٢
تگ ها :


Stochastic theory and control: proceedings of a workshop held in Lawrence, Kansas

Stoichiometric asymmetric synthesis

Structure and function of an alpine ecosystem: Niwot Ridge, Colorado

Student Solutions Manual for Stewart, Redlin, and Watson's College Algebra

Substitutions in dynamics, arithmetics, and combinatorics

Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 9.0 study guide: (exam 310-014 & 310-015)

Sun StarOffice 5.1 for Windows

Surface chemistry

Surfing through hyperspace: understanding higher universes in six easy lessons

Survey of operating systems

SuSE Linux installation and configuration handbook

Synchrotron radiation: production and properties

System modeling and optimization XX: IFIP TC7 20th Conference on System Modeling and Optimization, July 23-27, 2001, Trier, Germany

Ecology and conservation of neotropical montane oak forests

Tectonic consequences of the Earth's rotation

Theory of itinerant electron magnetism

Thinking about mathematics: the philosophy of mathematics

Thinking in C++

Thinking in Java

Toward a new millennium in galaxy morphology: proceedings of an International Conference 'Toward a New Millennium in Galaxy Morphology: from z=0 to the Lyman Break, held at the Eskom Conference Centre, Midrand, South Africa, September 13-18, 1999

Transition metal catalysis in macromolecular design

A short course on operator semigroups

UML explained

Uncertain rule-based fuzzy logic systems: introduction and new directions

The unified modeling language reference manual

Unix and Windows 2000 handbook: planning, integration, and administration

UNIX fault management: a guide for system administration

Unix system administration handbook

Use cases: requirements in context

Using Java server pages and servlets

Vacuolar compartments

Verification and validation of modern software-intensive systems

Viruses revealed

Windows XP

Wireless Java programming with Java 2 Micro Edition

Writing effective use cases

XML for the World Wide Web

The XML handbook

XML processing with Python

Compact Worterbuch der exakten Naturwissenschaften und der Technik

Core JSP

XML internationalization and localization


A first course in differential equations

Human physiology: from cells to systems

Microbiology: a laboratory manual

Partial differential equations and boundary value problems

Radar interferometry: data interpretation and error analysis

Atmospheric circulation dynamics and general circulation models

Ecology of a glacial flood plain

Genetics: analysis & principles

Integration of metabolism, energetics, and signal transduction: unifying foundations in cell growth and death, cancer, atherosclerosis, and Alzheimer disease

Mycorrhizal biology

Molecular plant biology: a practical approach

Natural growth inhibitors and phytohormones in plants and environment

Sulphur in plants

Encyclopedia of entomology

Human biology

Quality of the body cell mass: body composition in the third millennium

Sensory mechanisms of the spinal cord

Cell and molecular biology of the ear

Plant protease inhibitors: significance in nutrition, plant protection, cancer prevention, and genetic engineering

Intestinal lipid metabolism

Foundations in microbiology

Molecular microbial ecology manual

Advanced sampling theory with applications: how Michael 'selected' Amy

Organizations and strategies in astronomy

Earth gravity field from space: from sensors to earth sciences : proceedings of an ISSI workshop, 11-15 March 2002, Bern, Switzerland

Molecular nanostructures: XVII International Winterschool/Euroconference on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials: Kirchberg, Tirol, Austria, 8-15 March, 2003

McGraw-Hill dictionary of chemistry

Theory of chemical reaction dynamics

Biological resources and migration

Concepts in biology

Analytical molecular biology

Molecular biology and physiology of water and solute transport

Biotic homogenization

Radioecology in Northern European seas

The biogenesis of cellular organelles

Trends in European forest tree physiology research: Cost Action E6: EUROSILVA

Phytohormones in plant biotechnology and agriculture: proceedings of the NATO-Russia Workshop held in Moscow, May 12-16, 2002

Heavy metal stress in plants: from biomolecules to ecosystems

Photosynthesis: photobiochemistry and photobiophysics

Alpine plant life: functional plant ecology of high mountain ecosystems

Insects and ecosystem function

Primary mesenchymal cells

The epididymis: from molecules to clinical practice: a comprehensive survey of the efferent ducts, the epidiymus, and the vas deferens

Brain neurosecretory cytokines: immune response and neuronal survival

Bacterial growth and form

Genetics and regulation of nitrogen fixation in free-living bacteria

Software evolution with UML and XML

Research directions in data and applications security: IFIP TC11/WG11.3 sixteenth annual conference on data and applications security, July 28-31, 2002, Cambridge, UK.

Quantitative remote sensing of land surfaces

Protein kinase C

Understanding bacteria

Grid resource management: state of the art and future trends

Different faces of geometry

Handbook of elasticity solutions

Chemical education: towards research-based practice

High-pressure crystallography

Coastal monitoring through partnerships: proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP), Pensacola Beach, FL, U.S.A., April 24-27, 2001

"Fingerprints" of climate change: adapted behaviour and shifting species ranges

Forest climbing plants of West Africa: diversity, ecology, and management

The encyclopedia of birds

Philosophical dimensions of logic and science: selected contributed papers from the 11th International Congress of Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, Krakow, 1999

Practical stereology

Multimedia: making it work

Information modeling methods and methodologies

Mathematical statistics

Modeling languages in mathematical optimization

Monitoring stream and watershed restoration

The vertebrate organizer

An introduction to behavioral endocrinology

Immunobiology of carbohydrates

Basics of contemporary cryptography for IT practitioners

Applied system simulation: methodologies and applications

Delivering utility computing: business-driven IT optimization

Analysis and applications, ISAAC 2001

History and climate: memories of the future?

Targets and tools for the maintenance of forest biodiversity

Forest canopies

Dynamics of marine ecosystems: biological-physical interactions in the oceans

Elsevier's dictionary of zoology and general biology: Russian-English and English-Russian

The biophysical foundations of human movement

Enterprise information systems assurance and system security: managerial and technical issues

Defeating the hacker: a non-technical introduction to computer security

Climatic change and its impacts: an overview focusing on Switzerland

Ozone and plant cell

Trace gas exchange in forest ecosystems

The smaller majority: the hidden world of the animals that dominate the tropics

Martens and Fishers (Martes) in human-altered environments: an international perspective

Understanding pathogen behaviour: virulence, stress response, and resistance

Listeria: a practical approach to the organism and its control in foods

Fundamentals of biochemistry

Biodiversity and sustainable utilization of biological resources

The Diversity of Aquatic Ecosystems

Biogeochemistry of forested catchments in a changing environment: a German case study

Bioinformatics: managing scientific data

Bioinformatics and molecular evolution

Bioinformatics of genome regulation and structure

The evolution of the genome

Bioinformatics computing

Botany: for degree students

Flowering plants, Dicotyledons: Celastrales, Oxalidales, Rosales, Cornales, Ericales

Chloroplast biogenesis :from proplastid to gerontoplast

Biochemistry and molecular biology

Special edition using Oracle Applications

Using Microsoft Works Suite 2000

Measure Theory

Water in Relation to Soil and Plants

Amyloid proteins: the beta sheet conformation and disease

Vegetation of the earth and ecological Systems of the Geo-biosphere

Aims and methods of vegetation ecology

Ecology of world vegetation

Spatial pattern analysis in plant ecology

Immunobiology of Organ Transplantation

Object-process methodology: a holistics systems paradigm

Projectors and projection methods

Synthesis and control of discrete event systems

Weather radar: principles and advanced applications

Glossary of geology

Physical geology: Earth revealed

Genetics of mate choice: from sexual selection to sexual isolation

Straminipilous fungi: systematics of the peronosporomycetes, including accounts of the marine straminipilous protists, the plasmodiophorids, and similar organisms

Neurospora: contributions of a model organism

Cell and developmental biology of arabinogalactan-proteins

The biology of ascidians

Anatomy & physiology

Reproductive immunology

Molecular and cellular aspects of muscle contraction

Biological psychology

Actin: a dynamic framework for multiple plant cell functions

The analysis of gene expression data: methods and software

Writing CGI application with Perl

Handbook on data management in information systems

Numerical mathematics and advanced applications: proceedings of ENUMATH 2003, the 5th European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications, Prague, August 2003

Practical astrophotography

Vegetation, water, humans, and the climate: a new perspective on an interactive system

Micro total analysis systems 2001: proceedings of the [Mu] TAS 2001 Symposium, held in Monterey, CA, USA, 21-25 October, 2001

Dictionary of biology

Human genetics: concepts and applications

Systema Porifera: a guide to the classification of sponges

Advances in nutritional research

Guanidino compounds in biology and medicine

Applied microbial systematics

The ecology of mycobacteria

The world of the cell

The Flavonoids: advances in research since 1986

Positive linear systems: theory and applications

The doctrine of chances or, A method of calculating the probabilities of events in play

Jamming and Rheology: Constrained Dynamics on Microscopic and Macroscopic Scales

Cryobanking the genetic resource: wildlife conservation for the future?


Linking climate change to land surface change

From limnology to fisheries: Lake Tanganyika and other large lakes

Biology: laboratory Manual

Genetics: from genes to genomes

Cellular automaton modeling of biological pattern formation: characterization, applications, and analysis

Cell physiology sourcebook: a molecular approach

Principles of plant nutrition

Scanning electron microscopy of cerebellar cortex

Photoreceptors and calcium

Agricultural microbiology

Researching information systems and computing

Biochemistry of scandium and yttrium

Pore-forming toxins

Medical microbiology & immunology: Examination & board review

Monte Carlo: concepts, algorithms, and applications

Instant notes, developmental biology

Mathematics: a practical odyssey

Chaos and harmony :perspectives on scientific revolutions of the twentieth century

Catalysis in Asymmetric Synthesis

Heterocyclic chemistry

Risk assessment of chemicals in the Environment

Agri-food Quality: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Mechanisms of synaptic transmission: bridging the gaps (1890-1990)

Medical microbiology & immunology: Examination and Board Review

Food microbiology

Calorimetry: energy measurement in particle physics

Of minds and molecules: new philosophical perspectives on chemistry

Methods of X-ray and neutron scattering in polymer science

Molecular genetics of mental disorders: the place of molecular genetics in basic mechanisms and clinical applications in mental disorders

Spatial uncertainty in ecology: implications for remote sensing and GIS applications

CRC handbook of medicinal herbs

Principles and practice of biological mass spectrometry

The pattern almanac 2000

Engineering statistics

Elementary algebra: based on Schaum's outline of elementary algebra

Diffusion and ecological problems: modern perspectives

Aquatic telemetry: proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Fish Telemetry in Europe

Laser applications in surface science and technology

The mechanisms of atmospheric oxidation of the alkenes

Introduction to general, organic, and biochemistry

A chemist's guide to density functional theory

Electrochemical methods: fundamentals and applications

McGraw-Hill dictionary of geology and mineralogy

Physical geology

Integration of earth science research on the Turkish and Greek 1999 earthquakes

Ecological methods

The reciprocal modular brain in economics and politics: shaping the rational and moral basis of organization, exchange, and choice

Chemistry of taste: mechanisms, behavior, and mimics

Oxidations in organic chemistry

Helium Three

Major impacts and plate tectonics: a model for the Phanerozoic evolution of the earth's lithosphere

Biological soil crusts: structure, function, and management

The flagellates: unity, diversity, and evolution

Intracellular ribozyme applications: principles and protocols

Unattended radiation sensor systems for remote applications: Washington, D.C., 15-17 April 2002

Observing land from space: science, customers, and technology

Nano, quantum, and molecular computing: implications to high level design and validation

Quantum versus chaos: questions emerging from mesoscopic cosmos

Introduction to the electron theory of metals

Statistical and dynamical aspects of mesoscopic systems :proceedings of the XVI Sitges Conference on Statistical Mechanics, held at Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, 7-11 June 1999

Dekker encyclopedia of nanoscience and nanotechnology

نویسنده : محمد درخشان ; ساعت ٤:٥٤ ‎ب.ظ روز دوشنبه ۱۳۸٩/٩/٢٢
تگ ها :



Biochemistry: the molecular basis of life

Combustion: physical and chemical fundamentals, modeling and simulation, experiments, pollutant formation

Active tectonics: earthquakes, uplift, and landscape

Biochemistry primer for exercise science

Encyclopedia of Optimization

ABAP/4, programming the SAP R/3 system

Accelerated C++: practical programming by example

C++ by dissection

Developing applications with Exchange 2000: a programmers reference

Caldera OpenLinux and Netfinity server integration guide

Designing privacy enhancing technologies: International Workshop on Design Issues in Anonymity and Unobservability, Berkeley, CA, USA, July 25-26, 2000 : proceedings

Applying COM+

Building database applications on the web using PHP3: complete with step-by-step demonstrations

Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET, Second Edition

DB2 universal database in application development environments

Designing a data warehouse :supporting customer relationship management

Advanced Calculus

Astronomy: the solar system and beyond

Diffuse neutron scattering from crystalline materials

Chemical and process thermodynamics

CHI 2000: The future is here

Domino development with Java

Discovering computers 2002: concepts for a Digital World

Certified Wireless Network Administrator official study guide (Exam PW0-100)

Dictionnaire de biologie

Fundamentals of codes, graphs, and iterative decoding

Early success in statistics

The guenons: Diversity and adaptation in African monkeys

An Introduction to dynamic meteorology

Interdisciplinary computing in Java programming

SMIL: adding multimedia to the Web

Systems architecture: hardware and software in business information systems

Return of the crazy bird: the sad, strange tale of the dodo

Ecology of Plankton

Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry

Introduction to Biostatistics and Research Methods

Glimpses of Cyanobacteria

New Aspects in Phosphorus Chemistry

Philosophy of mathematics: structure and ontology

Fluid dynamics

Evolution of the vertebrates: a history of the backboned animals through time

Chiral separations by chromatography

Progress in Botany

Invertebrates: Protozoa to Echinodermata

Marine Ecology and Pollution

Physiology Biochemistry and Pharmacology

Developmental Biology of Teleost Fishes

Plant Mitochondria: From Genome to Function

Cell Culture Methods For in Vitro Toxicology

Physical geology: Exploring the earth

Remote sensing geology

Rhodium catalyzed hydroformylation

Microbiological testing in food safety management

X Window programming from scratch

The oceans and climate

The plant cell cycle

Jellyfish blooms: Ecological and societal importance: proceedings of the International Conference on Jellyfish Blooms, held in Gulf Shores, Alabama, 12-14 January 2000

Termites: Evolution, sociality, symbioses, ecology

Integrative systems approaches to natural and social dynamics: systems science 2000

Landscape balance and landscape assessment

NMR quantum information processing

The elements of statistical learning: data mining, inference, and prediction: with 200 full-color illustrations

Artificial intelligence and cognitive science :13th Irish conference, AICS 2002, Limerick, Ireland, September 12-13, 2002, proceedings

Perspectives in statistical sciences

Dynamical aspects in fuzzy decision making

Differential equations with boundary-value problems

Computer-aided geometric design: a totally four-dimensional approach

The physics of particle accelerators: an introduction

Heterocyclic chemistry

Stereochemistry of carbon compounds

Earth science today

Spatial modelling in forest ecology and management: A case study

Perspectives on human biology

Mobile data management: 4th international conference, MDM 2003, Melbourne, Australia, January 21-24, 2003: proceedings

Conceptual modelling of multi-agent systems: the CoMoMAS engineering environment

The hacker diaries: confessions of teenage hackers

Resource selection by animals: statistical design and analysis for field studies

Numerical methods for wave equations in geophysical fluid dynamics

Lectures on geophysical fluid dynamics

Introduction to circulating atmospheres

An introduction to nonlinear analysis: applications

Theories of plates and shells: critical review and new applications

The impact of climate change on drylands: with a focus on West Africa

Organic reaction mechanisms: 40 solved cases

Passive microwave remote sensing of the Earth: physical foundations

Mountain geoecology and sustainable development of the Tibetan Plateau

Bioinformatics: an introduction

Genetic engineering: principles and methods

Plant tissue culture: 100 years since Gottlieb Haberlandt

Principles of botany

Physiological plant ecology: ecophysiology and stress physiology of functional groups

Programmed cell death in higher plants

Metabolic engineering of plant secondary metabolism

Plant gene silencing

The science of entomology

Plant surface microbiology

Viruses and apoptosis

Molecular evolution of viruses, past and present: evolution of viruses by acquisition of cellular RNA and DNA

Semiconductors for Micro and Nanotechnology An Introduction For Engineers

Fossil and recent biofilms: a natural history of life on Earth

Fungal pathology

Linux system security: an administrator's guide to open source security tools

Applied multivariate statistical analysis

Photopolarimetry in remote sensing

Alpine ecosystems in the northwest Caucasus

Roots: the dynamic interface between plants and the earth: the 6th symposium of the International Society of Root Research, 11-15 November 2001, Nagoya, Japan

Methods in comparative plant population ecology

Forest vegetation of Northeast Asia

Microbiological applications: laboratory manual in general microbiology


Journey to diverse microbial worlds: adaptation to exotic environments

Principles and practice of plant conservation

3D user interfaces with Java 3D

Absolute beginner's guide to programming

Add Red Hat Linux 7 to your Windows desktop in a weekend

Chemical abundances and mixing in stars in the Milky Way and its satellites: proceedings of the ESO- Arcetri Workshop held in Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy, 13-17 September 2004

Advanced use case modeling: software systems

AIP physics desk reference

All-in-one MCAD/MCSD Visual Basic. NET certification: exam guide (exams 70-305, 70-306, 70-310)

Analytic K-homology

Applied mathematics for the managerial, life, and social sciences

Applied XML solutions

ARM system-on-chip architecture

Asymmetric fluoroorganic chemistry: synthesis, applications, and future directions

Biodiversity: A challenge for development research and policy

Biology: the unity and diversity of life

The birds of the western Palearctic

Business intelligence with ColdFusion

Caffeinated beverages: health benefits, physiological effects, and chemistry


Calixarenes for separations

Capacity planning for Web services: Metrics, models, and methods

Career management for scientists and engineers

CCNA certification: routing basics for Cisco certified network associates exam 640-407

Characters of finite Coxeter groups and Iwahori-Hecke algebras

The ColdFusion 5 Web application construction kit

The COM and COM+ programming primer

Configuring Windows 2000 Server

Conservation biology

Contemporary combinatorics

Control of complex systems

Coordination of Internet agents: models, technologies, and applications

Core Jini

Core Swing: advanced programming

Cortical development: from specification to differentiation

Cosmology revealed: living inside the cosmic egg

Data modeling with ERwin

Data Warehouse Managemen Handbook

Databases in networked information systems: international workshop DNIS 2000, Aizu, Japan, December 4-6, 2000:  proceedings

DB2 universal database for OS/390: an introduction to DB2 for OS/390 version 7

Decrypted secrets: methods and maxims of cryptology

The deep-sky observer's year: a guide to observing deep-sky objects throughout the year

Developing enterprise applications -an impurist's view

A dictionary of physics

Digital content creation

Director 8 for Macintosh and Windows

Disordered materials: an introduction

Dynamic web programming: using Java, JavaScript, and Informix

E-business & e-commerce: how to program

e-Commerce applications using Oracle8i and Java from scratch

Echinostomes as experimental models for biological research

The ecology of adaptive radiation

Ecology of sensing

Ecosystems, evolution, and ultraviolet radiation

Effective requirements practices

Effective TCP/IP programming: 44 tips to improve your network programming

Electrodynamics from Ampere to Einstein

Elements of electromagnetics

Elements of intuitionism

Encyclopedia of South American aquatic insects.illustrated keys to known families, genera, and species in South America

Enterprise Java programming with IBM WebSphere

Environmental geochemistry of potentially toxic metals

Epistasis and the evolutionary process

The essence of COM: a programmer's workbook

Essential ASP for Web professionals

Essential ColdFusion fast: Developing web-based applications

Essential guide to PeopleSoft development and customization

Essential JSP for Web professionals

Essential Maple 7: an introduction for scientific programmers

Essentials of the Java programming language: a hands-on guide

Everyday thoughts about nature: A worldview investigation of important concepts students use to make sense of nature with specific attention of science

Exchange & Outlook: constructing collaborative solutions

Experimental phonetics

Explorations with sugars: how sweet it was

Exploring randomness

Extremal combinatorics: With applications in computer science

Extreme Programming examined

The Feynman integral and Feynman's operational calculus

Fluorine chemistry for organic chemists: problems and solutions

Folk physics for apes: the chimpanzee's theory of how the world works

Forever undecided: a puzzle guide to Godel

Foundation for future database systems: The third manifesto: a detailed study of the impact of type theory  on the relational model of data, including a comprehensive model of type inheritance

Foundations of astronomy

Foundations of software science and computation structures: 4th International Conference, FOSSACS 2001, held as part of the Joint European Conference on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS  2001, Genova, Italy, April 2-6, 2001 : proceedings

Frontiers of human-centered computing, online communities and virtual environments

Fundamental approaches to software engineering: 5th international conference, FASE 2002, held as part of the Joint European Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2002, Grenoble, France, April 8-12, 2002: proceedings

Fundamentals of computer security

Fundamentals of database systems

Further mathematics for the physical sciences

Gauge theory of elementary particle physics: problems and solutions

Generalized convexity and generalized monotonicity: proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Generalized Convexity/Monotonicity, Samos, September 1999

The genius of science: a portrait gallery

Geometric aspects of probability theory and mathematical statistics

Geometry: ancient and modern

Gerald D. Schmidt, Larry S. Roberts'Foundations of parasitology

Global climate: current research and uncertainties in the climate system

Glycosyl hydrolases for biomass conversion

GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool

Graphs and applications: an introductory approach

Great ideas for teaching astronomy

Hankel norm approximation for infinite-dimensional systems

Harriers of the world: their behaviour and ecology

Heat transfer


Hierarchical and geometrical methods in scientific visualization

High-performance Java platform computing

Highly excited molecules: relaxation, reaction, and structure

How to do everything with your Sony CLIe

Human biology

The humane interface: New directions for designing interactive systems

Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws: the one-dimensional Cauchy problem

Hypervalent lodine Chemistry: Modern Developments in organic Synthesis

IA-64 and elementary functions: speed and precision

ICIAM 99: proceedings of the Fourth International Congress on Industrial & Applied Mathematics, Edinburgh

iMac fast & easy

Imaging in chemical dynamics

Implementing ecological integrity: restoring regional and global enivronmental and human health

Impromptu startup!

Inductively coupled plasma spectrometry and its applications

Infant chimpanzee and human child: a classic 1935 comparative study of ape emotions and intellegence

Information brokering across heterogeneous digital data: a metadata-based approach

Information, coding, and mathematics: proceedings of workshop honoring Prof. Bob McEliece on his 60th birthday

Information systems development: advances in methodologies, components, and management

Information systems: the e-business challenge

Informix guide to SQL: reference and syntax

The Informix handbook

Innovative Internet computing systems: International Workshop IICS 2001, Ilmenau, Germany, June 21-22, 2001: proceedingss

Inquiry-based experiments in chemistry

Inquiry into life

Inside servlets: server-side programming for the Java platform

Install, configure, and customize SuSE Linux

Installing SuSE Linux

Instant Access databases

Instant Enterprise JavaBeans

Integrating Linux and Windows

Integrating your e-business enterprise

Intelligent data analysis in science

Interactive Markov chains and the quest for quantified quality

International tables for crystallography

Internet and World Wide Web: how to program

Internet applications in LabVIEW

Interpreting protein mass spectra: a comprehensive resource

Introduction to computer science with C++

An introduction to local spectral theory

Introduction to mammalian reproduction

Introduction to microwave sample preparation: theory and practice

Introduction to the theory of ferromagnetism

Introductory statistics with R.

Intrusion signatures and analysis

Isometric game programming with DirectX 7.0

IT architectures and middleware: strategies for building large, integrated systems

IT problem management

It Started with Copernicus: how turning the world inside out led to the scientific revolution

IUTAM Symposium on Computational Methods for Unbounded Domains: proceedings of the IUTAM symposium held in Boulder, Colorada [i.e. Colorado], USA, 27-31 July 1997

IUTAM Symposium on Turbulent Mixing and Combustion

J2EE unleashed

Java 2: a beginner's guide

Java 2 platform, enterprise edition: platform and component specifications

Java: a framework for program design and data structures

Java: an introduction to computing

Java and the Java virtual machine: definition, verification, validation

Java Card technology for Smart Cards: architecture and programmer's guide

Java design: objects, UML, and process

Java look and feel design guidelines: advanced topics

Java performance and scalability

Java programming on Linux

Java server pages from scratch

The Java tutorial: short course on the basics

Java2 fast & easy Web development

JavaScript for the World Wide Web

JavaScript programming for the absolute beginner:  the fun way to learn programming

Jini: example by example

The Jiro Technology programmer's guide and Federated Management Architecture

JNDI API tutorial and reference: building directory-enabled Java applications

The joy of linux: a gourmet guide to open source

Just XML

Jython for Java programmers

KDE 2.0 development

The Korn shell: Unix and Linux programming manual

Labelled deduction

LabVIEW: programming, data acquisition and analysis

LabWindows/CVI programming for beginners

Landscape ecology in action

Large-scale, component-based development

Latent inhibition and its neural substrates

The lattice Boltzmann equation for fluid dynamics and beyond

Learn to program using Python: a tutorial for hobbyists, self-starters, and all who want to learn the art of computer programming

Learn to program with Java

Learn to program with Visual Basic.net

Learning discourse: discursive approaches to research in mathematics education

The learning equation

The learning equation: Elementary algebra

The learning equation: Prealgebra

Leptin and reproduction

The Lerch zeta-function

Level set methods and dynamic implicit surfaces

Light-harvesting antennas in photosynthesis

LINUX assembly language programming

The Linux book

Linux desk reference

Linux essential reference

Linux hardware handbook

Linux network administrator's interactive workbook

Linux performance tuning and capacity planning

Linux system adminstrator's survival guide

Linux+ certification study guide

The little iMac book

The living world

The locales framework: understanding and designing for wicked problems

Logical and computational aspects of model-based reasoning

Low-dimensional nitride semiconductors

Macromedia Director 8 and Lingo

Macromedia Director workshop

Making the software business case: improvement by the numbers

Time series with applications to seismology

Vibrations and waves in continuous mechanical systems

Mastering MATLAB 6: a comprehensive tutorial and reference

Mathematical biology

Mathematical logic for computer science

Mathematical vistas: from a room with many windows

Matrices for statistics

MCAD/MCSD Visual Basic.NET Web applications study guide: (exam 70-305)

Measurement uncertainty in chemical analysis

Methods and applications of signal processing in seismic network operations

Methods of X-ray and neutron scattering in polymer science

Microbiology: PreTest self-assessment and review

Microsoft Access 2002

Microsoft access 2002

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server administrator's guide

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 Web programming unleashed

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services

Microsoft Windows 2000 security handbook

Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition fast & easy

Microsoft Windows XP with Internet Explorer

Microstructure and microtribology of polymer surfaces

Complexity in landscape ecology

Modeling dynamic climate systems

Modeling XML applications with UML: practical e-business aplications

Modelling of simplified dynamical systems

Modern protein chemistry :practical aspects

Moduli of families of curves for conformal and quasiconformal mappings

Mountain meteorology: fundamentals and applications

Moving to ASP.NET: web development with VB.NET

Multimedia data hiding

Multimedia information networking

Multivariate geostatistics: an introduction with applications

Multivariate statistics for wildlife and ecology research

The Mycota: a comprehensive treatise on fungi as experimental systems for basic and applied research

Name reactions: a collection of detailed reaction mechanisms

NET framework programmer's reference

Neurodynamics: an exploration in mesoscopic brain dynamics

Neutron interferometry: lessons in experimental quantum mechanics

Nonlinear dynamics of the lithosphere and earthquake prediction

Nonlinear estimation and classification

Nuclear structure from a simple perspective

Object-oriented analysis & design

Object-oriented data warehouse designbuilding a star schema

Voltage-Sensitive Ion Channels: Biophysics of Molecular Excitability

OCP developer PL/SQL program units exam guide

OCP Oracle9i database: fundamentals II exam guide

OCP Oracle9i database: new features for administrators: exam guide

OLE DB consumer templates: a programmer's guide

Oligosaccharides: their synthesis and biological roles

On Godel

On Kuhn

Optics of light scattering media: problems and solutions

Oracle 9i database: performance tuning exam guide

Oracle backup & recovery 101

Oracle Forms interactive workbook

Oracle PL/SQL interactive workbook

Oracle SQL high-performance tuning

Oracle8i from scratch

Oracle9i Development

Oracle9i new features

Oracle9i UNIX administration handbook

Oxygen transport to tissue, volume XXIII: oxygen measurements in the 21st century:  basic techniques and clinical relevance

PDF reference :Adobe portable document format, version 1.3

Perl developer's dictionary

Human Embryonic Stem Cells: The Practical Handbook

Pesticides and wildlife

Petri nets for systems engineering: a guide to modeling, verification, and applications

Photosynthesis: physiology and metabolism

PHP developer's cookbook

PHP developer's dictionary

The physics of solids

Physiology of behavior

The planiverse: computer contact with a two-dimensional world

Planning extreme programming

Plant viruses as molecular pathogens

Plants and society

Plants in the deserts of the Middle East

A practical approach to software quality

A practical guide to Microsoft OLAP Server

A practical guide to testing object-oriented software

Practical KDE

Practical Oracle8i: building efficient databases

Practical Python

Practical UNIX

Presenting C#

Principles of pulsed magnet design

Probability essentials

Problem solving for information processing

Program generators with XML and Java

Programming in Visual Basic version 6.0 update edition

Programming the web with Visual Basic .net

Programming Windows security

Programming with Oracle Developer

Protein purification techniques: a practical approach

Protocols in lichenology: culturing, biochemistry, ecophysiology, and use in biomonitoring

Psychophysiological recording

Pure Java Server Pages

Python and Tkinter programming

Python programming patterns

Quasielastic neutron scattering and solid state diffusion

The rational unified process: an introduction

Real Visual Basic: a practical approach to enterprise development in the corporate world

Realizing e-business with components

The Reason's proper study: Essays towards a neo-Fregean philosophy of mathematics

Reasoning and unification over conceptual graphs

Red Hat Linux 7

Red Hat Linux administrator's guide

Regression modeling strategies: with applications to linear models, logistic regression, and survival analysis

Reliable software technologies: Ada-Europe 2001: 6th Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies, Leuven, Belgium, May 14-18, 2001 : proceedings

Sad Macs, bombs, and other disasters: and what to do about them

Samba Primer Plus

Samba unleashed

Sams teach yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional in 24 hours

Sams teach yourself Microsoft Windows Me Millennium edition in 24 hours

Sams teach yourself MySQL in 21 days

Sams teach yourself object oriented programming in 21 days

Sams teach yourself PHP4 in 24 hours

Sams teach yourself Python in 24 hours

Sams teach yourself SQL in 24 hours

The SAP R/3 handbook

Scattering from polymers: characterization by X-rays, neutrons, and light

Schaum's outline of operating systems

Scientific research effectiveness: the organisational dimension

SDL 2001: meeting UML, 10th International SDL Forum Copenhagen, Denmark, June 27-29, 2001: proceedings

Secure electronic commerce: building the infrastructure for digital signatures and encryption


Selected areas in cryptography: 8th Annual International Workshop, SAC 2001, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, August 16-17, 2001: revised papers

Self organized criticality in earth systems

Self-organizing neural networks: recent advances and applications

Semiconductor physics and applications

Shallow water acoustics

Fatty acids and lipotoxicity in obesity and diabetes

Small memory software: patterns for limited memory systems

Smart card application development using Java: with 98 figures, 16 tables and a multi function smart card

SOAP: cross platform Web service development using XML

The sodium-hydrogen exchanger: from molecule to its role in disease

Soft matter physics: an introduction

Software architect bootcamp

Software architecture for product families: principles and practice

Software architecture: organizational principles and patterns

Software configuration management strategies and Rational ClearCase : a practical introduction

Software Engineering

Software engineering: a programming approach

Software fundamentals: collected papers by David L. Parnas

Software product lines: experience and research directions: proceedings of the First Software Product Lines Conference (SPLC1), August 28-31, 2000, Denver, Colorado

Software reliability methods

Software visualization: from theory to practice

Solaris 7 administrator certification: training guide part I and part II

Solaris 8 essential reference

Solaris and LDAP naming services: deploying LDAP in the Enterprise

Solaris system administrator's guide

Solaris system management

Special edition using Java 2 standard edition

Special edition using Microsoft Windows XP, professional

Special edition using Samba

Special functions: a unified theory based on singularities

Specialty monomers and polymers: synthesis, properties, and applications

Specimen handling, preparation, and treatments in surface characterization

SQL queries for mere mortals: a hands-on guide to data manipulation in SQL

SQL Server DTS

Standard C++ IOStreams and locales: advanced programmer's guide and reference

StarBriefs 2001: a dictionary of abbreviations, acronyms and symbols in astronomy, related space sciences, and other related fields

StarOffice 5.2 Writer handbook

Start!: the no nonsense guide to Windows XP

Statistics and neural networks: advances at the interface

STL tutorial and reference guide: C++ programming with the standard template library

Stochastic adaptive search for global optimization

نویسنده : محمد درخشان ; ساعت ٤:٢٢ ‎ب.ظ روز دوشنبه ۱۳۸٩/٩/٢٢
تگ ها :


Database management systems

Thinking in C++

Fuzzy cluster analysis: methods for classification, data analysis, and image recognition

Applied XML: a toolkit for programmers

Chemical measurements in biological systems

Web database development step by step

Colour and optical properties of materials: an exploration of the relationship between light, the optical properties of materials and colour

Habitat conservation: managing the physical environment

The ecology of deep-sea hydrothermal vents


The elements of complex analysis

Agro's dictionary of plant physiology and biochemistry

Heat transfer: principles and applications

Modern physics for engineers

Optical control of molecular dynamics


Programming with Java: a primer

Lasers and non-linear optics

Partial differential equations for engineers and scientists

Programming in C & PC Applications

Laboratory manual for chemical and bacterial analysis of water and sewage

Plant tissue culture

Programming in C

Modern physics through problems

Prescott & Dunn's industrial microbiology

Introduction to cell biology

Radical constructivism in action: building on the pioneering work of Ernst von Glasersfeld

Vibrations and waves

Radio wave propagation: principles and techniques

Stereochemistry: conformation and mechanism

Java programming with CORBA: advanced techniques for building distributed applications

Practical nonparametric statistics

Pattern languages of program design 4

Oral microbiology

Mathematics teacher education: critical international perspectives

Practical statistics and experimental design for plant and crop science

Mass spectrometry in biology & medicine

Experimental protocols for reactive oxygen and nitrogen species

Computable calculus

Computational quantum chemistry: an interactive guide to basis set theory

Applied partial differential equations: an introduction

Scientific computing: an introductory survey

Simulation modeling and analysis

The variety of life: a survey and a celebration of all the creatures that have ever lived

Volcanic processes: mechanisms in material transport

Zinc biochemistry, physiology, and homeostasis: recent insights and current trends

The cytokine handbook


Advances in convex analysis and global optimization: honoring the memory of C. Caratheodory (1873-1950)

Fossils, phylogeny, and form: an analytical approach

Estimation of distribution algorithms: a new tool for evolutionary computation

The chemical evolution of the galaxy

Biodiversity and natural product diversity

Calculus for business, economics, and the social and life sciences

DNA-based markers in plants

Explorations: an introduction to astronomy

Advances in Steiner trees


Biology of parasitism

Education for mathematics in the workplace

Signal transduction

Silicon-based polymer science: a comprehensive resource

Statistical mechanics of solids

Structure and dynamics of polymer and colloidal systems

Teaching mathematics

Complex systems

Handbook of multimodal and spoken dialogue systems: resources, terminology, and product evaluation

Handbook of randomized computing

Handbook of massive data sets

Number theoretic density and logical limit laws

Arabidopsis: a laboratory manual

Chemical signals in vertebrates 9

Dynamics of heavy electrons

Differential display: a practical approach

Calcium signalling: a practical approach

Cytokine molecular biology: a practical approach

Compact manifolds with special holonomy


General, organic, and biochemistry

General, organic, and biological chemistry: structures of life

Auxin molecular biology

Immunoassays: a practical approach

The indispensability of mathematics

Information security: protecting the global enterprise

Integrating population outcomes, biological mechanisms and research methods in the study of human milk and lactation

Organic Synthesis Using Transition Metals

International research in sports biomechanics

An introduction to biostatistics

Introduction to nutrition and metabolism

Introduction to statistics and data analysis

Lateral DNA transfer: mechanisms and consequences

Mathematics education and language: interpreting hermeneutics and post-structuralism

MCSE: designing a Windows server 2003 active directory and network infrastructure exam 70-297

Microscopy, immunohistochemistry, and antigen retrieval methods: for light and electron microscopy

Models of the visual system

Perspectives in amino acid and protein geochemistry

Physical geology: Earth revealed

Physical hydrodynamics

Plant peroxisomes: biochemistry, cell biology, and biotechnological applications

Polynuclear aromatic compounds

Principles of chemical kinetics

Problem frames: analysing and structuring software development problems

Numerical analysis

Debugging Windows programs: strategies, tools, and techniques for Visual C++ programmers

Algebra and trigonometry with analytic geometry

The C++ standard template library

Alison Balter's mastering Microsoft Access 2002 Desktop Development

HP-UX 11i system administration handbook and toolkit

Developing Java servlets

Excel for chemists: a comprehensive guide

An Introduction to numerical methods and analysis

Modern mathematical methods for physicists and engineers

An introduction to theoretical chemistry

Microbial physiology

Principles of seismology

Chemoinformatics: a textbook

Potential theory in the complex plane

The basic George B. Dantzig

Human physiology

Developmental biology

Convexity and optimization in R [superscript n]

Wavelets in physics

Ecology of streams and rivers

Hamiltonian dynamics

Wave motion

Geochemistry: an introduction

Cell motility: from molecules to organisms

Freshwater ecology: a scientific introduction

Microbiology and immunology

Short protocols in cell biology science :a compendium of methods from Current protocols in cell biology

Principles of developmental biology

The lakes handbook

Medical microbiology

Sharks & rays

Dinosaur impressions: postcards from a paleontologist

Reviews in computational chemistry

Photographic Handbook: Seabirds of the world

Marine biology


Biological indicators of aquatic ecosystem stress

Transcription factors

Electron microscopy and analysis


Applied biofluid mechanics

Improving the safety of fresh meat

Inorganic chemistry

Biochemistry of plant secondary metabolism

Photobiology: the science of light and life

Functions of plant secondary metabolites and their exploitation in biotechnology

Symbiosis: Mechanisms and model systems

Forms of Mathematical Knowledge: Learning and Teaching with Understanding

Delay effects on stability: A control perspective

Digital media: The future

Cell Signalling

A Dictionart of Gene Technology Terms

Cellular and molecular neurobiology

Highlights of Spanish astrophysics :proceedings of the Third Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society (SEA) held in La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain, September 21-24, 1998

The chimpanzees of the Tal Forest: behavioural ecology and evolution

Burnet: A life

Database application programming with Linux

Food Microbiology


Neural networks in a softcomputing framework

The mathematical theory of selection, recombination, and mutation

Modern foraminifera


Analytical solid-phase extraction

Oracle PL/SQL developer's workbook

Life span nutrition: conception through life

Matter and motion

System development: A strategic framework

Selected papers of E.B. Dynkin with commentary

From caveman to chemist: Circumstances and achievements

Solid-phase organic syntheses

The Tiger is a gentleman: leaves from a wildlife photographer's diary

Divergent series

Science teacher education: An international perspective

Heat and Mass Transfer Data Book

Review of medical physiology

Applied cryptography: Protocols, algorithms, and source code in C

An introduction to numerical methods in C++

Problem solving, abstraction, design using C++

New directions in lemur studies

Handbook of brain and behaviour in human development

The Statistical mechanics of interacting walks, polygons, animals, and vesicles

The legacy of J.C. Kapteyn: Studies on Kapteyn and the development of modern astronomy

Chaos and nonlinear dynamics: An introduction for scientists and engineers

Instant notes in immunology

Major events in early vertebrate evolution: Palaeontology, phylogeny, genetics, and development

History of the mathematical theory of probability from the time of Pascal to that of Laplace

Facing the consequences: Using TIMSS for a closer look at U.S. mathematics and science education

College algebra

University-industry R & D collaboration in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan

Introduction to artificial intelligence and expert systems


Introduction to Fortran 77 and the personal computer

Introductory algebra: A just-in-time approach

Optical detectors for astronomy II: State-of-the-art at the turn of the millennium

Genes & signals

DNA science: A first course

Shallow Lakes '98: Trophic interactions in shallow freshwater and brackish waterbodies

Reproductive strategies and developmental patterns in annelids

Measurement of human locomotion

PCR primer: A laboratory manual

Instant Notes Molecular Biology

Modern Food Microbiology

Laboratory Manual of Organic Chemistry

Biomarkers in Food Chemical Risk Assessment

Transcriptional Regulation in Eukaryotes: Concepts, Strategies, and Techniques

Introduction to artificial intelligence

Debugging and performance tuning for parallel computing systems

Data structures and algorithms with object-oriented design patterns in Java

Core PHP programming: Using PHP to build dynamic Web sites

Oracle SQL: The essential reference

Delphi: A desktop quick reference

AppleWorks 6: the missing manual

Real analysis: Modern techniques and their applications

Salas and Hille's calculus: One and several variables

Pure mathematics: The School Mathematics Project

Statistical theory and modeling for turbulent flows

Interstellar propagation of electromagnetic signals

Fluid metals: The liquid-vapor transition of metals

Fundamentals of acoustics

Elements of modern X-ray physics

Cosmic plasma physics

The art and science of chemical analysis

Molecular biology of the cell

Molecular cell biology

Molecular biology of the cell: The problems book

Dormancy in plants: From whole plant behaviour to cellular control

Plant polymeric carbohydrates

Whales, seals, fish, and man: proceedings of the International Symposium on the Biology of Marine Mammals in the North East Atlantic, Tromsو, Norway, 29 November-1 December 1994

Dietary fibre: Chemical and biological aspects

The physics of stars

Handbook of reagents for organic synthesis

Orbital interaction theory of organic chemistry

Principles of genetics

Genetics: analysis of genes and genomes

Plant systematics

The origin of mountains

Separating cells

NMR in microbiology: theory and applications

Prokaryotic nitrogen fixation: a model system for the analysis of a biological process

The researcher's toolkit: the complete guide to practitioner research

Numerical algorithms: computations in science and engineering

Principles of genetics

Peptide nucleic acids: protocols and applications

Oral bacterial ecology: the molecular basis

The U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ) Pilot: experiences and lessons learned

Polymer synthesis: theory and practice: fundamentals, methods, experiments

Natural history, general and particular

The microbiological safety and quality of food

The ultimate Authorware Attain tutorial: an interactive book and CD-package

Secure computers and networks: analysis, design, and implementation

Vector integration and stochastic integration in banach spaces

Principles of real analysis

Textbook of organic chemistry

Quantum chemistry

A textbook of invertebrates

Single variable calculus: Concepts and contexts

Soil microbiology

Food microbiology

Plant hormone protocols

Multimedia systems

Medicinal plants

Enzyme kinetics: principles and methods

Dynamic implementation of SAP R/3

Organometallic chemistry: A unified approach

Coordination chemistry

Toward a theory of neuroplasticity

The Garden of Ediacara

Essential Oracle8i data warehousing: Designing, building, and managing Oracle data warehouses

Oracle developer's guide

Science and method

Essential developmental biology

An Introduction to free radical chemistry

Analytical instrumentation: performance characteristics and quality

Dynamic earth environments: Remote sensing observations from Shuttle-Mir missions

Generalized Riccati theory and robust control: A Popov function approach

Geometric data analysis: An empirical approach to dimensionality reduction and the study of patterns

Green fluorescent protein: properties, applications, and protocols

Integral calculus and differential equations

Combinatorics and graph theory

Effective COM: 50 ways to improve your COM and MTS-based applications

Essential Visual J++ 6.0 fast: How to develop Java applications and applets with Visual J++

Infinity's Encyclopedia of Science Projects

Dominant's Advanced Dictionary of Science

Popularising Science in Schools

Concept Attainment Model in Mathematics Teaching

Case Studies in the Neuropsychology of Vision

Advances in Boron Chemistry

Programming Ruby: the pragmatic programmer's guide

Wonders of numbers: adventures in mathematics, mind, and meaning

The Unicode standard, version 3.0

Wavelets: the key to intermittent information?

Some novel types of fractal geometry

Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics

Quantum theory of solids

A dictionary of chemistry

Principles of neuropsychology

Protein-ligand interactions: hydrodynamics and calorimetry: a practical approach

Differential equations

Plant signal transduction

Soil biological fertility: A key to sustainable land use in agriculture

Biodegradable polymers and plastics

DNA, protein interactions: A practical approach

Molecular biology and pathogenicity of mycoplasmas

Neuroscience databases: A practical guide

Leaf development and canopy growth

Membrane transport: A practical approach

Data warehouse project management

Chemistry of atmospheres: an introduction to the chemistry of the atmospheres of earth, the planets, and their satellites

A first book of ANSI C

Meteorological measurement systems

Human biology: Concepts and current issues

The Hilbert challenge

Gas dynamics

Logic and structured design for computer programmers

Introduction to abstract algebra


Cell and molecular biology

Essentials of physics



Cellular lipid binding proteins

Principles of biochemistry

Science of earth systems

Physical chemistry

Integrated principles of zoology

Chemistry: Science of change


Reason's nearest kin: philosophies of arithmetic from Kant to Carnap

Theory of defects in solids: electronic structure of defects in insulators and semiconductors

Implementing the IEEE software engineering standards

Director 8 primer

Clusters for high availability: A primer of HP solutions

Metapattern: Context and time in information models

Introduction to languages, machines and logic: Computable languages, abstract machines and formal logic

Importance sampling: Applications in communications and detection

Introduction to interactive boundary layer theory

Mass spectral correlations

Electroanalytical methods: Guide to experiments and applications

Infrared analysis of peptides and proteins: principles and applications

Geological and biological effects of impact events

Evaluating indirect ecological effects of biological control

Detection and isolation of soil fungi

Human virology: A text for students of medicine, dentistry, and microbiology

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: synthesis and perspectives

Development and perspectives of landscape ecology

Mountain timberlines: Ecology, patchiness, and dynamics

Instant notes: biochemistry

Organic chemistry

Microbiology: Principles and explorations

Helicobacter pylori: Molecular and cellular biology

Rescuing reason: a critique of anti-rationalist views of science and knowledge

Science of science and reflexivity

Super-intelligent machines

Telegeoinformatics: location-based computing and services

.NET framework standard library annotated reference

Theory of matrices

Surface chemistry and catalysis

Forest trees: a guide to the southeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States

Perspectives in nutrition

Protein secretion pathways in bacteria

Analysis of growth factor signaling in embryos

The social origins of modern science

Science, history, and social activism: a tribute to Everett Mendelsohn

Science education research in the knowledge-based society

Systems theory and practice in the knowledge age

Synthesis techniques and optimizations for reconfigurable systems

Nonlinear functional evolutions in Banach spaces

White dwarfs

Ring opening metathesis polymerisation and related chemistry: state of the art and visions for the new century

Simple theorems, proofs, and derivations in quantum chemistry

Theoretical chemistry and physics of heavy and superheavy elements

Polyoxometalate chemistry for nano-composite design

Organic solid state reactions

Scanning electron microscopy and x-ray microanalysis

Natural products in the new millennium: prospects and industrial application

Translation mechanisms

Phospholipid metabolism in apoptosis

Thin cell layer culture system: regeneration and transformation applications

Oxygen transport to tissue XXIV

Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide

PAS proteins :regulators and sensors of development and physiology

Topics in fluorescence spectroscopy

Empirical methods for artificial intelligence

Collaboration in teacher education: examples from the context of mathematics education

Enabling technologies for computational science: frameworks, middleware, and environments

Cooperative Internet computing

Visual Basic. NET unleashed

Linux Device Drivers

Intelligent information processing: IFIP 17th World Computer Congress-TC12 stream on intelligent information processing, August 25-30, 2002, Montreعl, Quفbec, Canada

Linux in a Windows World

Linux: Network Administrator's Guide

Linux: Server Security

Access 2002 development unleashed

Information systems concepts: An integrated discipline emerging: IFIP TC8/WG8.1 International Conference on Information System Concepts : an Integrated Dscipline Emerging (ISCO-4) : September 20-22, 1999, University of Leiden, The Netherlands

Using Microsoft Access 2000

Data structures and the standard template library

Granular computing: an introduction


Determinism, holism, and complexity

Climate change and carbon markets: a handbook of emission reduction mechanisms

Implementing the climate regime: International compliance

Advanced macromolecular and supramolecular materials and processes

Fundamental world of quantum chemistry: A tribute to the memory of Per-Olov Lowdin

Dissociative recombination of molecular ions with electrons

Foundations of colloid science

Imaging spectrometry: basic principles and prospective applications

Marine bioinvasions :patterns, processes, and perspectives

Genetic recombination: reviews and protocols

Integrative biophysics: biophotonics

Chemical modification, properties, and usage of lignin

Advances in pectin and pectinase research

Contemporary nutrition: issues and insights

Manual of structural kinesiology

The brain without oxygen: causes of failure-physiological and molecular mechanisms for survival

New trends in enzyme catalysis and biomimetic chemical reactions

Advances in prostaglandin, leukotriene, and other bioactive lipid research :basic science and clinical applications

Cultural heritage and aerobiology: Methods and measurement techniques for biodeterioration monitoring

Lactic acid bacteria: genetics, metabolism, and applications: proceedings of the seventh Symposium on Lactic Acid Bacteria: genetics, metabolism, and applications, 1-5 September 2002, Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands

Windows to linux migration toolkit

Principles of computer security: security +TM and beyond

Proceedings of the 5th Iranian conference on fuzzy systems

Working with molecular cell biology: student companion and solutions manual

Evolutionary algorithms for embedded system design

Foundations of Web technology

C & data structures

Linux and UNIX security portable reference

Modeling and simulation: theory and practice: a memorial volume for Professor Walter J. Karplus (1927-2001)

Funology: from usability to enjoyment

Analytic theory of polynomials

Endomorphism rings of Abelian groups

Game theory and decision theory in agent-based systems

Handbook of means and their inequalities

Exercises in functional analysis

Factorization, singular operators and related problems: proceedings of the conference in honour of Professor Georgii Litvinchuk

Impulsive control in continuous and discrete-continuous systems

An introduction to basic Fourier series

Integral geometry and convolution equations

From Coello to inorganic chemistry: a lifetime of reactions

Ionic liquids: industrial applications for green chemistry

Computational chemistry: introduction to the theory and applications of molecular and quantum mechanics

Fundamental world of quantum chemistry: a tribute to the memory of Per-Olov Lowdin

Modern biogeochemistry

Introduction to bioinformatics

The biology and evolution of trematodes: An essay on the biology, morphology, life cycles, transmission, and evolution of digenetic trematodes

Coral reef fishes: Dynamics and diversity in a complex ecosystem

Modulating aging and longevity

Experimental methods in neuropsychology

Chemoreception: From cellular signalling to functional plasticity

Proteomics and nanocrystallography