فن 14



International fuel gas code companion: interpretation, tactics, and techniques




Friction in textiles materials




The identification of textile fibres




Fluid mechanics




Machines and mechanisms: applied kinematic analysis




Computational methods in multiphase flow IV




Fatigue life analyses of welded structures




Mechanics of composite materials




Aircraft performance and design




Engineering heat transfer




The Aerodynamics of heavy vehicles: trucks, buses, and trains




Understanding space: an introduction to astronautics




Kinematics and dynamics of machinery




Thermodynamics: an engineering approach




The art of systems architecting




Hybrid simulation: theory, implementation and applications




Internal combustion engines: (including air compressors and gas turbines and jet propulsion)




Computational fluid dynamics: a practical approach




Spaceflight dynamics




The Helicopter: history, piloting, and how it flies




Applied vibration suppression using piezoelectric materials




Structural and stress analysis: theories, tutorials and examples




Finite element analysis of composite materials




Oil hydraulic systems: principles and maintenance




Hydraulic and pneumatic controls (understanding Made Easy)




Fundamental engineering mathematics: a student-friendly workbook




Fundamentals of aerodynamics




Introduction to flight




Interactive aerospace engineering and design




Flight stability and automatic control




Hybrid and incompatible finite element methods




Computer techniques in vibration




Google power: unleash the full potential of Google




Machine design: design of machine elemenys




Photoshop CS3 bible




CorelDRAW X4: the official guide




Aircraft basic science




Aircraft maintenance & repair




Schaum's outline of theory and problems of elementary statics and strength of materials




Schaum's outline of theory and problems of strength of materials




Schaum's outline of theory and problems of fluid mechanics and hydraulics




Liquid rockets and propellants: a selection of technical papers based mainly on a symposium of the American Rocket Society




Fundamentals of solid-propellant combustion




Tactical missile aerodynamics: General Topics




Tactical missile aerodynamics: Prediction Methodology




Airframe: Stress Analysis and Sizing




Liquid rocket Engine Combustion Instability




Engineering formulas




The handbook for waterworks operator certification




The Facts on File dictionary of telecommunications




Robot invasion: 7 cool and easy robot projects




The telecommunications handbook




Dynamic WAP application development




Fundamentals of digital logic with VHDL design




The Codex Leicester: notebook of a genius




Hand book of Adhesives and sealants




Handbook of weaving




Marketing leadership in hospitality: foundations and practices




Mechanistic modeling of gas-liquid two-phase flow in pipes




The flow of complex mixtures in pipes




Estimation and classification of reserves of crude oil, natural gas and condensate




Petroleum engineering handbook




Naturally fractured reservoir characterization




Basic applied reservoir simulation




Applied geostatistics for reservoir characterization




Design and Appraisal of Hydraulic Fractures




Advanced well control








Analysis of production decline curves



نویسنده : محمد درخشان ; ساعت ٢:٢٧ ‎ب.ظ روز پنجشنبه ۱۳۸٩/۸/٢٠
تگ ها :

فنی 13

Telecommunications survival guide

Test resource partitioning for system-on-a-chip

Atmospheric degradation of organic substances: data for persistence and long-range transport potential

Thermo and fluid-dynamic processes in diesel engines: Selected papers from the THIESEL 2000 conference held in Valencia, Spain, September 13-15, 2000

Transboundary water resources in the Balkans: initiating a sustainable co-operative network

Turning a problem into a resource: remediation and waste management at the Sillamae site, Estonia

The ultimate Web developer's sourcebook

Understanding directory services

Universal Serial Bus system architecture

Upgrading and repairing PCs

Using Autodesk Inventor

Using Visual Basic with AutoCAD

Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser devices

Watches tell more than time: product design, information, and the quest for elegance

Water works engineering: planning, design, and operation

Web application development with PHP 4.0

Web engineering and peer-to-peer computing: Networking 2002 workshops, Pisa, Italy, May 19-24, 2002: revised papers

Web site construction: tips & tricks

Wi-Fi security

The Wiki way: quick collaboration on the Web

Wireless communication technologies: new multimedia systems

Wireless security: models, threats, and solutions

World hotel directory: an essential guide for business travellers

Zope: Web Application construction kit

Roark's formulas for stress and strain

Soil testing manual: procedures, classification data, and sampling practices

Air quality in cities

Fermentation and food safety

Statistical quality control for the food industry

Minimally processed fruits and vegetables: fundamental aspects and applications

Laser material processing

Information technology: selected tutorials: IFIP 18th World Computer Congress tutorials, 22-27 August 2004, Toulouse, France

The McGraw-Hill civil engineering PE exam depth guide: water resources

Environmental chemistry: Asian lessons

Biodegradation and bioremediation

Mercury, cadmium, lead: handbook for sustainable heavy metals policy and regulation

Contaminated soils, sediments, and water

Analog design for CMOS VLSI systems

Chromatography in food science and technology

Handbook of food processing equipment

Technological choices for sustainability

Wood modification: chemical, thermal and other processes

Stress, strain, and structural dynamics: an interactive handbook of formulas, solutions, and MATLAB toolboxes

Radio propagation and remote sensing of the environment

Environmental management accounting: purpose and progress

Biotechnology of aquatic animals

Advanced practical process control

Handbook of environmentally conscious manufacturing

Handbook of wood chemistry and wood composites

Handbook of pulp and paper technology

Bowes & Church's food values of portions commonly used

Nanoscale transistors: device physics, modeling and simulation

Large-scale 3D data integration

Introduction to MATLAB 7 for engineers

Introduction to the characterization of residual stress by neutron diffraction

Introduction to transportation engineering

Progress in nano-electro-optics

Cosmetics and toiletries: development, production, and use

Nano- and micro-electromechanical systems: fundamentals of nano- and microengineering

Novel food processing technologies

Operations management

Paper and paperboard packaging technology

Fuzzy randomness: uncertainty in civil engineering and computational mechanics

Aerosol measurement: principles, techniques, and applications

Emerging solutions for future manufacturing systems: IFIP TC 5/WG 5.5 sixth IFIP International Conference on Information technology for Balanced Automation Systems in Manufacturing and Services, 27-29 September 2004, Vienna, Austria

Advanced planning and scheduling solutions in process industry

Handbook of food analysis

Fundamentals of graphics communication

New optimization techniques in engineering

2-D and 3-D image registration for medical, remote sensing, and industrial applications

Encyclopedia of wireless telecommunications

Encyclopedia of multimedia technology and networking

Pesticide residues in food

Soy protein and formulated meat products

Dictionary of food science and technology

Aviation food safety

Concept research in food product design and development

Dietary supplement labeling compliance review

Digital photography: 99 easy tips to make you look like a pro!

Pervasive computing: technology and architecture of mobile Internet applications

Public and private land mobile radio telephones and systems

How to use Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4: visually in full color

An Introduction to Microelectromechanical System Engineering

Handbook of food enzymology

Chemical and functional properties of food components

Never Concepts and Applications for Food Industry

Glas: Konstrucktion und Technologie in der Architektur = Glass: structure and technology in architecture

Geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering handbook

Chemistry of trace elements in fly ash

Fundamentals of electrical engineering

CMOS cellular receiver front-ends: from specification to realization

Coffee biotechnology and quality: proceedings of the 3rd International Seminar on Biotechnology in the Coffee Agro-Industry, III SIBAC, Londrina, Brazil

Clinical sports nutrition

Food chemistry

Headspace analysis of foods and flavors: theory and practice

Bread-making quality of wheat: a century of breeding in Europe

Climate and water: transboundary challenges in the Americas

Contamination of ground water: prevention, assessment, restoration


Operations management

Fabric reference

Conceptual design of chemical processes

Chemistry and technology of basic organic and petrochemical synthesis

Structural clay products

Managing quality dynamics

Food Enzymology

A Course in Mechanical measurements and Instrumentation

Surveying and levelling

Aluminium design and construction

Elements of heat engines

Internal combustion engines

Lubricants and Greases

HVDC power transmission systems: technology and system interactions

Microprocessor architecture, programming, and applications with the 8085

Hand book of silk technology

Conservation of building and decorative stone

IIS 6 administration

Consulting engineering: constructing the future

Methods in environmental analysis: water, soil and air

Modern advances in chromatography

Animal by-product processing & utilization

Multicriteria decision aid classification methods

Microwave NDT

Chemical engineering thermodynamics

Physical properties of foods and food processing systems


Pure metals properties: a scientific-technical handbook

Functional foods II: Claims and Evidence

Food contaminants: sources and surveillance

Magnetic resonance in food science

Decoupling control

Diatomaceous earth filtration for safe drinking water

Hazardous waste handbook for health and safety

Generation, distribution, and utilization of electrical energy

The painted room: ideas for creative interior decoration

Fundamentals of geotechnical engineering

Video compression demystified

Industrial archaeology: principles and practice

Information technology encyclopedia and acronyms

Food industry and the environment in the European Union: practical issues and cost implications

Low-voltage CMOS VLSI circuits

Food analysis

Cyborg citizen: politics in the posthuman age

Hydrological dimensioning and operation of reservoirs: practical design concepts and principles

Treatment of contaminated soil: fundamentals, analysis, applications

Remote sensing for geologists: a guide to image interpretation

Vermeer's camera: uncovering the truth behind the masterpieces

Color harmony for the Web: a guidebook to create color combinations for Web site design

Microlens arrays

Automation and robotics in the textile industry: from fibers to apparel

Nanotechnology: an introduction to nanostructuring techniques

Introduction to nanotechnology

Nanotechnology: a gentle introduction to the next big idea

Springer handbook of nanotechnology

Converging technologies for improving human performance : nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science

Nanocomposite science and technology

Handbook of ceramic composites

Characterization of nanophase materials

Metal-polymer nanocomposites

Nanostructured materials: processing, properties, and potential applications

Nanoscale materials in chemistry

Ferroelectric thin films: basic properties and device physics for memory applications

Materials science of thin films: deposition and structure

Carbon nanotubes: synthesis, structure, properties, and applications

The science and technology of carbon nanotubes

RF MEMS circuit design for wireless communications

RF MEMS and their applications

Semiconductor nanostructures for optoelectronic applications

Handbook of nanoscience, engineering, and technology

Molecular electronics: commercial insights, chemistry, devices, architecture, and programming

An introduction to microelectromechanical systems engineering

MEMS mechanical sensors

Handbook of carbon, graphite, diamond, and fullerenes: properties, processing, and applications

Electrodeposition: the materials science of coatings and substrates

Management information systems for the information age

High-pressure shock compression of solids VII: shock waves and extreme states of matter

Modeling of induction motors with one and two degrees of mechanical freedom

Wilbur Wright's flights in France: Leon Bollee's photographic record, 1908-1909

Enterprise modeling: improving global industrial competitiveness

The FAST mission

Textiles: fiber to fabric

Hazardous materials characterization: evaluation methods, procedures, and considerations

Advanced topics in information technology standards and standardization research

Nanotechnology challenges: implications for philosophy, ethics, and society

Global engineering and construction

Interpreting land records

Nondestructive testing of deep foundations

Water treatment made simple for operators

Stormwater management for land development: methods and calculations for quantity control

Fundamentals of fire phenomena

Architecting the telecommunication evolution: toward converged network services

Remote sensing with polarimetric radar

Nanoelectronics: principles and devices

Applications of circulation control technologies

Aircraft and rotorcraft system identification: engineering methods with flight-test examples aircraft and rotorcraft system identification engineering methods with flight-test examples

Rocketdyne: powering humans into space

Recent advances in gossamer spacecraft

Oil & gas pipelines in nontechnical language

Microbial proteomics: functional biology of whole organisms

Beet sugar handbook

Guidelines for mechanical integrity systems

Confined space entry and emergency response

Measuring information systems delivery quality

Handbook of porous media

Wood structure and properties

Anchorage in concrete construction

Bioremediation: applied microbial solutions for real-world environmental cleanup

Bioremediation and natural attenuation: process fundamentals and mathematical models

Oil spill dispersants: efficacy and effects

Bridge management

Information technology for construction managers, architects and engineers

Best practices guide to residential construction: materials, finishes, and details

Compressors: selection and sizing

Oil and gas production in nontechnical language

The chemistry and technology of magnesia

Near-infrared spectroscopy in food science and technology

Plumbing technology: design and installation

CCNA 2.0 prep kit 640-507 routing and switching

Power electronics: circuits, devices, and applications

Fundamentals of materials science and engineering: an integrated approach

Hydraulics of pipeline systems

Nuclear physical methods in radioecological investigations of nuclear test sites

Intelligent building systems

Virtual private networks: technologies and solutions

Designing with FPGAs and CPLDs

The global navigation satellite system: navigating into the new millennium

Thermal solid waste utilisation in regular and industrial facilities

Modern Petroleum refining processes

The complete vegetable cookbook: a guide to cooking vegetables in over 300 ways

Watershed management for sustainable Agriculture

Hazardous materials and hazardous waste management

Discrete-time stochastic systems: estimation and control

Corona performance of high-voltage transmission lines

Modern electrical drives

Robust engineering

Water supply and sanitary Installations (Within Building Design, Construction and Maintenance)

Control-oriented system identification: an H [infinity] approach

Microfluidic technology and applications

Progress in SOI structures and devices operating at extreme conditions

Trends in food engineering

Introduction to aircraft aeroelasticity and loads

Fermented milks

Petroleum refining processes

Interfacial properties of petroleum products

Design science research methods and patterns: innovating information and communication technology

Geologic hazards: a field guide for geotechnical engineers

Drinking water: principles and practices

Water contamination emergencies: enhancing our response

Modelling of mechanical systems

Microtunneling and horizontal drilling: French national project "microtunnels" recommendations

Capillary forces in microassembly: modeling, simulation, experiments, and case study

Flight performance of fixed and rotary wing aircraft

Damage prognosis for aerospace, civil and mechanical systems

Process Piping Design Handbook

Exam preparation Fire Pump Operations

Stability and Control of Aircraft Systems: Introduction to Classical Feedback Control

Engineering vibration analysis: worked problems 1

Ten lectures on statistical and structural pattern recognition

Advanced Topics in Information technology standards and standardizationResearch

Air pollution XV

Advances in thermal and non-thermal food preservation

Engineering design

ISO 9000: the year 2000 and beyond

Aircraft performance: theory and practice

Aircraft system safety: military and civil aeronautical applications

Air pollution modeling and its application XVII

Applications of advanced technology in transportation: proceedings of the ninth international conference, August 13-16, 2006, Chicago, Illinois

Advanced reservoir engineering

Handbook of Industrial oil and fat products

AutoCAD 2008 and AutoCAD LT 2008 Bible

Mastering AutoCAD 2008 and AutoCAD LT 2008

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008

Messina seismological observatory memorial volume

Dynamics of Microelectromechanical System

Applied seismology: a comprehensive guide to seismic theory and application

The Chemistry of Wood Preservation

instrumentation in geotechnical engineering

Design Aids in Soil mechanics and foundation engineering

Protecting groundwater for health :managing the quality of drinking-water sources

Construction methods and management

Investigating human error: incidents, accidents and complex systems

Aircraft command techniques: gaining leadership skills to fly the left seat

A Textbook of Chemical engineering thermodynamics

Modeling the supply chain

Food Processing and Presvation

Computational welding mechanics: Thermomechanical and Microstructural Simulations

Advanced technologies for meat processing

Gas turbine theory

Introduction to environmental impact assessment: principles and procedures, process, practice, and prospects

Persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic chemicals

AutoCAD 2008 and AutoCAD LT 2008: no experience required

Engineering documentation control handbook: Configuration Management in Industry

Engineering Mechanics

Analysis, fate and removal of pharmaceuticals in the water cycle

Forsthoffer's rotating equipment handbooks

Microsystems mechanical design

Handbook of food products manufacturing

Ceramics in nuclear and alternative energy applications: a collection of papers presented at the 30th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, January 22-27, 2006, Cocoa Beach, Florida; [Symposium on Ceramics in Nuclear and Alternative Energy Applications]

Repair Welding

Robotic welding Systems

Welding and Automation

Development of reliability-based load and resistance factor design (LRFD) methods for piping: research and development report

Electron-beam welding of Steels and Alloys

Aircraft accidents: a practical guide for responders

Laser Beam Welding of Nonferrous Metals

Laser Beam Weding of Steels

Welding Aluminum

Fundamentals of air pollution

Gas turbine handbook: principles and practices

Aircraft systems: mechanical, electrical, and avionics subsystems integration

Hydrocarbon exploration and production

Petroleum related rock mechanics

Surface production operations

Handbook of paper and board

Sausage manufacture: principles and practice

Aircraft design projects: for engineering students

Gas pipeline hydraulics

Rapeseed and canola oil: production, processing, properties and uses

Practical advances in petroleum processing

Project management in new product development

Bakery products: science and technology

Food irradiation: principles and applications

Theory of gas injection processes

Airframe structural design: practical design information and data on aircraft structures

Planning and urban design standards

Project management framework

Computational river dynamics

Introduction to chemical transport in the environment

Yeast protocols

A new approach to sediment transport in the design and operation of irrigation canals

Sediment and contaminant transport in surface waters

Nuclear magnetic resonance: petrophysical and logging applications

Hydrocarbon seal quantification: papers presented at the Norwegian Petroleum Society Conference, 16-18 October 2000, Stavanger, Norway

Managing global innovation: uncovering the secrets of future competitiveness

An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena

Thermal Transport for Applications in Micro/Nanomachining

Environmental hydraulics of open channel flows

Novel food ingredients for weight control

Innovations for our future: Delphi '98: new foresight on science and technology

Concrete masonry designer's handbook

Classroom manual for medium/heavy duty truck electricity and electronics

Water management in Islam

Food additives: Characteristics, Detection and Estimation

Tools and applications of biochemical engineering science

Short fibre-polymer composites

Building construction illustrated

Mechanical and electrical equipment for buildings

Energy efficiency in household appliances and lighting

Capillary electrophoresis for food analysis: method development

Acoustic emission: standards and technology update

Structural concrete: theory and design

Applied analyses in geotechnics

Coding, communications, and broadcasting: fourth volume on communication theory and applications

Communication electronics: principles and applications

Forensic structural engineering handbook

Implementing the environmental protection regime for the Antarctic

Engineering thermodynamics: through Examples

Dictionary of internetworking terms and acronyms

Green chemistry: theory and practice

New approaches to food-safety economics

Remote sensing, models, and methods for image processing

Geographic information systems in water resources engineering

Hydraulic canals: design, construction, regulation and maintenance

Novel enzyme technology for food applications

Active packaging for food applications

Packaging for nonthermal processing of food

Thermal food processing: new technologies and quality issues

Introduction to urban water distribution

Systems analysis for water technology

Wood, concrete, stone, and steel: Minnesota's historic bridges

Electronic devices and circuit theory

Polysaccharide association structures in food

Protein-based films and coatings

Nanomanufacturing handbook

Nanotechnology: health and environmental risks

Progress in high temperature ceramics: special topic volume with invited papers only

Materials science for engineering students

Microstructural randomness and scaling in mechanics of materials

Earthquakes and acoustic emission

Progress in smart materials and structures

Smart materials and structures: new research

Electrocorrosion and protection of metals: general approach with particular consideration to electrochemical plants

Earthquake resistant engineering structures VI

Linear and non-linear numerical analysis of foundations

Environmental design guidelines for low crested coastal structures

Organic waste recycling: technology and management

Advanced research methods in the built environment

PIC microcontrollers

Digital systems design with FPGAs and CPLDs

Computational modelling and simulation of aircraft and the environment

Heathrow's Terminal 5: history in the making

Fundamentals of electric propulsion: ion and Hall thrusters

Petroleum science research progress

Reservoir simulation: mathematical techniques in oil recovery

Well productivity handbook: vertical, fractured, horizontal, multilateral, and intelligent wells

Managed pressure drilling

The fundamentals of corrosion and scaling for petroleum and environmental engineers

Downhole drilling tools: theory and practice for engineers and students

Natural gas production engineering

Mechanics of offshore pipelines

Natural gas: a basic handbook

Olive oil: minor constitutents and health

RFID applied

Tree nuts: composition, phytochemicals, and health effects

Handbook of muscle foods analysis

Shock wave science and technology reference library

Fundamentals of earthquake engineering

Earthquake engineering: application to design

Transportation infrastructure engineering: a multimodal integration

Globalization of water: sharing the planet's freshwater resources

Waste management for the food industries

Optimal traffic control: urban intersections

Faster construction projects with CPM scheduling

Construction safety engineering principles: designing and managing safer job sites

The engineering guide to LEED-new construction: sustainable construction for engineers

Process plant construction: a handbook for quality management

Energy efficiency and management in food processing facilities

Dynamical systems, wave-based computation and neuro-inspired robots

Millimeter wave technology in wireless PAN, LAN, and MAN

Design and modeling of millimeter-wave CMOS circuits for wireless transceivers: era of sub-100nm technology

Modeling and characterization of RF and microwave power FETs

Introduction to spintronics

Modern motorcycle technology

Structural loads analysis for commercial transport aircraft: theory and practice

European air traffic management: principles, practice, and research

The petroleum engineering handbook: sustainable operations

Introduction to low pressure gas dynamic spray: physics & technology

Biocatalysis and biotechnology for functional foods and industrial products

Handbook of fuels: energy sources for transportation

Advances in food dehydration

Rotary kilns: transport phenomena and transport processes

Dynamics and vibration :an introduction

Quantitative measurements for logistics

Advances in abrasive technology XI: selected peer reviewed papers from the 11th International Symposium on Advances in Abrasive Technology, Sept 30, 2008-Oct 3, 2008, Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center, Awaji City, Hyogo Japan

Kinetic modeling of reactions in foods

Petroleum geosciences

Elastic waves in composite media and structures: with applications to ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation

Handbook of frozen food packaging and processing

Ecotextiles:the way forward for sustainable development in textiles

Human spaceflight: mission analysis and design

Transportation infrastructure security utilizing intelligent transportation systems

Designing geodatabases for transportation

Spintronic materials and technology

Foundation engineering handbook :design and construction with the 2006 international building code

Structural analysis: the analytical method

Nanotechnology Risk, Ethics and Law

Smart packaging technologies for fast moving consumer goods

Plan, build, and manage transportation infrastructure in China: proceedings of the seventh International Conference of Chinese Transportation Professionals (ICCTP) : May 21 and 22, 2007, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Oxidation Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment IV: Selected papers of the 4th international conference on oxidation technologies...

Microwaves and metals

Microwave photonics Devices and Applications

Intelligent freight transportation

Millimetre wave antennas for gigabit wireless communications: a practical guide to design and analysis in a system context

Smart textiles :"smart textiles" : proceedings of the focused session A-11 "smart textiles" of symposium A "Smart materials and micro/nanosystems", held in Acireale, Sicily, Italy, June 8-13 2008 as part of CIMTEC 2008 - 3rd International conference "Smart materials, structures and systems"


The Yaws Handbook of Properties for Environmental and Green Engineering: Adsorption Capacity, Water Solubility, Henry's Law Constant,...

Powder technology and Apllication

Artificial muscle actuators using electroactive polymers:"artificial muscle actuators using electroactive polymers": proceedings of the joint focused session A-12 "artificial muscle actuators using electroactive polymers" of symposium A "Smart materials and micro/nanosystems" and symposium E "Mining smartness from nature", held in Acireale, Sicily, Italy, June 8-13 2008 as part of CIMTEC 2008 - 3rd International conference "Smart materials, structures and systems"

Petroleum Geochemistry and Exploration in the Afro-Asian Region

Computer vision technology for food wuality evaluation

Mining smartness from nature:"mining smartness from nature": proceedings of symposium E "Mining smartness from nature" of CIMTEC 2008 - 3rd International conference "Smart materials, structures and systems", held in Acireale, Sicily, Italy, June 8-13 2008

Biomedical applications of smart materials, nanotechnology and micro/nano engineering:"biomedical applications of smart materials, nanotechnology and micro/nano engineering": proceedings of symposium D "Biomedical applications of smart materials, nanotechnology and micro/nano engineering" of CIMTEC 2008 - 3rd International conference "Smart materials, structures and systems", held in Acireale, Sicily, Italy, June 8-13 2008

Emboding intelligence in structures and integrated systems:"emboding intelligence in structures and integrated systems": advances in science and technology, 56: proceedings of symposium C "Emboding intelligence in structures and integrated systems" of CIMTEC 2008 - 3rd International Conference "Smart Materials, Structures and Systems", held in Acireale, Sicily, Italy, June 8-13 2008

Handbook of fermented meat and poultry

Microwave engineering: land & space radiocommunications

Transportation and development innovative best practices 2008: proceedings of the first international symposium, April 24-26, 2008, Beijing, China

Mechanical vibrations: Active and passive control

Intelligent computational paradigms in earthquake engineering

Highway traffic monitoring and data quality

Pipeline geo-environmental design and geohazard management

Electron beams and microwave vacuum electronics

Handbook of Non - Ferrous Metal Powders: Technologies and Applications

Hardrock tunnel boring machines

Fats and oils handbook

Vibration of continuous systems

Canon EOS 40D: The Rocky Nook Manual

Piezoelectricity, acoustic waves and device applications: proceedings of the 2006 Symposium, Zhejiang University, China, 14-16, December 2006

Engineering design reliability applications: for the aerospace, automotive, and ship industries

Introduction to the physics and chemistry of materials

Operating practices for industrial water management

Human spaceflight

Sedimentation engineering: processes, measurements, modeling, and practice

The theory of laser materials processing: heat and mass transfer in modern technology

Elementary hydraulics

Reducing climate impacts in the transportation sector

Urban drainage modelling and water sensitive urban design: selected papers from the 7th International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling and the 4th International Conference on Water Sensitive Urban Design held concurrently in Melbourne, Australia, 2-7 April 2006

High-efficient low-cost photovoltaics: recent developments

Molecular catalysts for energy conversion

mm-Wave silicon technology: 60GHz and beyond

Traffic grooming for optical networks: foundations and techniques

IP-traffic theory and performance

Classic works in RF engineering

Electroceramics in Japan XI: proceedings of the 27th Electronics Division Meeting of the Ceramic Society of Japan, Tokyo, Japan, October 18-19, 2007

Optical monitoring of fresh and processed agricultural crops

In-pack processed foods: improving quality

Polyolefin fibres: industrial and medical applications

Sustainable fashion and textiles: design journeys

Modern techniques for food authentication

Human resource management for the hospitality and tourism industries

Advances in materials science of wood: special topic volume with invited papers only

نویسنده : محمد درخشان ; ساعت ٢:٢٤ ‎ب.ظ روز پنجشنبه ۱۳۸٩/۸/٢٠
تگ ها :

فن 12

Molecular farming of plants and animals for human and veterinary medicine

Catalytic synthesis of alkene-carbon monoxide copolymers and cooligomers

Handbook of metaheuristics

Foundations of bilevel programming

Management information systems: managing the digital firm

Converging technologies for improving human performance: nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science

Handbook of nanophase and nanostructured materials

Engineered coasts

Arsenic in ground water

Methodologies for control of jump time-delay systems

Adaptive filtering: algorithms and practical implementation

Coded modulation systems

Fiber-to-the-home technologies

Automatic layout modification: including design reuse of the Alpha CPU in 0.13 micron SOI technology

Biometric solutions for authentication in an E-world

Information synthesis for mineral exploration

Geostatistical reservoir modeling

Carbon dioxide recovery and utilization

Bioactive compounds in foods: Effects of processing and storage

Analytical advances for hydrocarbon research

Industrial cleaning technology

Special edition using Adobe illustrator 9

Test system design: a systematic approach

Understanding the network: a practical guide to internetworking

Wireless application programmer's library

Practical Microsoft Windows peer networking

Understanding semiconductor devices

Premiere 6 for Macintosh and Windows

Applied shape optimization for fluids

Building Scalable Cisco networks

Analog filter design

Build your home theater in a weekend

Basic engineering data collection and analysis

Green industrial restructuring: international case studies and theoretical interpretations

Clearing the air: European advances in tackling acid rain and atmospheric pollution

Build your own combat robot

Fundamentals of electric drives

Internet security dictionary

Bert Monroy: photorealistic techniques with Photoshop & Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Web design with ImageReady 2 and GoLive 4

The cabling handbook

Digital communications: fundamentals and applications

Cisco ATM solutions

Cisco CCNP routing exam certification guide

Cisco router configuration

Cisco WAN quick start

Dreamweaver 3 :H-O-T

Engineering mechanics: Dynamics

The essential guide to networking

EIGRP for IP: basic operation and configuration

Final Cut Express editing workshop: [master the art and technique with step-by-step tutorials]

Designing exhibitions: museums, heritage, trade and world fairs

Applied strength of materials

Design and construction failures: lessons from forensic investigations

Behaviour of saturated expansive soil and control methods

Air pollution from ground transportation: an assessment of causes, strategies and tactics, and proposed actions for the international community

Design of bridge structures

Construction project management: planning and scheduling and controlling

Design and construction of concrete shell roofs

Control systems engineering

Applied predictive control

Cisco router handbook

Digital circuits and logic design

Digital electronics guidebook

DVD demystified

All-in-one A+ certification exam guide

Digital logic and computer design

The beginner's handbook of amateur radio

The continuing story of the International Space Station

Biotechnology - 2: including cell biology, genetics, microbiology

Engineering design synthesis: Understanding, approaches, and tools

Engineering ceramics

The hardness of metals

Matrix structural analysis

Conflict management of water resources

Digital controller implementation and fragility: A Modern Perspective

Energy and sustainable development: case studies

High speed LAN technology handbook

Local area high speed networks

Essential ASP.NET fast: with VB.NET examples

Electronics math

Encyclopedia of textile finishing

NetWork Analysis and Troubleshooting

Quality Assessment of Textiles

Geographie de la faim: le dilemme bresilien pain ou acier

Heavy Construction: Planning, Equipment and Methods

Technique du cinema

Creating Futures: Leading Change Through Information Systems

Handbook of Stationery, Paper Converting and Packaging Industries

CorelDRAW for Linux

Adobe Illustrator 9.0.: classroom in a book

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Web design with ImageReady 3 and GoLive 5

Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and Adobe Illustrator 8.0

Design invitational: seven top professionals take you beyond the tools

Definitions for hardware and software safety engineers

Contracting for engineering and construction projects

Coated metal: structure and properties of metal-coating compositions

Agrochemical fate and movement: perspective and scale of study

Controls and automation for facilities managers: applications engineering

Build a remote-controlled robot

Adaptive control of nonsmooth dynamic systems

Ad hoc networking

Cisco IOS releases: the complete reference

Computer communications and networking technologies

Cisco BGP-4 command and configuration handbook

ASP internals

Adobe GoLive 5.0

Coding and modulation for digital television

Adaptive resonance theory microchips

Audio postproduction for digital video

Aviation information management: from documents to data

Cockpit displays: test and evaluation

Adobe After Effects 4.1 for Macintosh and Windows

Adobe After Effects 5.0

Contemporary ergonomics 2000

Contemporary Ergonomics 2001

Dynamic analysis and earthquake resistant design

Computer vision and fuzzy-neural systems

Dictionary of internetworking terms and acronyms

Digital signal integrity: modeling and simulation with interconects and packages

Building Cisco multilayer switched networks

Cisco networking essentials

CCND 2.0 :routing: exam 640-503

Cisco CallManager fundamentals

Don't make me think!: a common sense approach to Web usability

Adobe LiveMotion

Active Server Pages 3.0 by example

Absolute beginner's guide to personal firewalls

Cisco CCNP remote access exam certification guide

CCNP support exam certification guide

Cisco CCNP switching exam certification guide

Constellation shaping, nonlinear precoding, and trellis coding for voiceband telephone channel modems with emphasis on ITU-T recommendation V.34

Le crepuscule des masques

Mes bons petits plats faciles et pas chers

Flooring instant answers

Fermented beverage production

Nutrition in exercise and sport

Concise encyclopedia of robotics

Telecommunications essentials: the complete global source for communications fundamentals, data networking and the Internet, and next-generation networks

Switched-current signal processing and A/D conversion circuits: design and implementation

Improving the Fat Content of Foods

Starch in Food: Structure, Function and applications

Improvin the Safety of Fresh Meat

Improving the Thermal Processing of Foods

Sustainable Energy: Choosing Among Options

Improving Traceability in Food Processing and Distribution

Renewable Energy: Its Physics, Engineering, Ues, Environmental Impacts, Economy and Planning Aspects

Food Colloids: Interactions, Microstructure and Processing

Flavour in Food

Proceedings of the first world congress of structural and multidisciplinary optimization: 28May- 2June 1995, Goslar, Germany: WCSMO-1

Chemical reactor design

Chemical reaction engineering

Glass: its tradition and its makers

Transducers and Instrumentation

Food Storage and Preservation

Metals in Society and in the Environment: a Critical Reviw of Current Knowledge on Fluxes, Speciation, Bioavailability and Risk for Adverse Effects of Copper, Chromium, Nickel and Zinc

Encyclopaedia of Environmental Pollution Agriculture and Health Hazards

Air Pollution and plant Biotechnology: Prospects for Phytomonitoring and Phytoremediation

Computerized control systems in the food industry

The nutrition handbook for food processors

The Scanning Workshop

Innovation networks: concepts and challenges in the European perspective

Sensor based intelligent robots: international workshop, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, October 15-20, 2000: selected revised papers

Distributed autonomous robotic systems 5

Wireless Internet access over GSM and UMTS

Power plant surveillance and diagnostics: Applied research with artificial intelligence

Shape interrogation for computer aided design and manufacturing

Moving into mass customization: information systems and management principles

Stochastic models in reliability and maintenance

Biodrainage: a biological option for controlling waterlogging and salinity

Economics of water pollution: the Indian experience

Decision making under uncertainty: energy and power

The friction and lubrication of solids

Photodetectors: Devices, circuits, and applications

Flash web design: the art of motion graphics: the V5 remix

The social shaping of technology

Implementing J.D. Edwards OneWorld

Handbook of geometric programming using Open Geometry GL

Interactive computing series. Microsoft Powerpoint 2002

Transferability of fracture mechanical characteristics

Robust computer vision: theory and applications

Signaling system #7

Rescue pilot

Salon management

Sustainable development and innovation in the energy sector

Riverbank filtration: improving source-water quality

Image segmentation and compression using hidden Markov models

Using Microsoft Active directory

Cereals and cereal products: chemistry and technology

Textile techniques in metal: for jewelers, textile artists & sculptors

Engines of Creation the Coming era of Nanotechnology

We've got blog: how weblogs are changing our culture

We blog: publishing online with weblogs

The weblog handbook: practical advice on creating and maintaining your blog

Dyeing and chemical technology of textile fibres

Digital systems design and prototyping: using field programmable logic and hardware description languages

Process analysis and design for chemical engineers

Cooperative decision-making under risk

Principles of 3D image analysis and synthesis

3D Studio MAX 3.0 workshop

3D Studio Max 3 professional animation

Adobe LiveMotion fast & easy Web development

Advanced mechanics of solids

Advanced techniques for clearance of flight control laws

Advances in the control of nonlinear systems

Aeroacoustic measurements

Apache desktop reference

Automobile test

Bigelow's PC hardware desk reference

Blog on: the essential guide to building dynamic weblogs

CCNA 2.0 640-507 routing and switching cheat sheet

Challenges of human space exploration

CMOS cantilever sensor systems: atomic force microscopy and gas sensing applications

The complete book of home inspection

Composite materials: functional materials for modern technologies

Constitution and magnetism of iron and its alloys

Control of complex and uncertain systems: new types of feed back

Convective heat transfer

Damage mechanics with finite elements: practical applications with computer tools

Dependability of engineering systems: Modeling and evaluation

Designing easy-to-use websites

Dictionary of internetworking terms and acronyms

Digital Image Processing

Digital lighting & rendering

Dreamweaver 4 for Windows and Macintosh

Dynamics of controlled mechanical systems with delayed feedback

e-Directories: Enterprise software, solutions, and services

The efficient use of quality control data

Electricity 4: AC/DC motors, controls, and maintenance

Engineering mechanics: Dynamics

Engineering mechanics: Statics

Engineering with Excel

Essential Check Point FireWall-1: An installation, configuration, and troubleshooting guide

The essential guide to wireless communications applications: from cellular systems to WAP and M-Commerce

Essential mathematics for computer graphics fast

Essentials of engineering economic analysis

Expectations and the food industry: the impact of color and appearance

Industrial electrochemistry

Fault detection and diagnosis in industrial systems

Fiber optics technician's manual

The finite element method and its reliability

Flavor release

Flexible-link robot manipulators

Fossil fuels in a changing climate: impacts of the Kyoto Protocol and developing country participation

Fracture Mechanics of Engineering Structures and Rocks

Frame relay: technology and practice

Free space optics: Enabling optical connectivity in today's networks

FreeHand 9 for Windows and Macintosh

Functional decomposition with application to FPGA synthesis

Fundamentals of information systems

Fundamentals of robotic mechanical systems: theory, methods, and algorithms

Fuzzy logic with engineering applications

Gardner's chemical synonyms and trade names

Gas cyclones and swirl tubes: principles, design and operation

Geostatistics for seismic data integration in earth models :2003 Distinguished Instructor Short Course

The GIMP for Linux and Unix

Graphic communication: applying principles

Green chemical syntheses and processes

Green chemistry: challenging perspectives

Handbook of CDMA system design, engineering and optimization

Handbook of plant biotechnology

Hard disk drive servo systems

Harley Hahn's Internet insecurity: Why your privacy, security, and safety are at risk and what you can do about it

HAVi: example by example: Java programming for home entertainment devices

Heavy-duty truck systems

High availability network fundamentals

High availability networking with Cisco

High performance non-oxide ceramics

History of industrial gases

How Networks Work

How to do everything with Macromedia Flash MX

How to expand & upgrade PCs

IBM WebSphere application server programming

IC layout basics: a practical guide

IIS security

Integrated environmental modeling: pollutant transport, fate, and risk in the environment

The Illustrator 10 Wow! book

Illustrator 9 for Windows and Macintosh

The Illustrator 9 wow! book

Image technology design: a perceptual approach

Immune building systems technology

IMovie: fast & easy

Implementing IP services at the network edge

Individuality in clothing selection and personal appearance

Induction motors: analysis and torque control

Industrial knowledge management: a micro-level approach

Industrial metrology: surfaces and roundness

Inelastic analysis of structure under variable loads: theory and engineering applications

Informatics and the digital society: social, ethical, and cognitive issues

Injection molding handbook

Inorganic particle synthesis via macro- and microemulsions: a micrometer to nanometer landscape

Insectronics: build your own walking robot

Inside Cisco IOS software architecture

Inside Dreamweaver Ultradev 4

Inside Flash MX

Inside Lightwave [6]

Color chemistry: syntheses, properties and applications of organic dyes and pigments

Inside SolidWorks

Aircraft propulsion

Inside WAP: programming applications with WML and WMLScript

Instant Macromedia Flash 5

Integrated converters: D to A and A to D architectures, analysis and simulation

Integrating voice and data networks

Interactive computer graphics: a top-down approach with OpenGL

Interconnect technology and design for gigascale integration

Interconnecting Cisco network devices

Interconnects in VLSI design

International and uniform plumbing codes handbook

Internet architecture: an introduction to IP protocols

Internet directories: how to build and manage applications for LDAP, DNS, and other directories

Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh

Internet security for your Macintosh: a guide for the rest of us

Internet security protocols: protecting IP traffic

Internet telephony: call processing protocols

Internetworking troubleshooting handbook

Introduction to electrical engineering

Introduction to electronics

Introduction to logic design

Introduction to statistical quality control

Inverse and crack identification problems in engineering mechanics

IP quality of service

IP solutions for windows 2000

ISO 14000: a practical approach

IT organization: building a worldclass infrastructure

IUTAM Symposium on Designing for Quietness

IUTAM Symposium on Field Analyses for Determination of Material Parameters-- Experimental and Numerical Aspects: proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Abisko National Park, Kiruna, Sweden, July 31-August 4, 2000

IUTAM Symposium on Segregation in Granular Flows: proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Cape May, NJ, U.S.A., June 5-10, 1999

The Java 3D API specification

JavaServer pages

JSP and tag libraries for Web development

Junkbots, bugbots, and bots on wheels: building simple robots with BEAM technology

Juran Institute's six sigma: breakthrough and beyond: quality performance breakthrough methods

Knowledge and technology integration in production and services: balancing knowledge and technology in product and service life cycle : IFIP TC5/WG5.3 Fifth IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Information Technology for Balanced Automation Systems in Manufacturing and Services (BASYS'02) September 25-27, 2002, Cancun, Mexico

LabView for automotive, telecommunications, semiconductor, biomedical, and other applications

Landmark-based image analysis: using geometric and intensity models

Lean Six Sigma: combining Six Sigma quality with lean speed

Industrial pollution control: issues and techniques

Legacy data: a structured methodology for device migration in DSM technology

The Lerma-Chapala watershed: evaluation and management

Lightwave [6.5] magic

Limited data rate in control systems with networks

The little audio CD book

LiveMotion 1.0: Visual QuickStart guide for Windows and Macintosh

LiveMotion 2: a beginner's guide

Load bearing fibre composites

Localized quality of service routing for the Internet

Lotus Domino R5 clustering

Low dielectric constant materials for IC applications

Macromedia Flash MX

Macromedia Flash MX: a beginner's guide

Macromedia Flash MX ActionScript: the complete reference

Macromedia Flash MX: the complete reference

Macromedia Freehand 10: training from the source / Tony Roame and Subir Choudhury

Managing maintenance error: a practical guide

Master handbook of video production

Materials science for electrical and electronic engineers

Mathematical models in photographic science

MATLAB for engineers explained

Maya 2 character animation

Maya 4 fundamentals

Mechatronic reliability: electric failures, mechanical-electrical coupling, domain switching, mass-flow instabilities

Membrane formation and modification

Microsoft IIS 5 administration

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint 2002

Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 fast & easy

Predictive process control of crowded particulate suspensions: applied to ceramic manufacturing

Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows 2000

Microsoft Windows 2000 DNS: implementation and administration

Microwave resonators and filters for wireless communication: theory, design, and application

Mineral resource base of the southern Caucasus and systems for its management in the XXI century

Model reduction for control system design

Modeling telecom networks and systems architecture: conceptual tools and formal methods

Modern statistics for engineering and quality improvement

MPLS and VPN architectures

MPLS-based VPNs: designing advanced virtual networks

MPLS: Implementing the technology

Petroleum contamination in warm and cold marine environments