Vogel's Textbook of practical organic chemistry

Combinatorial designs construction methods

Computational fluid mechanics and heat transfer

Practical Work in Synoptic Meteorology

Animal physiology: mechanisms and adaptations

An introduction to expert systems

Functional programming: practice and theory

McGraw-Hill concise encyclopedia of science & technology

Directory of Iranian Research and Development Institutions (Government Sector)

Field and wave electromagnetics

Physiology of Abiotic Stress in Plants

68000, 68010, and 68020 primer

Concurrent programming in occam 2

An introduction to database systems

A guide to SQL/DS

Discrete algorithmic mathematics

Chemistry of the elements

Plant taxonomy

Advanced Chemistry

Applied chemistry


Handbook of the freshwater fishes of India: giving the characteristic peculiarities of all the species at present known, and intended as a guide to students and district officers

Numerical analysis algorithms and computation

Using meteorological information and products

Programming in ADA

Fundamentals of differential equations

Experimental physical chemistry

Root demographics and their efficiencies in sustainable agriculture, grasslands, and forest ecosystems: proceedings of the 5th symposium of the International Society of Root Research, held 14-18 July 1996 at Madren Conference Center, Clemson University, ...

Distributed applications and interoperable systems: IFIP TC6 WG6.1 International Working Conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems (DAIS '97), 30th September-2nd October 1997, Cottbus, Germany

Data analysis for biomolecular sciences

The essence of systems analysis techniques

Condensed matter nuclear science: proceedings of the 11th international conference on cold fusion Marseilles, France 31 october - 5 november 2004

Forest ecology

Signal Processing Advances in Wireless and Mobile Communications

The Dolphin Smalltalk Companion: a Hands - on guide to building complete...

Essential ColdFusion 4.5 for Web Professionals

Success At AQA Physics B AS

Endangered Animals: A Reference Guide to Conflicting Issues

Proceeding of the 6th Iranian Fuzzy Sysems Conference & 1st Islamic World Fuzzy Systems Conference: May 17-19, 2006

Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants: Dicotyledons

Immobilized Biomolecules in Analysis: A Practical Approach


The Evolutionary Philosophy of Chauncey Wright

Identification Guides British & European Mushrooms & Oher Fungi

Suserup Skov: structures and processes in a temperate, deciduous forest reserve

proceeding of the XVth Intenaional Conference on Gas Discharges and their Applications: Toulouse - France, 5-10 September 2004

A manual of developmental biology

Forging the new frontiers: fuzzy pioneers

Understanding non-equilibrium thermodynamics: foundations, applications, frontiers

Stem cells: from Hydra to man

Wavelet and wave analysis as applied to materials with micro or nanostructure

Gabor and wavelet frames

Project manager's handbook: applying best practices across global industries

Local cells, global science: the rise of embryonic stem cell research in India

Analogue and numerical modelling of sedimentary systems: from understanding to prediction

Glacial sedimentary processes and products

Questioning the universe: concepts in physics

The art of genes: how organisms make themselves

Evolutionary essays: a thermodynamic interpretation of the evolution

Linear algebra: theory and applications

Atomic charges, bond properties, and molecular energies

Facets of systems science

Earth magnetism: a guided tour through magnetic fields

Coarse-graining of condensed phase and biomolecular systems

Introduction to computer science : programming, problem solving, and data structures

The Z notation : a reference manual

Quasicrystals: proceedings of the 12th taniguchi symposium, Shima, Mie prefectre, Japan, 14019 November, 1989

Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics

Remote sensing applications in meteorology and climatology

Algebraic computing with REDUCE : lecture notes from the First Brazilian School on Computer Algebra

Concurrent programming

Constructivity in computer science : summer symposium, San Antonio, TX, June 19-22, 1991, proceedings

Basic physical geology

Pascal : the software fundamentals of computer science

Introduction to databases

Trends in analytical chemistry : TrAC

Paradox 4 QuickStart

MS-DOS and PC-DOS : a handbook of essentials

Effective computer user documentation

Applied mineralogy : a quantitative approach

Group representations

Analog VLSI implementation of neural systems

An invitation to MVS using COBOL

Seismic surface waves in a laterally inhomogeneous earth

General theory of irregular curves

Additive number theory of Polynomials over a finite field

Patterns and waves : the theory and applications of reaction-diffusion equations

Advances in finite geometries and designs : proceedings of the Third Isle of Thorns Conference 1990

A practical guide to X window programming : developing applications with the Xt Intrinsics and OSF/Motif

The science of programming

Optimization models using fuzzy sets and possibility theory

Ordered algebraic structures

Oscillations and waves in linear and nonlinear systems

Reliable numerical computation

Integral equations

Practical time-stepping schemes

Introduction to solid state physics

Physical geology

Deformation theory of algebras and structures and applications

Logical and mathematical methods for IBM microcomputers

Discovering the cosmos

Number theory and applications

Probiotic dairy products

Chemistry and technology of silicon and tin: proceedings of the First Asian Network for Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry International Chemical Conference on Silicon and Tin

Information security

General statistics

Developments in the Analysis of Lipids

Sharks of the open ocean: biology, fisheries and conservation

Advances in parallel algorithms

Combinatorics and theoretical computer science : proceedings of the Capital City Conference on Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science, Washington, DC, 1989

A dictionary of botany

Statistics in plain English : with computer applications

Systematic botany


Fundamentals of Differential Calculus

State estimation for dynamic systems

Morphology of crystals

Elements of probabilistic analysis with applications

Applications of organometallic chemistry in the preparation and processing of advanced materials

Igneous and metamorphic rocks under the microscope: classification, textures, microstructures, and mineral preferred- orientations

Composite index for CRC handbooks

Illustrated Windows

Applied cell and molecular biology for engineers

The effects of fishing on marine ecosystems and communities

Climate impact and adaptation assessment: a guide to the IPCC approach

Pulses and other waves processes in fluids: an asymptotical approach to initial problems

Supersymmetric gauge field theory and string theory

Oscillations and waves in strong gravitational and electromagnetic fields


Intelligent information access : proceedings of the BANKAIWorkshop, Brussels, Belgium, 14-16 October 1991

Introduction to computer organization Work Book

Linear algebra

Plankton stratigraphy

Discoveries of epithermal precious metal deposits

Principal component analysis

Molecular mechanisms of epithelial cell junctions : from development to disease

Linear probability, logit, and probit models

Log-linear models

Loglinear models with latent variables

Ordinal log-linear models

Bayesian statistical inference

Analyzing complex survey data

Stochastic parameter regression models

Matrix algebra : an introduction

Nonparametric statistics

Encyclopedia of analytical science

The Evolution of the Rheic Ocean: From Avalonian-Cadomian Active Margin to Alleghenian-Variscan Collision

The Science Weather and Environment

Metallic Nanoparicles

Earhquake Hazards and Mitigation

Conjugated conducting polymers

Products of random matrices in statistical physics

Electronic properties of conjugated polymers III : basic models and applications : proceedings of an international winter school, Kirchberg, Tirol, March 11-18, 1989

Evolution of dynamical structures in complex systems : proceedings of the international symposium, Stuttgart, July 16-17, 1992

Exotic atoms in condensed matter : proceedings of the Erice workshop at the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Italy, May 19-25, 1990

The quantum statistics of dynamic processes

High magnetic fields in semiconductor physics II : transport and optics : proceedings of the international conference, Wurzburg, Fed. Rep. of Germany, August 22-26, 1988

Physics and engineering applications of magnetism

Magnetic properties of low-dimensional systems II : new developments : proceedings of the second workshop, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, May 23-26, 1989

Strong correlation and superconductivity : proceedings of the IBM Japan international symposium, Mt. Fuji, Japan, 21-25 May, 1989

Beyond the crystalline state : an emerging perspective

Interference of atomic states

Organic chemistry using clays

The Barbier reaction and related one-step processes

Breeding oilseed brassicas

Kalman filtering : with real-time applications

Linear systems and optimal control

High-Tc superconductivity: experiment and theory

Limits of predictability

Darboux transformations and solitons

Rossby vortices, spiral structures, solitons : astrophysics and plasma physics in shallow water experiments

The chemistry of rotational isomers

Finite quantum electrodynamics : the causal approach

Self-trapped excitons

Intense resonant interactions in quantum electronics

Atmospheric deposition and forest nutrient cycling : a synthesis of the integrated forest study

Quantum mechanics: foundations and applications

Inverse problems in quantum scattering theory

Computer simulation studies in condensed matter physics

Site symmetry in crystals : theory and applications

Parallel algorithms in computational science

Time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy V : proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy, Tokyo, Japan, June 3-7, 1991

Surface science : lectures on basic concepts and applications : proceedings of the Sixth Latin American Symposium on Surface Physics (SLAFS-6), Cusco, Peru, September 3-7, 1990

Low-dimensional electronic systems: new concepts: proceedings of the Seventh International Winter School, Mauterndorf, Austria, February 24-28, 1992

Nonlinear optics of organics and semiconductors : proceedings of the international symposium, Tokyo, Japan, July 25-26, 1988

Number theory and physics : proceedings of the winter school, Les Houches, France, March 7-16, 1989

Principles of magnetic resonance

Atomic spectra and radiative transitions

Surface X-ray and neutron scattering : proceedings of the 2nd international conference, Physik Zentrum, Bad Honnef, Fed. Rep. of Germany, June 25-28, 1991

The Dirac equation

Quantum solid-state physics

Flesh and Bones of Medical Cell Biology

The Y Chromosome and Male Germ Cell Biology in Health and Diseases

Stem Cells, Tissue Regeneration and Repair

The Sedimentary Record of Meteorite Impacts

The Jehol Fossils: The Emergence of Feathered Dinosaurs, Beaked Birds and Flowering Plants

The Thermodynamic Universe Exploring the Limits of physics

The Chemical Synthesis of Natural Products

Light scattering in solids VI: recent results, including high-tc superconductivity


Optimization of weighted Monte Carlo methods

Particle induced electron emission II

Plant protoplasts and genetic engineering

Advanced quantum theory and its applications through Feynman diagrams

Linear prediction theory : a mathematical basis for adaptive systems

Transport phenomena in mesoscopic systems : proceedings of the 14th Taniguchi symposium, Shima, Japan, November 10-14, 1991

Palms in forest ecosystems of Amazonia

Landscape boundaries : consequences for biotic diversity and ecological flows

Computer chemistry

Elementary particle physics: concepts and phenomena

Computational approaches in condensed-matter physics: proceedings of the 6th Nishinomiya-Yukawa Memorial Symposium, Nishinomiya, Japan, October 24 and 25, 1991

Ultrashort laser pulses : generation and applications


Optical solitons

Vibronic interactions in molecules and crystals

The stars

Crystal chemistry of high Tc superconducting copper oxides

Earlier and recent aspects of superconductivity : lectures from the international school, Erice, Trapani, Sicily, July 4-16, 1989

Computer simulation of ion-solid interactions

Molecular beam epitaxy: fundamentals and current status

Nonlinear dynamics and quantum phenomena in optical systems : proceedings of the third international workshop, Blanes (Girona, Spain), October 1-3, 1990

Spectral methods in fluid dynamics

Microcluster physics

Ultrafast phenomena VII : proceedings of the 7th international conference, Monterey, CA, May 14-17, 1990

Molecular and laser spectroscopy

Computational techniques for fluid dynamics: a solutions manual

Adsorption and catalysis on transition metals and their oxides


Comprehensive organometallic analysis

Spiral grain and wave phenomena in wood formation

Interdisciplinary approaches to nonlinear complex systems

Relative information : theories and applications

Resonance phenomena in electron-atom collisions

Introduction to laser physics

Neuronal cooperativity

Pattern analysis and understanding

Statistical structure of quantum theory

Physics of thin films : advances in research and development

General relativity, astrophysics, and cosmology

Applied mineralogy in research, economy, technology, ecology and culture: proceedings of the sixth international congress on applied mineralogy: Gottingen, Germany, 17-19 July 2000: ICAM 2000

Rhythms in physiological systems : proceedings of the international symposium at Schloss Elmau, Bavaria, October 22-25, 1990

Trees and wood in dendrochronology: morphological, anatomical, and tree-ring analytical characteristics of trees frequently used in dendrochronology

Fast reactions in energetic materials: high-temperature decomposition of rocket propellants and explosives

Astrophysical concepts

Physics and chemistry of comets

Plankton regulation dynamics: experiments and models in Rotifer continous cultures

Air pollution and forests : interactions between air contaminants and forest ecosystems

Structural phase transitions II

Evolution and function of heterostyly


Atomic and electronic structure of surfaces : theoretical foundations

Ordering at surfaces and interfaces: proceedings of the Third NEC Symposium, Hakone, Japan, October 7-11, 1990

Photoacoustic, photothermal, and photochemical processes at surfaces and in thin films

Fundamentals of ocean acoustics

Chemistry and physics of solid surfaces

Computational aspects of the study of biological macromolecules by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Fire in South African mountain fynbos : ecosystem, community, and species response at Swartboskloof

Forest decline and air pollution: a study of spruce (Picea abies) on acid soils

Random media and boundaries : unified theory, two-scale method, and applications

Hydrogen in intermetallic compounds II

High resolution chromatography: a practical approach

Geometrical optics of inhomogeneous media

Laser spectroscopy of solids II

Physical properties and thermodynamic behaviour of minerals

Surface phonons

Resonance acoustic spectroscopy

Bioinorganic chemistry

Encyclopedia of environmental biology

Structure and dynamics of bulk polymers by NMR-methods

Long-range electron transfer in biology

Mathematical geophysics : a survey of recent developments in seismology and geodynamics

Paleoclimatology and paleometeorology : modern and past patterns of global atmospheric transport

Paleomagnetic rotations and continental deformation

Tectonic evolution of the Tethyan Region

Biodegradation of nitroaromatic compounds

Biogeochemistry of subalpine ecosystem : the Loch Vale Watershed

Computational techniques for fluid dynamics

Flux coordinates and magnetic field structure : a guide to a fundamental tool of plasma structure

Probability, statistical optics, and data testing : a problem solving approach

Advances in helio- and asteroseismology: proceedings of the 123th (sic) Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Aarhus, Denmark, July 7-11, 1986

Chromatography and isolation of insect hormones and pheromones

Light scattering in solids V: superlattices and other microstructures

Major evolutionary radiations

What is integrability?

Physical chemistry of, in, and on silicon

Chemical hardness

Complexes, clusters, and crystal chemistry

Graphite intercalation compounds II : transport and electronic properties

Real-time expert systems computer architecture

Mechanisms of high temperature superconductivity : proceedings of the 2nd NEC Symposium, Hakone, Japan, October 24-27, 1988

Gas source molecular beam epitaxy : growth and properties of phosphorus containing III-V heterostructures

Hydrogen in crystalline semiconductors

Acoustics of layered media

Controlled release, biochemical effects of pesticides, inhibition of plant pathogenic fungi

Ion implantation in diamond, graphite, and related materials

Gravitational lenses

Ecology of insects: concepts and applications

Deuterium and shift calculation

Handbook of logic in computer science

High pressure NMR

In-vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Interrelationships between microorganisms and plants in soil : proceedings of an international symposium, Liblice, Czechoslovakia, June 22-27, 1987

Isotope effects in NMR spectroscopy

Managing computer viruses

Principles and applications of photogeology

Dynamics of combustion systems

Adsorption on ordered surfaces of ionic solids and thin films : proceedings of the 106th WE-Heraeus Seminar, Bad Honnef, Germany, February 15-18, 1993

The Activation of dioxygen and homogeneous catalytic oxidation

Applications of analytical techniques to the characterization of materials

Principles and practice of X-ray spectrometric analysis

Recent advances in chiral separations


The structure of surfaces III : proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on the Structure of Surfaces (ICSOS III), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, July 9-12, 1990

Astrophysics of neutron stars

Methods in computational chemistry

Modern methods in analytical morphology

Multinuclear NMR

Organometallic chemistry of the transition elements

NEXAFS spectroscopy

Nonlinear nonequilibrium thermodynamics I: linear and nonlinear fluctuation-dissipation theorems

Exotic nuclear spectroscopy

Comprehensive treatise of electrochemistry

Computational methods for the determination of formation constants

Computer-enhanced analytical spectroscopy

Practical polymer analysis

An Introduction to Mycology

Electroanalytical methods in chemical and environmental analysis

Contemporary electroanalytical chemistry

Quantum measurement of a single system

Biochemistry of the lanthanides

Biochemistry of sulfur

Ion spectroscopies for surface analysis

Earthquake hazard and risk

Plasma chromatography

Spectroelectrochemistry : theory and practice

Biochemistry of the essential ultratrace elements

A Guided tour of mathematical methods for the physical sciences

Applied chemistry of the alkali metals

Carbon-functional organosilicon compounds

Chaos a program collection for the PC

Low-temperature microscopy and analysis

Experimental mass spectrometry

Ion chromatography

An introduction to laser spectroscopy

Cooperative phenomena in Jahn-Teller crystals

Kinetics and spectroscopy of carbenes and biradicals

Biochemistry of halogenated organic compounds

Structure determination by X-ray crystallography

Chaotic vibrations: an introduction for applied scientists and engineers

Mossbauer spectroscopy applied to inorganic chemistry

Open tubular column gas chromatography in environmental sciences

Organic photochromes

Introduction to microscopy by means of light, electrons, x rays, or ultrasound

Photochemistry and photophysics of metal complexes

Sample preparation for biomedical and environmental analysis

Ion-exchange sorption and preparative chromatography of biologically active molecules

Metal-metal bonds and clusters in chemistry and catalysis

Variational methods in mathematical physics : a unified approach

Chemicals in the aquatic environment : advanced hazard assessment

The Ecology of aquatic hyphomycetes

The Genus Aspergillus : from taxonomy and genetics to industrial application

Charge transfer reactions in electrochemical and chemical processes

Mass spectrometry: clinical and biomedical applications

Metal complexes with tetrapyrrole ligands

Microanalysis of solids

Applications of infrared, raman, and resonance raman spectroscopy in biochemistry

Pinnipeds and El Nino: responses to environmental stress

Plantago: a multidisciplinary study

Biochemistry of zinc

The Prokaryotes: a handbook on the biology of bacteria: ecophysiology, isolation, identification, applications

Recent trends in radiation polymer chemistry

Vibrational spectroscopy of molecules on surfaces

Introduction to practical ore microscopy

Biochemistry of the Elemental Halogens and inorganic Halides

Bioelectrochemistry IV: Nerve Muscle function-Bioelectrochemistry, Mechanisms, Bioenegetics,and control

Earthquakes at North-Atlantic passive margins: neotectonics and postglacial rebound

Chaos and chance: an introduction to stochastic apects of dynamics

Basic concepts of synthetic differential geometry

Advances in numerical analysis

Problems Concepts and models of inorganic chemistry

Light scattering : principles and development

Methods for electromagnetic field analysis

Modelling frequency and count data

Electron flow in organic chemistry

Principles and methods in supramolecular chemistry

K-theory and C*-algebras : a friendly approach

of one mind : the collectivization of science

Fundamental properties of the neutron

Approaches to algebra : perspectives for research and teaching

A primer for modern mathematics

Homotopy type and homology

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