Analytical techniques for heavy metals in biological fluids : lectures of a course held at the Joint Research Centre, Ispra (Italy), 22-26 June 1981

An introduction to plant anatomy

Apomixis in plants

Artificial intelligence : promise and performance

Atmospheres and ionospheres of the outer planets and their satellites

Biological nitrogen fixation : recent developments

Biology of seagrasses: a treatise on the biology of seagrasses with special reference to the Australian region

Climates of the oceans

Concepts of nuclear physics

Connectionism in perspective

Dairy microbiology

Diagnostic procedures for mycotic and parasitic infections

Ecological assessment of macrophyton : collection, use, and meaning of data : a symposium sponsored by ASTM Committee D-19 on Water, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 15-16 Jan., 1983

Experimental and quasi-experimental designs for research

Global warning-- global warming

Introductory mycology

Fuchsian groups

Plant tissue culture: theory and practice

Plasma physics via computer simulation

POP-11 : a practical language for artificial intelligence

Radiofrequency heating of plasmas

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of electromagnetics

Seed physiology

The Fourier integral and its applications

The Electromagnetics problem solver

Undulator magnets for synchrotron radiation and free electron lasers : Adriatico Research Conference, Trieste, Italy, 23-26 June, 1987 : (proceedings)

Windows wisdom for C and C++ programmers

Basic principles of organic chemistry

Dairy Microbiology

Bio-inorganic chemistry

Bioluminescence and chemiluminescence: instruments and applications

Biotechnology in growth regulation

Book 7 of the Collection

Build your own expert system : for the IBM pc and compatibles

Electromagnetic surface excitations : proceedings of an international summer school at the Ettore Majorana Centre, Erice, Italy, July 1-13, 1985

Excitonic processes in solids

Gas tables: international version: thermodynamic properties of air products of combustion and component gases compressible flow functions, including those of Ascher H. Shapiro and Gilbert M. Edelman

Gel electrophoresis of proteins : a practical approach

Glow discharge spectroscopies

Graded problems in computer science

Artificial intelligence: a personal, commonsense Journey

Quantum field theory of solids : an introduction

Quantum optics and fundamentals of physics

The CMS user's guide

The Distributed fibre optic sensing handbook

The GTPase superfamily

Theory of electromagnetic waves : a coordinate-free approach

The theory of coherent atomic excitation

The UNIX system guidebook

Understanding software testing

UNIX, POSIX, and open systems : the open standards puzzle

VAX-11 assembly language programming

Activated metals in organic synthesis

A practical guide to data base design

Chemistry and biochemistry of flavoenzymes

Classical mechanics of particles and rigid bodies

Complex thermodynamic systems

Computer architecture and parallel processing

Computer consciousness : surviving the automated 80s

Computers and informatics in developing countries

Concrete mathematics : a foundation for computer science

CRC handbook of data on organic compounds

Creative sciencing : a practical approach

Ultrafast phenomena V

Measurement systems : application and design

Perception and the senses

Perspectives of modern physics

MCSE: NT Server 4 study guide

Physicochemical aspects of protein denaturation

Physics of shock waves in gases and plasmas

Practical experience in building expert systems

Practical guide to structured system development and maintenance

Practical organic chemistry : a student handbook of techniques

Principles of biochemistry, general aspects

Principles of biochemistry: mammalian biochemistry

Principles of compiler design

Principles of parallel and multiprocessing

Principles of thermodynamics

Problems in fluid flow

Proceedings of the Anniversary Adriatico Research Conference and Workshop on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

Programmer's problem solver for the IBM PC, XT, & AT

Program verification : fundamental issues in computer science

The chemistry and microbiology of pollution

The principles of bio-inorganic chemistry

Nonlinear waves in inhomogeneous and hereditary media

Applications of Fibonacci Numbers: Proceedings of the Seventh International Research Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications, Technische Universitat, Graz, Austria, July 15-19, 1996

Comparative wood anatomy: systematic, ecological, and evolutionary aspects of dicotyledon wood

MCSE Windows 2000 network infrastructure: training guide

Javascript: complete concepts and techniques

A handbook of nuclear magnetic resonance

A short course in organic chemistry

Fundamental algorithms for computer graphics

Tyrosine phosphoprotein phosphatases


Heat and mass transfer data book

Heat and thermodynamics : an intermediate textbook

Heat transmission

Learning science

Random processes in physical systems : an introduction to probability-based computer simulations

Relational database technology

MCSE: Networking essentials study guide

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of biochemistry

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of college physics

Science and society in modern Japan : selected historical sources

Science and technology of fructans

Science from your airplane window

Significant American scientists

Simulation and optimization of large systems: based on the proceedings of a conference organized by the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications ... held at the University of Reading, in September 1986

Simulation modeling and SIMNET

Software solutions : concepts and applications

Solutions manual for Organic chemistry

Spot tests in inorganic analysis

Anmol dictionary of zoology

Stochastic processes in underwater acoustics

Structured system programming

Structure level adaptation for artificial neural networks

Synthetic fluorine chemistry

Systems thinking, systems practice

Guidebook to organic synthesis

Astronomy today

Dictionary of gene technology

Keys for regeneration : proceedings of the European Conference on Tissue and Post-Traumatic Regeneration, Geneva, September 3-7, 1990


The Palaeobiology of trace fossils

Abstract and concrete categories : the joy of cats

Advanced methods of physiological system modeling

Advanced nutrition

An introduction to the liquid state

Bieberbach groups and flat manifolds

Biological regulation of the chondrocytes

Blood flow in the brain

Introduction to statistical analysis

Coalitions and alliances in humans and other animals

Communicating with the computer : introductory experiences : BASIC

Compiler construction : theory and practice

Computer structures : principles and examples

Contemporary animal learning theory

Cours de chimie physique

CRC handbook of dietary fiber in human nutrition

Design of experiments: a realistic approach

Differential equations and their applications, short version

Digital computer arithmetic : design and implementation

Earthworm ecology : from Darwin to vermiculture

Ecological responses to environmental stresses

Electrochemistry, past and present

Electronic properties of polymers and related compounds : proceedings of an international winter school, Kirchberg, Tyrol, February 23-March 1, 1985

Enzyme assays: a practical approach

Enzymes in organic synthesis

Dominant's advanced dictionary of chemistry

Essentials of nuclear chemistry

Experimental design, statistical models, and genetic statistics : essays in honor of Oscar Kempthorne

Finite group theory

Foundations of mathematical programming

Fourier analysis of time series: an introduction

Fourier methods for mathematicians, scientists and engineers

Functions of one complex variable

Graphical exploratory data analysis

Human-computer interface design guidelines

Illustrated C programming (ANSI)

Introducing systems and control

Ionic equilibrium: a mathematical approach

Ions in solution : basic principles of chemical interactions

Just enough UNIX

K-theory for operator algebras

Liquid crystals: nature's delicate phase of matter

Low energy electrons and surface chemistry

Man kind? Our incredible war on wildlife

Mathematical bioeconomics : the optimal management of renewable resources

Mathematics; strategies of teaching

Mechanics of the mind

Memory traces in the brain

Metric spaces

Microsoft QuickBASIC for scientists : a guide to writing better programs

North Sea-estuaries interactions : proceedings of the 18th EBSA Symposium, held in Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K., 29th August to 2nd September, 1988

Operational mathematics

Physical properties of chemical compounds

Polymers: chemistry and physics of modern materials

Practical organic mass spectrometry

Primate behaviour and social ecology

Quaternary palaeoecology

Radiation biophysics

Real-time systems and their programming languages

Relative category theory and geometric morphisms : a logical approach

Research strategies for assessing the behavioral effects of foods and nutrients : proceedings of the Conference of the Center for Brain Sciences and Metabolism Charitable Trust, held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA, November 1982

Software development project management : process and support

Solutions of partial differential equations

Studies in neuropsychology : selected papers of Arthur Benton

System identification : parameter and state estimation

Systems with impulse effect : stability, theory, and applications

The biology of behavior and mind

The birth and development of the geological sciences / Frank Dawson Adams

The Ecology of fishes on coral reefs

The Hartley transform

The neural basis of motor control

Electronic structure and optical properties of semiconductors

Understanding neuropsychology

Vegetation and soils; a world picture

Working with dBase languages

Advanced mathematical methods for scientists and engineers

Advances in electrochemical science and engineering

Advances in organometallic chemistry

Adventures in earth history; being a volume of significant writings from original sources, on cosmology, geology, climatology, oceanography, organic evolution, and related topics of interest to students of earth history, from the time of Nicolaus Steno to the present

Analysis and algorithms of optimization problems

Analysis of geologic structures

Analysis of petroleum for trace metals : a symposium cosponsored by the Divisions of Analytical Chemistry and Petroleum Chemistry at the 169th meeting of the American Chemical Society, Philadelphia, Pa., April 10, 1975

Analytical and chromatographic techniques in radiopharmaceutical chemistry

Apple II applications

Applied regression analysis and experimental design

Aquatic invertebrate bioassays : a symposium

Audit and control of distributed data processing systems

Automated reasoning : introduction and applications

Catalysts for the control of automotive pollutants : a symposium

Chemistry and structure at interfaces : new laser and optical techniques

Chemistry; an investigative approach

Chemistry of organosulfur compounds : general problems

Chemistry of organo-zirconium and -hafnium compounds

Cinetique chimique : rappels theoriques et applications

Complex analysis: an introduction to the theory of analytic functions of one complex variable

Programs and data structures in C

Lecture notes on invertebrate zoology

Microsoft Works 3.0: a practical approach

Thermodynamics [for B. Sc. students of india universities]

Oxidative stress and aging

What every engineer should know about microcomputers: Hardware Software design a step- by- step example

Human obesity

Assembly language for pascal programmers

A practical approach to data structures: related algorithms in pascal with applications

Database machines: modern trends and applications

Who's Who in science in Europe: a biographical guide science, technology, agriculture, and medicine

Insect behavior

An elementary scientific and technical dictionary

The Physics and chemistry of oxide superconductors: proceedings of the second ISSP international symposium, Tokyo, Japan, January 16-18, 1991

Localization and confinement of electrons in semiconductors: proceedings of the sixth international winter school, Mauterndorf, Austria, February 19-23, 1990

1994 Summer School in High Energy Physics and Cosmology : ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 13 June-29 July, 1994


A course in probability and statistics

Advanced mathematical tools in metrology II : Oxford, UK, 27-30 September 1995

Advanced organic chemistry of nucleic acids

Advanced organic chemistry : reactions, mechanisms, and structure

AN  Introduction to chemical thermodynamics

An introduction to geometrical physics

Applied discriminant analysis

Aspects of modern magnetism : lecture notes of the 8th Chinese International Summer School of Physics : Beijing, 28 August-7 September, 1995

Astrophysics in the extreme ultraviolet : proceedings of colloquium no. 152 of the International Astronomical Union, held in Berkeley, California, March 27-30, 1995

Automated mathematical induction

Bacterial plasmids

Basic concepts of chemistry

Beyond the standard model IV : Granlibakken, Tahoe City, LA, 13-18 December 94

Bharatpur, bird paradise

Biological effects of cholesterol oxides


Building a Windows NT Internet server

Calcium ions in nerve cell function

Carotenoids in photosynthesis

Cellular calcium : a practical approach

Chemical kinetics

Client/server and open systems : a guide to the technologies and the tools that make them work

Computing essentials

Concise science dictionary

Continuum models and discrete systems

Coral reef ecology

Cost-effective strategies for client/server systems

CRC handbook of oligosaccharides

Data management : an organizational perspective

Degradation of bioactive substances : physiology and pathophysiology

Developing client/server systems using Sybase SQL Server system 10

EC-9 : proceedings of the Ninth Joint Workshop on Electron Cyclotron Emission and Electron Cyclotron Heating, Borrego Springs, California, 23-26 January 1995

Elements of non-relativistic quantum mechanics

Elsevier's dictionary of plant names: in Latin, English, French, German, and Italian

Encounters with chaos

Essentials of organic chemistry

Essential statistics

Fitted numerical methods for singular perturbation problems : error estimates in the maximum norm for linear problems in one and two dimensions

Free - living freshwater protozoa: a color guide

Gases, liquids, and solids : and other states of matter

Gene expression in the central nervous system

Global classical solutions for quasilinear hyperbolic systems

Gregor Mendel : the first geneticist

Handbook of usability testing : how to plan, design, and conduct effective tests

Heat and thermodynamics

Homogeneous photocatalysis

How to use your computer

Illustrating C (ANSI/ISO version)

Impulsive differential equations

Information modelling : an international perspective

Inside Windows NT server 4

Integration theory

Interpreting astronomical spectra

Introduction to physical geology

Introduction to scientific computing

Lectures on cosmology and action at a distance electrodynamics

Lie algebras

Lipid modifications of proteins

Lipoprotein analysis : a practical approach

Mathematical methods for scientists and engineers : linear and nonlinear systems

Mathematical methods in electromagnetism : linear theory and applications

Metabolism of anabolic androgenic steroids

Microsoft exchange server : a guide to planning, design, and implementation

Modeling the metabolic and physiologic activities of microorganisms

Modern database systems : the object model, interoperability, and beyond

Modern UNIX

More effective C++ : 35 new ways to improve your programs and designs


Natural language understanding

Neuropeptide function in the gastrointestinal tract

New computing techniques in physics research IV : proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Expert Systems for High Energy and Nuclear Physics, April 3-8, 1995, Pisa, Italy

New light on galaxy evolution : proceedings of the 171st Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Heidelberg, Germany, June 26-30, 1995

NMR of macromolecules : a practical approach

Novell certification handbook

Parallel computational fluid dynamics : implementations and results PARALLEL COMPUTERS

Pascal and beyond: data abstraction and data structures using Turbo Pascal

Path integrals, hyperbolic spaces, and Selberg trace formulae

Physicss in collison 15: Krakow, Poland, June 8-10, 1995


Plant tissue culture: theory and practice, a revised edition

Practical UNIX programming : a guide to concurrency, communication, and multithreading

Preparations of vertebrate central nervous system in vitro

Principles of object-oriented software development

Protecting groups


Qualitative research design : an interative approach

Radiation in astrophysical plasmas

Recent advances in fish ecology, limnology, and eco- conservation

Renormalisation in area-preserving maps

Russian-English translator's dictionary : a guide to scientific and technical usage

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of biology

Spacetime and electromagnetism : an essay on the philosophy of the special theory of relativity

Stereoselective synthesis

Stochastic analysis and applications: FIFTH GREYNOG

Structured Cobol programming

Structure of solutions of differential equations : Katata/Kyoto, 1995

Techniques of Prolog programming : with implementation of logical negation and quantified goals

The aurora : sun-earth interactions


The dusty universe

The hidden universe

The infinite in the finite

The physics of charged-particle beams

The Platelet amine storage granule

Tropical deforestation and species extinction

Unsaturated fatty acids : nutritional and physiological significance : the report of the British Nutrition Foundation's task force

Using formal description techniques : an introduction to Estelle, LOTOS, and SDL

Using SGML

Visual Basic 4 how-to : the definitive Visual Basic problem-solver

Volterra- Hamilton models in the ecology and evolution of colonial organisms

Worlds in interaction : small bodies and planets of the solar system : proceedings of the meeting "Small Bodies in the Solar System and Their Interactions with the Planets" held in Mariehamn, Finland, August 8-12, 1994

2000 solved problems in electromagnetics

A collection of questions and problems in physics


Advances in Soviet mathematics

Algebraic and geometric methods in mathematical physics : proceedings of the Kaciveli Summer School, Crimea, Ukraine, 1993

An introduction to discrete mathematics, formal system specification, and Z

Cellular automata, dynamical systems, and neural networks


Communication development : foundations, processes, and clinical applications

Computational learning and probabilistic reasoning

Computation of special functions

Covering codes, perfect codes, and codes from algebraic curves

Cytochrome C : a multidisciplinary approach

Design and synthesis of organic molecules based on molecular recognition

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of astrology

Dissociative recombination : theory, experiment, and applications III

Flame chemiluminescence analysis by molecular emission cavity detection

Fundamentals of general, organic, and biological chemistry

Handbook of calculated electron momentum distributions, compton profiles, and x-ray form factors of elemental solids

Inorganic chemistry


Low-dimensional semiconductors : materials, physics, technology, devices


Mathematical programming : recent developments and applications

Methods in comparative psychoacoustics

Multiple regression : testing and interpreting interactions

NMR spectroscopy : basic principles, concepts, and applications in chemistry

Nonlinear, deformed, and irreversible quantum systems : proceedings of the International Symposium on Mathematical Physics, Arnold Sommerfeld Institute, 15-19 August 1994, Clausthal, Germany

Organic chemical nomenclature

Oxford reviews of reproductive biology

Physical and chemical weathering in geochemical cycles

Physical biochemistry : applications to biochemistry and molecular biology

Physics for scientists and engineers


Plants in human nutrition

Polymer science : recent advances

Problem solving and program design in C

Properties of amorphous silicon

Quasicrystals : a primer

Real time programming 1996 : IFAC Workshop GRAMADO,RS,BRAZIL,4-6 NOVEMBER 1996

Regression models for categorical and limited dependent variables

Rodd's Chemistry of carbon compounds; a modern comprehensive treatise

Semiconductor device physics

Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater

The cell : a molecular approach

The Chemical physics of solid surfaces and heterogeneous catalysis

The Concept of probability : proceedings of the Delphi conference, October 1987, Delphi, Greece

The elements of artificial intelligence using common LISP

The physics of speech

UNIX for the impatient

UNIX internals : a practical approach

Vector analysis

100% mathematical proof

Advanced mathematical approach to biology

Advances in photochemistry

Alkaloids, chemical and biological perspectives

Analysis of biological development

An introduction to peptide chemistry

Applied finite mathematics

A transition to advanced mathematics

Automatic parallelization for a class of regular computations



Brief calculus and its applications

Cases in medical microbiology and infectious disease

Cell volume regulation

College algebra

College algebra and trigonometry

Comparative aspects of sodium cotransport systems

Crystallography in modern chemistry : a resource book of crystal structures

Cycles of life: civilization and the biosphere

Cytotoxic T cells in HIV and other retroviral infections

Dictionary of Carbohydrates

Dictionary of natural products

Differential equations : theory and applications

Electromagnetic wave propagation through rain

Elementary technical mathematics

Encyclopedia of statistical sciences

Error analysis in numerical processes

EUROSIM '96, HPCN challenges in telecomp and telecom : parallel simulation of complex systems and large-scale applications : proceedings of the EUROSIM international conference, 10-12 June 1996, Delft, The Netherlands

Focus on human biology

Foundations of higher mathematics

Foundations of quantum group theory

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