A textbook of modern algebra

Mathematical cognition

The Physics problem solver

A animal tissue into humans

Access database design & programming

Advanced learner's dictionary of botany

Advanced learner's dictionary of computer

Applied physics: Waves, optics, electricity, magnetism, andatomic and nuclear physics

Computer Acronyms

Classical algebra

The penguin dictionary of biology

General chimistry

Mathematics for techer training: student's activities

Microbiology: A text book for university students

Physics thriugh experiment: constant and varying

Protein structure by distance analysis

Toxic cyanobacteria in water: A guide to their public health consequences, monitoring and management

Waves and oscillations

Aquatic insects of north Europe: A taxonomic handbook

Biology of plants

Dan appleman's visual basic 5.0 programmer's guide to the win32 API

Frontiers: Twentieth-century physics

Fundamental real analysis

Geomicrobiology : interactions between micribes and minerals

Investigating biology

Logic from A to z

Organic reaction mechanisms: A step by approach

Photoacoustic, photothermal, and photochemical processes in gases

Using statistics to understand the environment

Elementary algebra

Engineering mathematics

Functioning in the Real World : a precalculus exerience

Learning and teaching mathematics : an international perspective

New Perspectives on computer concepts

Palmpilot : the ultimate guide

Perspectives on solvable models : dedicated to Rittenberg on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Phenotypes : their epigenetics, ecology and evolution

Biostatistics: A Methodology for the Health sciences

Born that way: genes, behavior, personality

Ecosystems : a functional approach

Implicit Partial Differential Equations

Introductory Java for scientists and engineers

Linear algebra: ideas and application

Molecular biology and biotechnology of extremophiles

Power unseen: how microbes rule the world

Principles of peptide synthesis

Reconstructive phase transitions: in crystals and quasicrystals

Biological memory

Calculational system design

Dictionary of organometallic compounds

Evolution and animal breeding: Reviews on molecular and quantitative approaches in honour of alan robertson

Humans, computers and wizards: Analysing human(simulated) computer interaction

Jaguar development with power builder 7

Object-oriented network protocols

Paradox 7 programing unleashed

Problem in quantum mechanics

Sea bass : biology, exploitation and conservation

The neural basis of thought

The XML companion

Behavioral and metabolic Aspects of Breastfeeding: International Trends

C++ by example: object- oriented analysis, design& programming

Chemical Beam Epitaxy and Related Techniques

Developing Java entertainment applets

G proteins

Narrow Roads of Gene Land

A+: DOS/ windows study guide

Bivalved seashells of the red sea

Chemistry, energy and the environment

Crash course in PC and microcontroller technology

Exchange server 5.5 and outlook complete

Hacker proof : the ultimate guide to network security

Human - Computer interaction Interact '99 : IFIP TC. 13 International conference on human - computer interaction, 30th august - 3rd september 1999, edingburgh, UK

Kendall's advanced theory of statistics

Mastering COM and COM+

Mastering javaScript and JScript

Theory of ordinary differential equations: with applications of biology and engineering

Mastering network security

Mastering oracle7 & client/Server computing

Mastering perl 5

Mastering windows 2000 programming with visual C++

Mastering windows 98

organic chemistry : a comprehensive degreetext and source book

Vocal aging

Transact - SQL Programming

Windows CE developer's handbook

A concies introduction to the theory of integration

Flow cytometry

An introduction to natural computing

Biodiversity : an introduction

Standard integral table algebras generated by a non-real element of small degree

Cognitive neuroscience : the biology of the mind

Discover biology

Ecology of fresh waters: man and medium, past to future

Fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic, fuzzy methods with applications

Human speech : some observations, experiments, and conclusions as to the nature, origin,purpose possibel improvement of human speech

Mastering algoritgms with Perl

Membranes: specialized functions in plants

Mites : ecology, evolution, and behaviour

Comparative anatomy of vertebrates

Principles of chemistry

Riemann, Topology, and Physics

Sedimentary Environments: Processes, Facies and Stratigraphy

Simply scheme : introducing computer science

Sociobiology : the new synthesis

The analysis of variance: fixed ,random and mixed models

The simple genetic algorithm : Foundations and theory

UNIX complete

Wid fruits:Thoreau's rediscovered last manuscript

Windows 2000 server architecture planning

XML in record time

Access 2000 client/server solutions

Biology: understanding life

CCNP Cisco internetwork troubleshooting exam cram

CCNP Cisco LAN switch configuration exam cram

Chocolate and Cocoa: Health and Nutrition

Design By Numbers

Digital Visual Fortran programmer's guide

Environmental geology

Essential genetics

Foundations of algorithms: with C++ pseudocode

Game Architecture and Design

Genetic maps and human imaginations: the limits of science in understanding who we are

How the mind  works

MCSD Visual Basic 6 Desktop exam prep

Molecular evolution: a phylogenetic approach

Samba black book

The Mac OS 8.6 book

Theory and analysis of elastic plates

A guide to lasers in chemistry

Determination of organic compounds in natural and treated waters

Electron microscopy: principles and techniques for biologists

Environmental physiology of animals

Genetics of populations

Invitation to organic chemistry

multilingual dictionry of it security: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian

The science studies reader

Botany: an introduction to plant biology, 2/e

Classical and Quantum Black Holes

Contemporary readings for general biology

Crossing Platforms: a Macintosh/Windows phrasebook

Dynamic HTML : the definitive reference

Enterprise JavaBeans

IIS 4 and Proxy Server 2

Instant Notes in Ecology

Java, first contact:an introduction to the Java language and object-oriented programming

Java for students

Java Gently

Managing Microsoft Exchange server

Mastering COBOL

Mastering UML with Rational Rose

Mastering VBA 6

Melatonin and the Mammalian Pineal Gland

Mitosis and apoptosis : matters of life and death

MySQL and mSQL

Optimizing Windows for games, graphics, and multimedia

Oracle Database Administration : the essential reference

Perl in a nutshell : a desktop quick reference

Plant adaptation to environmental stress

Practical Internet groupware

Spectral theory of canonical differential systems: method of operator identities

Standards and best practice in absorption sepectrometry

Statistical modelling using GENSTAT

Systems Management Server 2

The Luteoviridage

The molecular biology of insect disease vectors : a methods manual

The practice of Bayesian analysis

Visual Basic developer's guide to ASP and IIS

Visual Basic Developer's Guide to Com and Com+

Visual Basic developer's guide to the Win32 API

Windows 2000 Active Directory

A laboratory course in C++

An introduction to human molecular genetics: mechanisms of inherited diseases

A+ practice tests exam cram

Blackwell's concise encyclopedia of ecology

CCNP advanced Cisco configuration exam cram

Computer systems

Creating mind: how the brain works

Essentials of ecology

Exam cram for NDS design and implementation CNE

Future perspectives in string theory: Strings '95: University of Southern California, USA, 13-18 March 1995

In quest of the universe, updated and enhanced web version

Java 2 exam cram

Linux install and configuration little black book

MCSD architectures exam cram

Mycobacteria: molecular biology and virulence

Network+ exam cram

Network+ practice tests exam cram

Nutritional biochemistry

Palaeobiology: A Synthesis

Rdb, a Comprehensive Guide

Statistical ecology: a population perspective

The invertebrates: a new synthesis

Windows 2000 Mac support little black book

Access to chemistry

Differential effects of antidepressants


Geodynamic evolution of sedimentary basins : proceedings of the international symposium held in moscow, may 18-23, 1992

Herbivores: Between plants and predators: the 38th symposium of the british ecological society 1997

Linux network servers

Mastering palm organizers

MCSE: Internet information server 4 study guid

Motif reference manual for motif 2.1

Plant roots : from cells to systems : proceedings of the 14th long ashton international symposium plant roots - from cells to systems, held in bristol, U.K., 13-15 September 1995

Theory and applications of fluid mechanics

Statistics and problem solving : computer - based case studies from the STEPS project

The cybercultures reader

Pheromones of non-lepidopteran insects associated with agricultural plants

Director in a nutshell : a desktop quick reference

Java Enterprise in a nutshell : a desktop quick reference

Java in a nutshell : a desktop quick reference

Learning DCOM

Learning Python

Learning Red Hat Linux

Managing Windows NT logons

Mastering algorithms with C

Mastering ColdFusion 4

Oracel PL/SQL programming : guide to Oracle8i features

Organic Chemistry

Programming embedded systems in C and C++

Programming the Be operating system

Programming web graphics with PERL and GNU software

Programming with Qt

Python programing on Win32

Quantum mechanics: an introduction

REALbasic : the definitive guide

Statistical inference : an integrated approach

Windows NT workstation configuration and maintenance

Writing Excel macros

Advanced ecological theory: principles and applications

Analysis and geometry on complex homogeneous domains

Approximation theory: moduli of continuity and global smoothess preservation

Complex analysis: fundementals of the classical theory of functions

Principles of Organic Synthesis

Ecotourism in the lass developed world

Frontiers of combining systems 2

Learning to teach science in secondary schools

Philosophy and computing: an introduction

Plant microtechnique and microscopy

Protein evolution

SAP R/3 management

Scan statistics and applications

Sciences of the earth: an encyclopedia of events, people, and phenomena

Simplicial homotopy theory

Agri - Food Quality management of fruits and vegetables

Coulor atlas of vertebrate anatomy: an integrated text and dissection guide

Solutions manual for physical chemistry

Physical organic chemistry

Experimental design techniques in statistical practice : a practical software - based approach

Java 1.2 developer's handbook

Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Units in skew fields

Abelian groups and modeles : international conference in Dublin, Agust 10-14, 1998

A colour atlas of carbonate sediments and rock under the microscope

Animal learning and cognition : an interoduction

Applied maths for engineering

Discovering mathematics with Maple : an interactive exploration for mathematicians, engineers, and econometricians

Functional analysis : spectral theory

Handbook of computational fluid mechanics

Human gene evolution

Laboratory investigations in cell biology

Mathematical analysis and proof

Non-linear hyperbolic equations in domains with conical points : existence and regularity of solutions

Nucleic acid hybridization

Open sources : voices from the open source revolution

Practical in situ hybridization

Problem-solving in conservation biology and wildlife management : exercises for class, field and laboratory

The genetical analysis of quantitative traits

A probability path

Choosing and using statistics: a biologists guide

C++ plus data structures

Enriching early scientific learning

Guide to nontraditional careers in science

Historical encyclopedia of atomic energy

Invertebrates as webmasters in ecosystems


Molecular biology LABFAX

The end of the world: the science and ethics of human extinction

The theory of learning in games

ActiveX programming with visual C++ 5

A mathematical kaleidoscope : Applications in industry, business, and science

Introduction to sports biomechanics

Introductory Linear Algebra: with applications

Managing risks of nitrates to humans and the environment

Mastering database programing with visual basic 6

Mathematica, Kurz und bundig

Problem solving analytical chemistry

Science in the making: scientific development as chronicled by historic papers in the philosophical magazine, with commentaries and illustrations

Thought and the brain

An introduction to genetic algorithms

Diversity of life: the illustrated guide to the five kingdoms

Doomsday: the science of catastrophic events

Ecological data: design, Management, and processing

Ecological impact assessment

Ecology of Arctic environments

How to build a Bewulf: a guide to the implementation and application of PC clusters

Interface technology: the leading edge

Mathematics: a simple tool for geologists

Mechanics and dynamical systems with Mathematica

Genes & genomes: a changing perspective


Palaeoweathering, palaeosurfaces, and related continental deposits

Patterns: sixteen things you should know about life

Reaction mechanisms at a glance: a stepwise approach to problem-solving in organic chemistry

Sedimentology and stratigraphy

Transport phenomeana

An introduction to inorganic chemistry

Beginning paradox for windows

Computational methods for representations of groups and algebras

Control theory: Multivariable and nonlinear methods

Human molecular genetics

Introduction to spectroscopy: a guide for students of organic chemistry

Mo lecular mechanisms of transcellular signaling from membrane receptors to transcription factors

PCR 3: PCR in situ hybridization A practical approach

Protein, Lipid and membrane traffic: pathways and targeting

Science and technology management

Science, order, and Creativity

A history of fishes (A coplete known account of fishes)

An introduction to mathematical modelling

Biological rhythms and photoperiodism in plats

Congenital malformation syndromes

Core electrodynamics

Exotic kondo effects in metals: Magnetic ions in a crystalline electric field and tunnelling centres

Genes and the environment

Gene transcription: RNA analysis

Landslides Glissements de terrain

Magnetic neutron scattering: Proceedings of the Third summer school on neutron scattering, Zuoz, Switzerland, 20-26 August 1995

Object - Oriented technology and computing systems Re-Engineering

Perspectives for electroweak interactions in e+e- collisions: Proceedings of the ringberg workshop: Ringberg castle, Germany, 5-8 february 1995

Perspectives in heavy ion physics: 2nd japan-Italy joint symposium '95: RIKEN, japan, May 22-26, 1995

Plant Cuticles: an integrated functional approach

Plants that hyperaccumulate heavy metals: their role in phytoremediation, Microbiology, Archaeology, Mineral exploration, and phytomining

Proceedings of the international conference on physics of strongly coupled plasmas: 11-15 septamber 1995, Binz/Rugen, germany

Renormalization and geometry in one-dimensional and complex dynamics

Rigorous global search: Continuous problems

Starch: Structure and Functionality

The CMS Catalog 1992/93

Topics in nonlinear dynamics: applications to physics, biology, and economic systems

Yearbook of science and the future

Accessible physics for A-level : a guided coursebook

A programmer's guide to Java certofication : a comprehensive primer

Basic ergodic theory

Crystal structures: lattices and solids in stereoview

Delta functions : an interoduction to generalised functions

Early evolution : from the first modern organisms

Engineering Chemistry

Fish and fisheries of tropical estuaries

JavaScript application cookbook

Microsotf Works [videorecording]

Molecular biomethods handbook

Nonlinear dynamics in particle accelerators

Notions and perspectives of nonlinear optics: proceedings of the third International Aalborg Summer School on Nonlinear Optics, Aalborg University, 7-12 August 1995

Organic experiments

Polarons & bipolarons

Principles and applications of geochemistry : a comprebensive textbook for geology students

SSADM and information systems procurement

Structure and structure development of A1-Zn alloys

Student solutions manual for chang's Chemistry

Teaching mathematics with insight : the identification, diagnosis and remediation of youn mathematical errors

Teach yourself Cobol in 21 days

Advanced Mechanical Vibrations

Bioethics: the ethics of evolution and genetic interference

Good practice in science teaching: what research has to say

Techniques in quantification and localization of gene expressin

Tree-ring analysis: biological, methodological and environmental aspects

Linux in a nutshell: a desktop quick reference

Microsoft exchange server in a nutshell: a desktop quick reference

UNIX in a nutshell: a desktop quick reference for system V Release 4 and solaris 7

Fundamentals of Combustion

Windows NT Server: Professional Reference

Mastering advanced pure matematics

Firewalls : 24seven

NetWare 5 24seven

Visual Basic language developer's handbook

A guide to Microsoft Excel for MBAs

Analytical molecular biology : quality and validation

Chemically modified surfaces : recent developments

Concurrent programming in Java design principles and patterns

Force-free magnetic fields : solutions, topology and applications

The biology of camel-spiders (Arachnida, Solifugae)

Geometric calculus : according to the Ausdehnungsleher of H. Grassmann

Introduction to cardinal arithmetic


Mathematica quick reference : version 2

Multimedia and communications technology

Observing global climate change

Oracle distributed systems

Oracle essentials : Oracle8 and Oracle8i

Organic synthesis : the science behind the art

Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on Frequency Standards and Metrology, 1995 : Woods Hole, Massachusetts, 15-19 October 1995

Programming with Java

Recombinant antibodies : applications in plant science and plant pathology

Relational database management with Oracel

Separation of fullerenes by liguid chromatography

Sleep, the gentle tyrant

The theory of dispersion models

The world eleven dimensions : supergavity, supermembranses, and M-thory

Thysanoptera : an identification guide

Topics in electron diffraction and microscopy of materials

Web client programming with Perl

An introduction to statistical modelling

Applications of solid phase microextraction

Conservation of fish and sheefish resources: Managing diversity

Electron density and bonding in crystals: Principles, theory and X-Ray diffraction experiments in solid state phisics and chemistry

Environmental stress and gene regulation

Experimental inorganic/ Physical chemistry: An Investigative, Integrated approach to practical project work

Fish Biology

Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers

Instant notes in chemistry for biologists

Maion types of geological maps: purpose, use, and preparation

Number theoretic methods in cryptography: Complexity lower bounds

Self - Study workbook chemistry: an integrated approach

Stochastic differential equations and their applications

The use of matrix reference materials in environmental analytical processes

Unix backup and recovery

Uses of inorganic chemistry in medicine

Visual Basic Developer's Guide to ADO

Assessing children's mathematical knowledge: social class, sex and problem-solving

Issues in teaching numeracy in primary schools

Marine botany

Molecular fungal biology

Molecular genetics of bacteria

Resampling methods: a practical guide to data analysis

The physiological basis of behaviour: neural and hormonal processes

Eclipse '99: Capture it on film

Excel for scientists and engineers

Hydration processes in biology: Theoretical and experimental approaches

Inside java 2 platform security: architecture, API design, and implementation

Integration : A functional approach

Intensional logics for programming

Learning word programming

Mammalian Anatomy: The cat

Masdtering computer programming

Nature's imagination: the frontiers of scientific vision

PC systems: Installation and naintenance

Physics of continuous media: A collection of problems with solutions for physics students

Principles of organometallic chemistry

Spatial branching processes, Random snakes and partial differential equations

SQL Server 7: 24 seven

SSADM and application packages

Statistics in human genetics

Technical Reference

Time - Scales and environmental change

Vertebrate palaeontology

Windows NT Server 4 concepts

Atomic and molecular processes : an R-matrix approach

Basic principles in transport

Biofilms in the aqatic environment

Biomemberane structures

Collective modes in homogeneous plasma : Kinetic and advanced fluid theory

Engineering Maths

Human cross-sectional anatomy: poket atlas of body sections and CT images

Microscale chemistry

Oracle 8i data warehousing

Paryicle astrophysics

Programmed cell death in animals and plants

Programming the Perl DBI

Reusable components for knoeledge modelling : case studies in parametric design problem solving

Statistical regression with measurement error

The chemistry of polymers

String theory and the Real World: From particle physics to astrophysics: Ecole d'ete physique des Houches Session LXXXVII, 2 July-27 July 2007

The Oskar Klein centenary: proceedings of the symposium, 19 - 21 September 1994, Stockholim, Sweden

Thomas' calculus

Traces and determinants of linear operators

Aerosol particle size analysis: good calibration practices

Biology of plant-microbe interactions: proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, Knoxville, Tennessee, July 14-19, 1996

Calculus for college students

Collecting plant genetic diversity: technical guidelines

Core maths GCSE

Developments in general relativity, astrophysics and quantum theory

Dynamics and methods of study of sedimentary basins

the Smallest Biomolecules: diatomics and their interactions with heme proteins

McGraw-Hill dictionary of science and engineering

Student study guide/Solutions manuals to accompany general, organic, and biochemistry, third edition

Arsenic in Soil and Groundwater Environment: biogeochemical interactions, health effects and remediation

Mathematical modelling: teaching and assessment in a technology-rich world

Meteorology for scientists and engineers

Molecular systematics and plant evolution

Multicomponent Flow Modeling

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