Multilingual illustrated dictionary of aquatic animals and plants

Numbers and proofs

Power Visual Basic with developer's library

The opacity of spiral disks

Advances in computing from biochips to neural networks

An introduction to computable languages and abstract machines

An introduction to reuse

Applications of hydrogen peroxide and derivatives

Dynamic HTML: master the essentials

Harper's biochemistry

LINUX Installation, configuration, and use

Molecular neuroscience

New modular science for GCSE

Open Source development with CVS

Oracle SAP Administration

Solaris guide for windows NT administrators

Foundations and Appliations of Mehanics

Upgrading to windows 98

Animal toxins : facts and protocols

Body mass index: a measure of chronic energy deficiency in aduits

Dynamic impulse systems : theory and applications

High pressure bioscience and biotechnology : proceedings of the International Conference on High Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology, Kyoto, Japan, November 5-9, 1995

Infection and immunity

Instant notes in genetics

Latent variable models and factor analysis

Method performance studies for speciation analysis

Methods for structure elucidation by high-resolution NMR : applications to organic molecules of moderate molecular weight

Ordinary differential equations and applications : methematical methods for applied mathematications, physicists, engineers, bioscientists

Practical liquid chromatography : an introduction

Quantum systems in chemistry and physics : trends in methods applications

Resolution of singularities : a research textbook in tribute to Oscar Zariski : based on the course the working week in Obergurgi, Austria, Sptember

Science today : problem or crisis?

Problem Solvers Mechanics

Supported reagents and catalysts in chemistry

TCL/TK in a nutshell : a desktop quick reference

Teaching and learning mathematics : a teacher's guide to recent research

Dictionary of mathematics

The Higgs puzzle--what can we learn from LEP2, LHC, NLC, and FMC? : proceedings of the Ringberg Workshop : Ringberg Castle, Germany, 8-13 December 1996

Stem Cells and Disease

Win32 API programming with Visual Basic

Blind watchers of the sky: the people and ideas that shaped our view of the universe

An introduction to microbiology

BASIC for beginners

Basic principles of inorganic chemistry: Making the connections

Current perspectives in human physiology: Selected readings

Escherichia coli in domestic animals and humans

Introduction to light microscopy

MCQs in Human physiology (Basic and Applied)

Probability and Statistics

Problems & Solutions of Engineering Electromagnetics

Progress in computational physics of mater : Method, Software and applications

Protecting groups in organic synthesis

Seeking Ultimates: an Intuitive guide to physics

Shelf life evaluation of foods

Surface analysis with STM and AFM: Experimental and theoretical aspects of image analysis

synthesis of organometallic compounds: a practical guide

Practical handbook of spectroscopy

10 minute guide to Activex control pad

Admissibility of Logical Inference Rules

Adobe Acrobat 4.0

Advanced space plasma physics

Asymptotic theory of nonlinear regression

Building Qos into Distributed Systems: IFIP TC6 WG6.1 fifth international workshop on Quality of Service (IWQOS'97), 21-23 may 1997, New York, USA

By-products of the cane sugar industry: an introduction to their industrial utilization

Handbook of Soil Fungi

CORD biology: seience in context

Cytogenetics of Animals

Information security in research and business: proceedings of the IFIP TC 11 13th international conference on Information Security (SEC'97): 14-16 May 1997, Copenhagen, Denmark

Molecular mechanisms of immune responses in insects

Peptidergic G Protein-Coupled Receptors: From Basic Research to Clinical Applications

Progress in heterocyclic chemistry

Protocols, Servers and Projects for Multimedia Realtime Systems

Study guide, Chemical principles, third edition, Steven S. Zumdahl

The comparative physiology of regulatory peptides

A history of molecular biology

Information systems interoperability

Scientific realism: how science tracks truth

Advances in ion exchange for industry and research

A guide to neural computing applications

Applications and compution of orthogonal poliynomials Oberwolfach, Germany, March 22-28, 1998

Combustion and flames : chemical and physical principles

Digestive system physiology

Human genome Evolution

Methods of fractture mechanics : solid matter physics

The assessment challenge in statistics education

The Nutrition Society 1941-1991

Encyclopaedia of Atomic Physics

Acid atmospheric deposition and its effects on terrestrial ecosystems in the Netherlands/the third and final phase (1991-1995)

Advances in laser interaction with matter and intertial fusion, Madrid, Spain 3-7 June, 1996

An introduction to tropical rain forests

Chemical applications of molecular modelling

Differential equations

Geometry and integrable models : proceedings of the workshop, Dubna, Russia, 4-8 October 1994

Hard real-time computing systems : predictable sceduling algorihms and applications

Pilot plants and scale-up of chemical processes

Plasma astrophysics and cosmology : the second IEEE International Workshop, Princeton, New Jersey, May 10-12,1993

Robust nonparametric statistical methods

Solutions manual for electrical properties of materials

Statistical inference for diffusion type processes

Aquatic Environment and Toxicology

The impact at chaso on science and society

Warping to the Internet

Advances in contemporary logic and computer science: proceedings of the Eleventh Brazilian Conference on Mathematical Logic, May 6-10, 1996, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Advances in stochastic inequalities: ASM Special Session on Stochastic Inequalities and their Applications, October 17-19, 1997, Georgia Institute of Technology

An introduction to nonlinear chemical dynamics: oscillations, waves, patterns and chaos

Applications of curves over finite fields: 1997 AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference on Applications of Curves over Finite Fields, July 27-31, 1997, University of Washington, Seattle

Approximating integrals via Monte Carle and deterministic methods

Beginning and intermediate algebra with graphing calculators: an integrated approach

Biodeterioration and biodegradation: papers of the 10th International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Symposium, Hamburg, 15-18 September, 1996

Biogenesis: theories of life's origin

Classification and orbit equivalence relations

Concepts in biochemistry

Confinement 95: International RCNP Workshop, Japan, March 22-24, 1995

Crystal structure determination

Design and analysis in chemical research

Ecology: individuals, populatios and communities

Ecology of coastal waters: with implications for management

Effective medium theory: principles and applications

External memory algorithms: DIMACS Workshop External Memory Algorithms and Visualization, May 20-22, 1998

Extraction methods in organic analysis

Finite mathematics: practical applications

Fundamentals of aquatic ecology

Interactive statistics

Introduction to ecotoxicology

Introduction to programming using SML

Language and communication: essential concepts for user interface and documentation design

Optimal control of distributed systems: theory and applications

Plant biology

Recent developments in quantum affine algebras and related topics: representations of affine and quantum affine algebras and their applications, North Carolina State University, May 21-24, 1998

Salmonid fishes: population biology, genetics and management

The diversity of fishes

The evolution of avian breeding systems

Triple systems

World savannas: ecology and human use

Applied partial differential equations

Asymptotic analysis of fields in multi - Structures

Basic Mathematics for biochemists

Complete solution guide chemistry

Complex hyperbolic geometry

Complex variables and their applications

Computer studies GCSE

CRC handbook of tables for order statistics from inverse gaussian distributions with applications

Economic keystones: the weight system of the kingdom of judah

Exploitable marine ecosystems: their behaviour and management: the nature and dynamics of marine ecosystems: their productivity, bases for fisheries, and management

Fibring logics

Filemaker Pro 4 for windows and macintosh

Large scale ecology and conservation biology: the 35th symposium of the british ecological society with the society for conservation biology, university of southampton, 1993

Learning mathematics: from hierarchies to networks

Lipids in health and nutrition

Mathematical statistics

Encyclopaedia of Oscillations and Waves

Organoselenium chemistry: A practical approach

Reusable components for knowledge modelling: Case studies in parametric design problem solving

Stress physiology in animals

The crayfish: its nature and nuture

The data warehouse challeng: taming data chaos

Using delphi 2

1997 3rd international conference on algorithms and architectures for parallel processing: ICApp/97: Melbourne, Australia. December 10-12, 1997

Adrenoceptors: molecular biology, biochemistry, and pharmacology

Advances in hardware design and verification: IFLA TC WG 10.5 International conference on correct hardware and verification methods, 16-18 October 1997, montreal, Canada

Algorithmic languages and calculi: IFLA TC2 WG2.1 International workshop on algorithmic languages and calculi 17-22 february 1997, Alsace, france

Automating SSADM projects: Including guidance for suppliers

Biodiversity assessment: a guide to good practice

Charge sensitivity approach to electronic structure and chemical reactivity

A textbook of plant ecology

Contributions to high - Temperature plasma physics


Current perspectives in geology

Data management standards

Decision and discrete mathematics: maths for decision - Making in business and industry

Estimating on an SSADM project

Four articles on forest

ICCIMA 1998, International conference on computational intelligence and multimedia applications 1998

Advances in computing science - ASIAN 2000: 6th Asian Computing Science Conference, Penang, Malaysia, November 2000: proceedings

Isozymes in plant biology

Lake tanganyika and its life

Physics of accretion disks advection, radiation and magnetic fields

Recent advances in carbohydrate bioengineering

Robert of chester's (?) redaction of euclid's elements, the so-called adelard II version

Solutions manual to sccompany The elements of physical chemistry

The bird: Master of flight

Unbiased stereologyL three dimensional measurement in microscopy

Basic Biophysics: for biologists

The nature and causes of climate change: assessing the long-term future

Clostridium botulinum: a practical approach to the organism and its control in foods

Current topics in astrofundamental physics: primordial cosmology

Degradable polymers: principles and applications

Direct numerical simulation for turbulent reacting flows

Elastic waves in solids with applications to nondestructive testing of pipelines

Fish biology in Japan: an anthology in honour of Hiroya Kawanabe

Formal methods for open object-based distributed systems

Fundamentals Biochemistry

Hamlyn photographic guide to the waders of the world


Hormones, brain and behaviour in vertebrates: proceedings of the International Conference on Hormones, Brain and Behaviour, Liege, August 18-22, 1989

Introduction to Modern Physics

Organic laboratory techniques

Encyclopaedia of Reptiles

Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Calorimetry in High Energy Physics: Brookhaven National Laboratory, September 25-October 1, 1994

Qualitative analysis: a guide to best practics

Quality control testing of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia live attenuated vaccine: standard operating procedures

Resonance ionization spectroscopy 1992: proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy and Its Applications held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 24-29 May 1992

Singular solutions and perturbations in control systems: a proceedings volume from the IFAC workshop, pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia, 7-11 July 1997

Spectroscopy of biological molecules: modern trends

Stable isotopes: integration of biological, ecological and geochemical processes

Statistics of knots and entangled random walks

The HACCP Systems Manual

The physics of structurally disordered matter: an introduction

The XVI RCNP Osaka International Symposium on Multi-GeV High-Performance Accelerators and Related Technology: Osaka, 12-14 March 1997

3rd World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis : proceedings of the 3rd World Congress on Oxidation Cata San Diego, CA, U.S.A., 21-26 Septamber 1997

Astrophysical jets: proceedings of the Astrophysical Meeting Baltimore May 12-14


Molecular embryology: how molecules give birth to animals

Computional statistics & data analysis

Experimental gravitation : proceedings of the International Symposium on Experimental Gravitation, 26 June - 2 July 1993, Nathigali, Pakistan

Formal description techniques and protocol specification, testing and verification

Frontiers of accelerator technology : proceedings of the Joint US-CERN-Japan International School, Maui, Hawaii, USA, 3-9 November 1994

Fuzzy systems toolbox for use with MATLAB

Group IV heterostructures, physics, and devices (Si, Ge, C, [alpa]-An) of Symposium D or IV Heterostructures, Physics, and Devices (Si, Ge, C, [alpha]-Sn) of the 1996 E-MRS Spring Conference, Strasbourg, France, June 4-7, 1996

Hemopoietic growth factors and mononuclear phyagocytes

Human-Computer interaction : Interact '97, IFIP TC13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 14th-18th July 1997, Sydney, Australia

Ideals and realiteies : selected essays of Abdus Salam

Infection, polymorphism, and evolution

Information security handbook

Instrumental mathods of chemical analysis

Encyclopaedia of Echinodermata

Integrated systems of the CNS

Integrity and internal controls in information systems

Molecular chaperones

Physical chemistry for the biomedical sciences

Physics with Gev-particle beams : proceedings of the International Conference : Foreschungszentrum Julich 22-25 Agust 1994

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Electro-Rheological Fluids, Magneto-Rheological Suspensions, and Associated Technology : Shffield, UK, July 1995

Software quality : analysis and quidelines for success

Spatial multimedia and virtual reality

The Golgi apparatus

A colour atlas of poisonous fungi: a handbook for pharmacists, doctors, and biologists

Analytical geometry of two and three dimensions and vector analysis

Astronomy through the ages: the story of the human attempt to understand the universe

Computers: from logic to architecture

CRC handbook of nucleobase complexes: transition metal complexes of naturally occurring nucleobases and their derivatives

Dominant's advanced dictionary of physics

Dry coastal ecosystems

Golden differential calculus

Infinity's science encyclopedia

Plant physiology

Practical applications of plant molecular biology

Probiotics 2: Applications and practical aspects

Proceedings of the 10th international congress on thermal analysis: Hatfield, UK, August 24-28, 1992

Selected topics in mathematical physics

The wiley COBOL syntax reference guide: with IBM and VAX enhancements

Tours symposium on nuclear physics

Ultrahigh - Pressure mineralogy: physics and chemistry of the earth's deep interior

Water environment and pollution

CP violation and the limits of the standard model: proceedings of the 1994 Theoretical Advanced Study Institute in Elementary Particle Physics, TASI-94, University of Colorado at Bousder, 29 May - 24 June 1994

Current perspectives in biology

Elementary statistics: a step-by-step approach

Environmental pollution and plant responses

Food macromolecules and colloids

Molecular nanostructures: proceedings of the International Winterschool on Electronic Properties of Materials

Molecular tools for screening biodiversity: plants and animals

Plant biochemistry and molecular biology

Plant variation and evolution

Precalculus: functions and graphs: a graphing approach

Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Quasicrystals: Yamada Conference XLVII: Tokyo, Japan 26-30 May 1997

Proceedings of the second International A.D. Sakharov Conference on Physics: Moscow, Russia 20-24 May 1996

Quantitative aspects of ruminant digestion and metabolism

Precalculus with limits : a graphing approach

Trapped charged partcles and related fundamental physyics : proceedings of Nobel Symposium 91, Lysekil, Sweden, August 19-26, 1994

1997 Annual Meeting of the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society - NAFIPS: September 21-24, 1997, Syracuse, New York, U.S.A.

Computer operations

Dasycladales: an illustrated monograph of a fascinating algal order

Data analysis in astronomy: proceedings of the Fifth Workshop: Ettore Majorana Center for Scientific Culture, Erice, Italy, 27 October-3 November, 1996

Degrees of freedom: living in dynamic boundaries

Dicoordinated carbocations

Differentiable functions on bad domains

Differential equations, using the HP-48 G/GX

Double-beta decay and related topics: proceeding of the International Workshop held at European Centre for Theoretical Studies (ECT*), Trento, Italy, April 24-May 5, 1995

Double layers: potential formation and related nonlinear phenomena in plasmas

Dynamic biological organization: fundamentals as applide to cellular systems

Electron microscopy of plant cells

Elsevier's dictionary of information technology: in English, German and French

Energy methods in continuum mechanics: proceedings of the Workshop on Energy Methods for Free Boundary Problems in Continuum Mechanics, held in Oviedo, Spain, March 21-23, 1994

Evolution of geological structures in micro- to macro-scales

FAO species identification sheets for fishery purposes: eastern Indian Ocean (fishing area 51)

Fault-tolerant parallel and distributed systems

Genetic algorithms in search, optimization, and machine learning

Global dynamical properties of Lotka-Volterra systems

Glycoproteins and disease

Magmatism in relation to diverse tectonic settings

Mastering physics

Microsoft active platform sourcebook

Migrating from Novell NetWare to Windows NT Server 4

Modern atomic and nuclear physics

Modern problems in computational aerohydrodynamics

Motion analysis of living cells

Multimedia systems and applications

Multiple bonds and low coordination in phosphorus chemistry

New developments on fundamental problems in quantum physics

Object-oriented methods

Polynomial operator equations in abstract spaces and applications

Practical skills in biomolecular sciences

Primary photoexcitations in conjugated polymers: molecular exciton versus semiconductor band model

SanFrancisco design patterns: blueprints for business software

System identification (SYSID' 94): a postprint volume from the IFAC symposium, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4-6 July 1994

The hippocampus: functions and clinical relevance: proceedings of the satellite symposium of the Fourth IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience, Kyoto, Japan, 15-16 July, 1995


Computer viruses : What they are, how they work, and how toavoid them

Opimal Ttansportation and Action-Minimizing Measures

Dynamics of surfaces and reaction kinetics in heterogeneous Catalysis : proceedings of the international symposium, Antwerp, Belgium, September 15-17, 1997

Echinoderm Research 1995

Ecology of shallow lakes

Electron crystallography

Examining the examinations : an inthematics examinations for college-bound students

Fast parallel algorithms for graph matching problems

Finding mutations : the basics

Fragmentation phenomena : proceedings of workshop, Lee Houches, 12-17 April 1993

Frontiers of nuclear structure physics : proceedings of the International Symposium held in honor of Akito Arima, Tokyo, Japan 2-5 March, 1994

Gratings, mirrors, and slits : beamline design for soft X-ray synchrotron radiation sources

Higher algebra

Indexing techniques for advanced database systems

Interpolation theory and its applications

Making its mark : proceedings of the seventh ECMWF Workshop on the Use of Parallel Processors in Meteorology, Reading, UK, November 2-6, 1996

Memory architecture & parallel access

Moduli of supersingular abelian varieties

Randomization, bootstrap and Monte Carlo methods in biology

The healthy software project : a guide to successful development and management

Vedic mathematics

The Molecular Solid State

The nature of science in science education : rationales and strategies

Toxic impacts of wastes on the aquatic environment

C++ for Java programmers

Database programming languages: deductive, functional, persistent and object-orientated approaches

Ecologists and ethical judgements

Ecology and management of tidal marshes: a model from the Gulf of Mexico

Entomology, ecology, and agriculture: the making of scientific careers in North America, 1885-1985

Experiments in physiology

General systems theory: an introduction

Genetics problem solving guide

Geometric sums: bounds for rare events with applications: risk analysis, reliability, queueing

Higher mathematics; textbook for technical schools

Introduction to polymers

Introductory mathematics for the life sciences

Mechanical and thermophysical properties of polymer liquid crystals

Multiple choice questions in anatomy for the FRCS

Nerves and mechanoreceptors: the role of innervation in the development and maintenance of mammalian mechanoreceptors

Nonlinear ill-posed problems

Object-oriented design for temporal GIS

Operating System/2 systems migration considerations, Release 1.0

Parallel computational fluid dynamics: algorathms and results using advanced computers: proceedings of the Parallel CFD'96 Conference, Capri, Italy, May 20-23, 1996

Particle physics

Particles and cosmology, Baksan Valley, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia, 20-26 April 1995

Philosophical aspects of information systems

Physics and Chemistry for Nurses

Practical astronomy: a user-friendly handbook for skywatchers

Practical Zoology

Precambrian ore deposits of the East European and Siberian cratons

Principles of renal physiology

Problems and solutions in theoretical and mathematical physics

Proceedings of the Conference on Perspectives in Hadronic Physics: ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 12-16 May, 1997

Proceedings of the first workshop on nonlinear physics, theory and experiment: nature, structure and properties of nonlinear phenomena: Le Siernuse, Gallipoli (Lecce), Italy, June 29-July 7, 1995

Proceedings of the Symposium on Flavor-Changing Neutral Currents: Present and Future Studies: Santa Monica, California, February 19-21, 1997

Proof theory and automated deduction

Recombination variability and evolution: algorithms of estimation and population-genetic models

Selectivity and optimization in capillary electrophoresis

Smalltalk in brief: introduction to object-oriented software development

Solar flares and collisions between current-carrying loops: types and mechanisms of solar flares and coronal loop heating

Spillover and migration of surface species on catalysts: proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Spillover, Dalian, China, September 15-18, 1997

Statistical evidence: a likelihood paradigm

Teaching and learning mathematical modelling: innovation, investigation, and applications

Telecourse student guide for Universe: the infinite frontier

Theoretical and applied mechanics 1996: proceedings of the XIXth International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Kyoto, Japan, 25-31 August 1996

Transfiniteness for graphs, electrical networks, and random walks

A guide to fortran IV programming

A world - View of physics: unesco university foundation course in phisics

Ecosystem diversity and carbon sequestraion: climate change challenges and a way out of ushering in a sustainable future

Climatic variation in earth history

Collected Works

Computation of atomic processes: A handbook for the ATOM programs

Cosmology: the origin and evolution of cosmic structure

Essential MATLAM for scientists and engineers

Evolutionary change: toward a systemic theory of development and maldevelopment

Exploring the real numbers

Identification of freshwater diatoms from live material

Information retrieval systems: theory and implementation

Introductory statistics with systat

Learning SAS in the computer lab


Parallel computing: State-of-the-art and perspectives

Protons and muons in materials science

Radioactive and stable isotope geology

Resource competition

Software projects: Evolutionary vs . big-bang delivery

Superconducting glass-ceramics in Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O: Fabrication and its application

Symbols and meanings inschool mathematics

Techniques in applied microbiology

The capped langur in bangladesh: Behavioral ecology and reproductive tactics

The potential effects of ozone depletion in the united kingdom

The Sun-Earth system

Windows NT training guide

An introduction to the physics of semiconductor devices

Before the backbone: views on the originof the vertebrates

Calculus and its applications

Calculus: early transcendentals

Chemical thermodynamics for earth scientists

Contemporary chemical analysis

Data warehouse: practical advice from the experts


Enviroment on file

Foundations of physiological psychology

High-performance computing

Index data structures in object-oriented databases

Linear differential and difference equations: a systems approach for mathematicians and engineers

Memory: systems, process, or fuction?

Modern geometries

Molecular modeling and dynamics of bioinorganic systems

Open electromagnetic waveguides

Oxford handbook of nucleic acid structure

Reaction mechanisms of inorganic and organometallic systems

Resonances, instability, and irreversibility

SQL: step-by-step

The essence of computig projects: a student's guide

The estimation of the time since death in the early postmortem period

The growing fungus

Tropical forest ecology: a view from Barro Colorado Island

Analytical morphology : theory, applications, and protocols

Cell Growth, Differentiation and senesence: a practical approach

Cell separation: a practical approach

Disciplined programming using Pascal

Index Kewensis: supplement nineteen names of seed-bearing plants at the rank of family and below

Information processing in cells and tissues

In situ hybridization : principles and practice

Near field optics and nanoscopy

Neuromorphic systems engineering : neural networks in sillicon

Probability theory and mathematical statistics : proceedings of the seventh Japan-Russia symposium : Tokyo, 26-30 July 1995

Prokaryotic Gene Expression

Prospects in mathematics

Reptiles and herbivory

S. Chandrasekhar : the man behind the legend

Seismicity associated with mines, reservoirs, and fluid injections

Species : the units of biodiversity

Structure and retention in chromatography : a chemometric approach

The biochemistry of the nucleic acids

The quality challenge : software quality management V

Thery meets experiment : proceedings of the Johns Hopkins Workshop on Current Problems in Particel theory 18, Florence, 1994 (August 31-September 2)

Topics in Disordered Systems

Trends in probability and related analysis : proceedings of SAP '96 : National Taiwan University, 18-22 November, 1996

Vistas for geodesy in the new millennium: IAG 2001 Scientific Assembly, Budapest, Hungary, September 2-7, 2001

A dictionary computing

Algorithms and data structures: an approach in C

Algorithms in C++

Computer concepts

Concepts of programming languages

Concurrent programming: the java programming language

Discrete mathematics

Dynamics of cell division

Energy for animal life

Eukaryotic DNA Replication: a prectical approach

Vertical reference systems: IAG symposium, Cartagena, Colombia, February 20-23, 2001

Foundations of knowledge systems: with applications to databases and agents

Fundamentals of general, organic, and biological chemistry

Fusion, a voyage through the plasma universe

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