Nanoparticles: from theory to application

Handbook of infrared spectroscopy of ultrathin films

Multilayer thin films: sequential assembly of nanocomposite materials

Encyclopedia of spectroscopy and spectrometry

Modern spectroscopy

Fourier transforms in spectroscopy

Femtosecond laser spectroscopy

Handbook of particle physics

Optical properties of photonic crystals

Analytical atomic spectrometry with flames and plasmas

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: an introduction to principles, applications, and experimental methods

A complete introduction to modern NMR spectroscopy

Analytical electrochemistry

Chemical bonding and molecular geometry: from Lewis to electron densities

Fundamentals of quantum chemistry: molecular spectroscopy and modern electronic structure computations

Structure elucidation by NMR in organic chemistry: a practical guide

Introduction to colloid and surface chemistry

Molecular biology problem solver: a laboratory guide

Bionanotechnology: lessons from nature

Vi IMproved, Vim

Protein-ligand interactions, structure and spectroscopy: a practical approach

Molecular mechanisms of programmed cell death

Oxygen transport to tissue XXI

Calcium: the molecular basis of calcium action in biology and medicine

Computational and evolutionary analysis of HIV molecular sequences


Artificial intelligence and integrated intelligent information systems: emerging technologies and applications

Biomolecular computation for bionanotechnology

Data mining VII: data, text, and web mining and their business applications

Environmental statistics: methods and applications

Cellulose and cellulose derivatives: molecular characterization & its applications

Environmental colloids and particles: behaviour, separation, and characterisation

Environmental sedimentology

Cliffsquickreview earth science

Styles of continental contraction

Environmental biology for engineers and scientists

The ethics of inheritable genetic modification: a dividing line?

Genes in conflict: the biology of selfish genetic elements

Integrated genomics: a discovery-based laboratory course

Bacterial ion channels and their eukaryotic homologs

Strategies for two-dimensional crystallization of proteins using lipid monolayers

Biomacromolecules: introduction to structure, function and informatics

Petroleum microbiology

Microbial hazard identification in fresh fruit and vegetables

Revenge of the microbes: how bacterial resistance is undermining the antibiotic miracle

Neural networks for applied sciences and engineering: from fundamentals to complex pattern recognition

Critical infrastructure protection in homeland security: defending a networked nation

Introduction to fuzzy systems

Essential forensic biology

The bacterial chromosome

Ecobiology of polluted waters

Essentials of stem cell biology

Protein targeting, transport & translocation

Structural biology of membrane proteins

Glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3) and its inhibitors: drug discovery and development

Archaea: evolution, physiology, and molecular biology

Environmental microbiology: principles and applications

Structural biology of bacterial pathogenesis

Evolution of microbial pathogens

Phages: their role in bacterial pathogenesis and biotechnology

Viruses and the evolution of life

A UML pattern language

Principles of applied statistics

A history of the Royal Society, with memoirs of the presidents

The philosophy of natural history

Atlas of immunology

Recent advances in algorithms and combinatorics

Control theory for linear systems

Principles of geochemistry

Geoecology of Antarctic ice-free coastal landscapes

Fire and Climatic Change in Temperate Ecosystems of the Western Americas

An Introduction to the Embryology of angiosperms

Methods in Plant tissue culture

Survival strategies of annual desert plants

Functions of bounded variation and free discontinuity problems

Seismic motion, lithospheric structures, earthquake and volcanic sources: the Keiiti Aki volume

Counting: the art of enumerative combinatorics

Nuclear physics: theory and experiment

Structures and energies of polycyclic hydrocarbons

Polymer science

Molecular modelling: principles and applications

Handbook of surface and colloid chemistry

The complete idiot's guide to vitamins and minerals

Annual reports on NMR spectroscopy

New techniques in solid-state NMR

Advanced ESR methods in polymer research

Biodiversity loss and conservation in fragmented forest landscapes: the forests of montane Mexico and temperate South America

Molecular and cellular biophysics

Human embryonic stem cells

Behavioral ecology of insect parasitoids: from theoretical approaches to field applications

The incredible shrinking bee: insects as models for microelectromechanical devices

Novel NMR and EPR techniques

Climate and hydrology in mountain areas

Tectonic geomorphology of mountains: a new approach to paleoseismology

Volcano deformation: geodetic monitoring techniques

Fundamentals of structural geology

Methods in molecular biophysics: structure, dynamics, function

Biodiversity under threat

Methods in helio- and asteroseismology

Advanced fluid mechanics

Insect conservation biology: proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society's 23nd symposium

Essentials of organic chemistry: for students of pharmacy, medicinal chemistry and biological chemistry

The Chemical physics of solid surfaces

Mathematical modeling of biological systems

Molecular and cellular biophysics

Estuarine ecohydrology

For love of insects

Insect Hormones: Vitamins and Hormones Advances in Research and Application

Principles of biomechanics & motion analysis

CCN proteins: a new family of cell growth and differentiation regulators

Vitamin D handbook: structures, synonyms, and properties

Drinking in context: patterns, interventions, and partnerships

Attachment devices of insect cuticle

The identities of membrane steroid receptors: ... and other proteins mediating nongenomic steroid action

Evolution of the insects

Genes IX

Applied statistics with SPSS

Electromagnetic Phenomena Related To Earthquakes and volcanoes

From embryology to evo-devo: a history of developmental evolution

The biology of streams and rivers

Ecohydrology: Darwinian expression of vegetation form and function

Bivalve Molluscs: Biology, Ecology and ulture

Chemistry for the life sciences

Basic 1H- and 13C-NMR spectroscopy

Fragmentation in semi-arid and arid landscapes: consequences for human and natural landscapes

Protein Evolution

Vitamins and minerals Demystified

Food, fermentation, and micro-organisms

Biophysical analysis of membrane proteins: investigating structure and function

Deep-water processes and facies models: implications for sandstone petroleum  reservoirs

Sturgeons and paddlefish of North America

Optimal solution of nonlinear equations

Internationalisation and globalisation in mathematics and science education

Biodiversity: new leads for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries

Multiplicity yours: cloning, stem cell research, and regenerative medicine

Charting the topic maps research and applications landscape :first International Workshop on Topic Maps Research and Applications, TMRA 2005, Leipzig, Germany, October 6-7, 2005: revised selected papers

Human embryology and developmental biology

Dictionary of modern biology

Fluxes of carbon, water, and energy of European forests

Biology of aging

DNA methylation and cancer

Developments in robust statistics: International Conference on Robust Statistics 2001

Mathematical logic: a course with exercises

Advanced statistics from an elementary point of view

The open sea: its natural history

Applied biophysics: a molecular approach for physical scientists

Seaweed invasions: a synthesis of ecological, economic, and legal imperatives

Protein structure prediction: concepts and applications

Leonid storm research

Practical thermocouple thermometry

Remote sensing and climate change: the role of earth observation

Flow cytometry for research scientists: principles and applications

Resorcinol: chemistry, technology, and applications

Gene cloning: principles and applications

Functional foods, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes

Handbook of food spoilage yeasts

Analysis of aircraft responses to atmospheric turbulence: proefschrift

Timely Research Perspectives in Carbohydrate chemistry

Molecular Marine Microbiology

Gene cloning and DNA analysis: An Introduction

Effective software project management

Molecular modeling in heavy hydrocarbon conversions

Seismic signatures and analysis of reflection data in anisotropic media

Microbiology of extreme soils

Multiscale analysis of complex time series: integration of chaos and random fractal theory, and beyond

Hydrodynamics of free surface flows: modelling with the finite element method

The geology of the Everglades and adjacent areas

The metabolism and molecular physiology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Yeast gene analysis

Principles of the magnetic methods in geophysics

World in transition

Forest diversity and function: temperate and boreal systems

Advances in applied microbiology

Artificial Intelligence: Critical concepts

Principles of distributed database systems

A beginner's guide to graph theory

Developing a social psychology of monkeys and apes

Agro's Dictionary of microbiology

Cutting edge chemistry

Linear functional analysis

Physical chemistry

Biological principles: a critical study

Analyzing chromosomes

Genetically engineered viruses: development and applications

Mathematics unlimited: 2001 and beyond

Neural and adaptive systems: fundamentals through simulations

Backup and restore practices for Sun Enterprise servers

Introduction to liquid state physics

Substorms-4: International Conference on Substorms-4, Lake Hamana, Japan, March 9-13, 1998

International Marine's weather predicting simplified: how to read weather charts and satellite images

complete chemistry

International handbook of earthquake and engineering seismology

Statistical genetics of quantitative traits: linkage, maps, and QTL

Forest ecosystems: analysis at multiple scales

Dictionary of biological psychology

e-Data: turning data into information with data warehousing

Fundamentals of quantum chemistry

Crystalline cellulose and cellulose derivatives: characterization and structures

MCTS self-paced training kit (exam 70-640): configuring Windows server 2008 active directory

Neural mechanisms of color vision: double-opponent cells in the visual cortex

Enzymes: a practical introduction to structure, mechanism, and data analysis

Delivering successful projects with TSP and Six Sigma: a practical guide to implementing Team Software Process

Numerical modeling of coupled phenomena in science and engineering: practical uses and examples

Nonlinear magnetization dynamics in nanosystems

Earthquakes and volcanoes

Physical biology of the cell

Chromosome nanoscience and technology

Marine products for healthcare: functional and bioactive nutraceutical compounds from the ocean

Type-2 fuzzy logic: theory and applications

Deep impact as a world observatory event: synergies in space, time, and wavelength: proceedings of the ESO/VUB conference held in Brussels, Belgium, 7-10 August 2006

The cosmic microwave background

Relativistic collisions of structured atomic particles

U-X-L encyclopedia of weather and natural disasters

Columns for gas chromatography: performance and selection

Physical chemistry of solid-gas interfaces: concepts and methodology for gas sensors development

Fundamentals of physical volcanology

Gastrointestinal system

Atmospheric science for environmental scientists

Natural products: essential resources for human survival

Handbook of functional dairy products

Geochemical sediments and landscapes

History of shock waves, explosions and impact: a chronological and biographical reference

Introduction to condensed matter physics

Quantum theory of high-energy ion-atom collisions

Selected Maerial from Biology

Fuzzy systems engineering: toward human-centric computing

Thermodynamics: fundamentals for applications

Unravelling the algae :the past, present, and future of algal systematics

Chemical thermodynamics at a glance

Introduction to linear algebra with applications

Advances in atomic, molecular, and optical physics

Introduction to modern thermodynamics

Sedimentary processes, environments, and basins: a tribute to Peter Friend

In silico: 3D animation and simulation of cell biology with Maya and MEL

Quantum gases in quasi-one-dimensional arrays

In search of the Riemann zeros: strings, fractal membranes and noncommutative spacetimes

The Yaws handbook of thermodynamic properties for hydrocarbons and chemicals: Heat capacities, enthalpies of formation, gibbs energies of formation, entropies,...

Fundamentals of gas dynamics

How the earthquake bird got its name and other tales of an unbalanced nature

Linear systems: optimal and robust control

Optical imaging techniques in cell biology

Supersymmetry and string theory: beyond the standard model

Modular forms and string duality

Numerical methods for engineers and scientists: an introduction with applications using MATLAB

Introduction to paleobiology and the fossil record

Continuum mechanics: elasticity, plasticity, viscoelasticity

Time and thermodynamics

Formation and applications of the sedimentary record in arc collision zones

Sedimentary provenance and petrogenesis: perspectives from petrography and geochemistry

Introduction to linear algebra with applications

String cosmology: modern string theory concepts from the big bang to cosmic structure

An introduction to echo analysis: scattering theory and wave propagation

Reference data on atomic physics and atomic processes

Handbook of quantum logic and quantum structures: quantum logic

Ultrasonic wave propagation in non homogeneous media

Charged semiconductor defects: structure, thermodynamics and diffusion

Evolution of silicon sensor technology in particle physics

Angle and spin resolved Auger emission: theory and applications to atoms and molecules

String theory demystified

Progress in sol-gel production

Rocks & fossils

Caldera volcanism: analysis, modelling and response

Microearthquake seismology and seismotectonics of South Asia

Stem cell culture

Botanical riches: stories of botanical exploration

Dietary fibre components and functions

Optimal transportation networks: Models and theory

Progress in low temperature physics: quantum turbulence

Thermodynamics and fluctuations far from equilibrium

Neural cell behaviour and fuzzy logic

Physics of asymmetric continuum: extreme and fracture processes: Earthquake rotation and soliton waves

Geometrical charged-particle optics

Modern compressible flow: with historical perspective

Computing with Maple

An introduction to turbulent reacting flows

Mathematical physics: Advanced topics

Exact solutions and invariant subspaces of nonlinear partial differential equations in mechanics and physics

Turbulent flow

Statistical mechanics

The Mathematical theory of finite element methods

Introduction to thermodynamics and heat transfer

iPhone SDK programming: developing mobile applications for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

HTML & XHTML: the complete reference

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of mechanical vibrations

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of Lagrangian dynamics: with a treatment of Euler's equations of motion, Hamilton's equations and Hamilton's principle

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of continuum mechanics

Schaum's outlines of differential equations

Principles and Methods in Plant molecular biology, Biochemistry and Genetics

Sex and longevity: sexuality, gender, reproduction, parenthood

Schaum's easy outlines of geometry: based on Schaum's outline of [theory and problems of] geometry

Astronomy demystified

Online journey through astronomy: brief course

A Dictionary of weather

Advanced Learner's Dictionary of chemistry

The conservation handbook: research, management, and policy

A parallel algorithm synthesis procedure for high-performance computer architectures

Vector and parallel processing--VECPAR 2000: 4th International Conference, Porto, Portugal, June 21-23, 2000: selected papers and invited talks

Instructor's Manual for Pagano and Gauvreau's: Principles of biostatistics

Flora of North America: north of Mexico

Anatomy and physiology

Block copolymers: synthetic strategies, physical properties, and applications

Petroleum geostatistics

A Handbook of Elementary rheology

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