Cold gas at high redshift

The honey bee

The classification of knots and 3-dimensional spaces

Experimental low temperature physics

Marine observer's Handbook

Molecular design and bioorganic catalysis

Fuzzy sets, decision making, and expert systems

Numerical analysis and modelling of composite materials

Animals and human society: changing perspectives

Applied mathematics and modeling for chemical engineers

Area, lattice points, and exponential sums

Sensitivity analysis

Beginning mathematics for chemistry

Cardinal arithmetic

Chemical bonds; an introduction to atomic and molecular structure

Chemistry and the living organism

Closure spaces and logic

Ecology and vegetation of Indian desert

Designs and finite geometries

Elementary geometry

Encyclopedia of climate and weather

Energy levels in atoms and molecules

Quantum signatures of chaos

Entropy and entropy generation : fundamentals and applications

Environmental Science: Managing the Environment

Evolutionary algorithms in theory and practice : evolution strategies, evolutionary programming, genetic algorithms

Fundamentals of data structures in Pascal

Surface science: principles and applications: proceedings of the australian- German workshop, Sydney, Australia, December 2-5, 1991

Geometry, topology, and physics

Methods of inverse problems in physics

Heat transfer

Intermediate algebra

Mathematics for tomorrow's young children : international perspectives on curriculum

Traingular algebras and ideals of nest algebras

Modern quantum mechanics

Molecular origami : precision scale models from paper

Neuron-glia interrelations during phylogeny

Numerical analysis

Optical coherence and quantum optics


Physics and applications of optical solitons in fibers '95 : proceedings of the symposium held in Kyoto, November 14-17, 1995

Post- translational modifications in plants

Radicals on surfaces

The stars & serendipity

Signals and systems

SmartWare II

Spectral decompositions and analytic sheaves

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