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Artificial intelligence for microcomputers : the guide for business decision makers

A vector space approach to models and optimization

Cases and applications in dBase III plus

Chemical structure information systems : interfaces, communication, and standards

Chemistry of clays and clay minerals

Chemistry of complex equilibria

Diagenesis, III

Ecological impacts of the oil industry : proceedings of international meeting organized by the Institute of Petroleum and held in London in November 1987

Exchange of trace gases between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere : report of the Dahlem Workshop on Exchange of Trace Gases between Terrestrial Ecosystems and the Atmosphere, Berlin 1989, February 19-24

Finsler geometry and applications

Fireside astronomy : an anecdotal tour through the history and lore of astronomy

FORTRAN 77 : a problem-solving approach

Foundations: essays in philosophy, logic, mathematics and economics

Fundamentals of compilers : an introduction to computer language translation

Game theory and experimental games : the study of strategic interaction

Igneous and metamorphic petrology

Interpretation of geological maps

Introduction to BASIC programming : a structured approach

Introduction to stochastic processes

Introduction to systems analysis and design

Introductory statistics and probability : a basis for decision making

Luminescent spectroscopy of proteins

Microprocessors and microcomputer-based system design

Nonlinear phenomena in solids : modern topics : proceedings of the 3rd International School on Condensed Matter Physics, Varna, 21-29 September, 1984

Numerical recipes example book (Fortran)

Parallel processing for supercomputers and artificial intelligence

Recursively enumerable sets and degrees : a study of computable functions and computably generated sets

Solid phase peptide synthesis: a practical approach

Statistics in science : the foundations of statistical methods in biology, physics, and economics

Stereochemistry of heterogeneous metal catalysis

Systems analysis and design for computer applications

The Changing carbon cycle : a global analysis

Advances in ecological research

Advances in protein chemistry

A guide to commercial artificial intelligence : fundamentals and real-world applications

A method of programming

An introduction to object-oriented programming and C++

Applications of absorption spectroscopy of organic compounds

Base metal sulfide deposits in sedimentary and volcanic environments : proceedings of the DMG-GDMB-SGA-meeting, Aachen, 1985

Basic physical chemistry calculations

Biogeochemistry of major world rivers

China's scientific policies : implications for international cooperation

Computer programming languages : a comparative introduction

CRC handbook of organic analytical reagents

Data structures of Pascal, Algol 68, PL/1, and Ada

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