A textbook of modern algebra

Mathematical cognition

The Physics problem solver

A animal tissue into humans

Access database design & programming

Advanced learner's dictionary of botany

Advanced learner's dictionary of computer

Applied physics: Waves, optics, electricity, magnetism, andatomic and nuclear physics

Computer Acronyms

Classical algebra

The penguin dictionary of biology

General chimistry

Mathematics for techer training: student's activities

Microbiology: A text book for university students

Physics thriugh experiment: constant and varying

Protein structure by distance analysis

Toxic cyanobacteria in water: A guide to their public health consequences, monitoring and management

Waves and oscillations

Aquatic insects of north Europe: A taxonomic handbook

Biology of plants

Dan appleman's visual basic 5.0 programmer's guide to the win32 API

Frontiers: Twentieth-century physics

Fundamental real analysis

Geomicrobiology : interactions between micribes and minerals

Investigating biology

Logic from A to z

Organic reaction mechanisms: A step by approach

Photoacoustic, photothermal, and photochemical processes in gases

Using statistics to understand the environment

Elementary algebra

Engineering mathematics

Functioning in the Real World : a precalculus exerience

Learning and teaching mathematics : an international perspective

New Perspectives on computer concepts

Palmpilot : the ultimate guide

Perspectives on solvable models : dedicated to Rittenberg on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Phenotypes : their epigenetics, ecology and evolution

Biostatistics: A Methodology for the Health sciences

Born that way: genes, behavior, personality

Ecosystems : a functional approach

Implicit Partial Differential Equations

Introductory Java for scientists and engineers

Linear algebra: ideas and application

Molecular biology and biotechnology of extremophiles

Power unseen: how microbes rule the world

Principles of peptide synthesis

Reconstructive phase transitions: in crystals and quasicrystals

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