Porous media: theory and experiments

The hippocampal and parietal foundations of spatial cognition

The stokes phenomenon and hilbert's 16th problem: Groningen, The Netherlands, 31 May-3 June 1995

Vegetation dynamics of mongolia

A low-cost approach to PRC: appropriate transfer of biomolecular techniques

An introduction to optical dating: the dating of Quaternary sediments by the use of photon-stimulated luminescence

Pattern discovery in biomolecular data: tools, techniques, and applications

Algebraic topology: an intuitive approach

Algorithms: a functional approach

Applications programming in C++


How the laser happened: adventures of a scientist

Metric number theory

Nonlocality in quantum physics

Philosophical concepts in physics: the historical relation between philosophy and scientific theories

Principles of nonlinear optical spectroscopy

Reactive oxygen metabolites: chemistry and medical consequences

Signaling network and cell cycle control: the molecular basis of cancer and other diseases

The avian brood parasites: deception at the nest

A dictionary of Microbiology

The elements

The physics of foams

Thermodynamics of chemical processes

Whole earth geophysics: an introductory textbook for geologists and geophysicists

A dictionary of earth sciences

A dictionary of scientists

Annual review of microbiology

Clouds and climate change

Diversity and evolution of land plants

Effective systems design and requirements analysis: the ETHICS approach

Embedded systems and the year 2000 problem: guidance notes

Frequency-domain methods for nonlinear analysis: theory and applications

Generalized quasilinearization for nonlinear problems

Handbook of computational chemistry

Handbook of logic in artificial intelligence and logic programming

Integrative and molecual approach to brain function: Proceedings of the uehara menorial foundation symposium on integrative and molecular approach to brian function, Tokyo, 25-27 June 1996

Introduction to RISC assembly language

Linguistic instruments in requirements engineering

Marine chemistry: an environmental analytical chemistry approach

Methylorophy and methanogenesis

Micropalaeontology and hydrocarbon exploration in the middle east

Neural network control of robot manipulators and nonlinear systems

Post-genome informatics

Real-time database and information systems: research advances

SDL '97: time for testing SDL, MSC and trends: proceedings of the eighth SDL forum, Evry, France, 23-26 September, 1997

Seashells of eastern arabia

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